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Wednesday April 16th, 2014

Vas-y Tuti ! – by Isabelle Jacquemain at BMJ

There are shows by Isabelle Jacquemain at the BMJ this and next weeks. See the photo below (taken from a flyer) for more info.


Monday April 14th, 2014

What to do with Kids: Easter 2014


  • Décoration d’oeufs de Pâques at Signal de Bougy: Wed, 14 April 2014 1:30-4:30pm non stop (takes around 15 min). For 4-11y CHF4/child. Registration recommended but not obligatory.
  • Search for hidden IKEA outdoor furniture on Thursday 17 April 2014: 600 pieces of furniture will be hidden through out Switzerland. Finders keepers.
  • Oeufs de Pâques, atelier de peinture at Servion Zoo, in the rabbit house. Good Friday, 18 April 2014 10am-5pm. Free for visitors. The kids can take home the eggs they painted.
  • La mosaïque de Pâques 2014: place de la Navigation at Ouchy from 18-20 April 2014 10am-7pm. Entry is free. This year, 35’880 eggs (sold for CHF1 each) will be  used to create a fresco created and made available by the “Brotherhood of Ouchy Pirates” (Confrérie des pirates d’Ouchy) to mark their 80th anniversary. All benefits go to ARFEC (Association Romande des Familles d’Enfants atteints d’un Cancer)
  • Pâkomuzé offers many programs during the Easter weekend. I’m not sure if they still have spaces for the workshops, but there are also programs without registration.
  • l’Enigme du lapin de Pâques: Search for the missing Easter rabbit while discovering the old town of Estavayer-le-Lac. 18-21 April 2014, 10am-5pm. Walk last around 1h, starts at the Tourism Office where you also get the map and instructions. Free and for all ages.
  • Easter at Château de Chillon: Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014 from 10am-4pm. Children can decorate eggs to be hung on the tree in the Bernese Garden, the aim is to have 2,014 eggs on the tree! One egg per person until stock runs out. Workshop cost: CHF10/child. Reservation required.
  • Course aux oeufs at Signal de Bougy: Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014. RDV at 11am at the terrace of the restaurant. Free, without registration.
  • Croisières de Pâques: Enjoy a delicious meal and breathtaking panorama on a ship cruise across Lake Leman with CGN. Easter Sunday, 20 April 2014. Reservation required.

Do you know other events I should add? Leave a comment below!

Happy Easter!

Monday April 14th, 2014

Petit Toi – Decoration and Furniture Boutique for Kids

Disclaimer: Petit Toi is one of current advertisers on Lausanne Mom. However photos in this post are taken by myself (with permission) and all opinions are my own.


If you have been following this blog long enough, you may know that I’m an interior design enthusiast. Last year I even showed you my son’s bedroom* when I finished decorating it. My Pinterest boards are full of house photos (including spaces for little people) and I get super excited whenever my favorite decor magazines 20 Private Wohnträume and Milk Decoration arrive in the post.

Naturally when Alejandra, the owner of Petit Toi, contacted me a few months ago about her upcoming store, I couldn’t wait to get there. Petit Toi finally opened its doors in late February. However due to illnesses in the house, I only managed to swing by on Friday.


How glad I was to finally step inside – This store is a gem! So many lovely items, from custom made furniture to wall decal, desk lighting to pom-poms, from many many different brands. You can see that the selection was made very carefully.


I have seen the paper origami lamp shades (pic above, left) before and thought it would look perfect on my daughter’s bedroom once she gets her own room. Glad to know where to find it in Lausanne!


And this crib and dresser combination? With a Miffy lamp on top? Love!


Not the color you have in mind? No worries, most (if not all) furniture in Petit Toi can be customized. As you can see in the photo above, there are many available colors so that you can order your own combination.


The bunk bed in the photo above is fully custom made by a Spanish brand Asoral. To be honest, I’m not the type who like to order all furniture from the same company. But I agree that it would work perfectly for many, especially those with small or shared rooms. Alejandra offers free consulting for this brand and she showed me the options. I’m especially impressed by the many different sizes that would fit any size of room, either with high or low ceilings. And the huge hidden storage options are awesome!

Still in the photo above, on the right, you can see the “writing and activity books” from Minus. It was the first time I saw them, and I’m smitten! They are made to be filled by parents and/or grandparents with the children and come in different themes. I love this kind of activity books as they mediate communication between generations. On their website I saw that they now also have a few in English, so perhaps Alejandra can help you to get these ones.



I really didn’t know whether I should be glad or sad that I didn’t need any kid furniture anymore. I think I would spend serious Swiss Francs in this store if I was creating a nursery or bedroom for the first time. And yep, no doubt I didn’t come home empty handed. See the poster in the photo above (on the right)? I had been looking for a French alphabet poster for a while now, so yeah, that one is now “home” ;)


Then there were many many other adorable items, like these knitted dolls above…


to wallpapers and posters (there were some that glow in the dark – how awesome)…


to drink bottles, honeycomb balls, garlands, and clothes from the Swiss brand l’asticot.


Alejandra (photo above) is originally from Colombia. She is married to a Swiss and they have a beautiful little daughter. We spent almost two hours chatting, about many things – being mommies, our children, how being away from family feels, and of course about the store concept. Alejandra is trained as designer, so that after many years working in watch and electronic industries, she finally came back to what she loves most: design. In this case design for little people. And how I’m glad! It is a breath of fresh air to see what she offers in the store. In Lausanne!

All items were carefully selected, are beautiful and made by local manufacturers from Switzerland and neighboring countries (France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland among others). So that anyone who buys these items can be sure that the furniture and toys met the strict European safety standard and Fairtrade certification. They are also eco-friendly and ethical.

All these of course come with a price tag, especially the furniture. But considering all the quality stated above, the beautiful design and the fact that they use solid wood, I found the price to be fair. After all we know we’re not buying IKEA or Conforama here. The smaller items (decorations and toys) are very affordable. For example, the poster I brought home was priced at CHF19. So yup, this store is also a go-to for gifts.

And finally, Alejandra also offers decoration service and advise, birth registry, and in the near future will also do events for children as well as creating an online shop. Yay! So many awesomeness!


Petit Toi
+41 (0) 76 407 04 79
Rue Mathurin Cordier 12
1005 Lausanne

Monday: By appointment only
Tuesday to Friday: 10h to 18h
Saturday: 10h to 17h

Thursday April 10th, 2014

This & That Week#15 – April 2014


  • Vacances de Pâques starts this weekend! Still don’t know how to occupy the kids? Pakomuzé to the rescue! Many many cool workshops and activities, with and without registration!
  • The tulips in Morges are finally blooming this week! Tomorrow (11 April, from 2:15pm) there will be a children’s parade (from the local school). On the weekend (12-13 April), there will be a big pottery market.
  • Circus Nock will perform at Bellerrive Ouchy from 11-23 April 2014.
  • Family walk (in French), Saturday 12 April 2014: “A la recherche du Petit Chaperon Rouge
  • For those of you working or interested in children’s literature: 12e Salon du Livre de Jeunesse, Saint-Maurice, 11-13 April 2014.

And finally, for those employed parents still looking for a place to leave their kids during summer vacation, Urba Kids offers La Garderie d’éte, between 7 July-22 Aug 2014, chf60/day.


Pssst, I’ll be on Easter break mode for the next 2 weeks, so I won’t be posting much here nor on facebook. Belles vacances de Pâques !

Tuesday April 1st, 2014

This & That Week#14 – April 2014

I’m still recovering from 3 weeks of illnesses in the house, so that I am still feeling weak and dizzy, but hopefully now that spring is in full force, I’ll be back in shape in no time.

In the meanwhile, here’s a list for you!

  • Pro Juventute starts free and anonymous counseling for parents of teenagers today. This is something I really cheer for! They have been helping teenagers by having a hotline number for them to call (147), but we know that many times parents also need counseling about their kids. The counselors can be reached by phone 058 261 61 61 or online. From June 2014, they will also add counseling centers throughout Switzerland. Like this? You can help them by donating!
  • The program for Paléo Festival in Nyon (22-27 July 2014) is out this morning at 10. Ticket sales from 9 April at noon. They go quickly, so make sure you get your tickets early!
  • It’s Troc season! Your chance to sell outgrown kids stuffs, or to grab “new” outfits for your kids. Google “troc” and your area to find one nearest to you. Or see the list on Kidytroc, Vaudfamille, and (Read this blog post for great tips about troc)
  • Family walk (in French), Saturday 12 April 2014: “A la recherche du Petit Chaperon Rouge
  • Mosaïque de Pâques 2014 will take place on place de la Navigation at Ouchy from 18-20 April 2014 10am-7pm. Entry is free. This year, 35’880 eggs (sold for CHF1 each) will be  used to create the fresco below, which design is created and made available by the “Brotherhood of Ouchy Pirates” (Confrérie des pirates d’Ouchy) to mark their 80th anniversary. All benefits go to ARFEC (Association Romande des Familles d’Enfants atteints d’un Cancer)


And finally, have you seen the site Projet Métamorphose? There you can find the many new projects coming to Lausanne in the next decade, including new sport facilities (ice rink and olympic-size pool). It looks great!

Enjoy the spring blooms! xx

Saturday March 29th, 2014

Tulip Festival in Morges, 29 March – 11 May 2014

The Tulip Festival in Morges starts today, 29 March and will last until 11 May 2014. The festival is located at Parc de l’Indépendance, directly on the lake side. It’s about 800m from the train station Morges. Or, when the weather is good, why not take the boat there.

Entrance to the park is free and there will be special programs including sports on the park, kids parade, pottery market, brunch and many more. And when the weather is good, it’s also a classic place to spend Mother’s Day (11 May in la Suisse). You can also buy the tulip bulbs on May 14.

Here’s a pic of hubby and daughter enjoying the park in 2011.


Monday March 24th, 2014

Les Concerts Découvertes “Le Jeu des Sept Clefs” – OCL, 2 April 2014


There will be a special concert for young public by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra (OCL) next week, Wednesday 2 April 2014. It will be the final of their three découvertes concerts this season. With “Le Jeu des Sept Clefs” Richard Dubugnon explains chamber orchestra and its instruments to children in the form of a musical tale.

If your kids like classical music (or you think they would like it), this concert is not to be missed. Les Concerts Découvertes are specifically tailored to the young audience and aimed to expose and teach them classical music. The concerts include well-known people who animate the events. Concerts usually* last around 50 minutes – but don’t be afraid, children can go to restrooms in between ;) Booster seats are provided at the entrance.

Btw, child ticket cost CHF10 (<16y), adult ticket CHF15. The tickets are sold directly at the venue (it’s at the lowest level of Salle Métropole – Rue de Geneve entrance), although you can also enter from Bel-Air entrance.

More info about the concert here.

*We’ve been to a couple of these OCL concerts that lasted much longer than 50 min. Rest assure that you can always leave the venue whenever it’s obviously too long/much for your children.

**FYI, this is a recycled post, meaning that I used an old post as a template and updated it with the newest info. You may then see comments that were meant for the older versions of the post.

Thursday March 20th, 2014

RoadIDs = Safety+Peace of Mind

This is an affiliated post*

Now that the warmer seasons are upon us, many outdoor activities commence. My hubby started jogging and also plans to take part on 20km de Lausanne (the 10km one). He jogs a few times per week, however up until last summer he never carried any identification. He had only had our house key with him, tied to his shoelace. He was out for only about 30 min each time, but I was always worried sick that something may happen to him and it would take forever until I hear about it.

And then, I learned about RoadID (via Unclutterer).

I was sold immediately to their products and thankfully my husband, too. He chose the Shoe Pouch ID (US$19.99) as it could also carry the house key in addition to the Laser Engraved ID Tag. The shoe pouch is very well made, and thanks to velcro, super easy to attach to the shoe. You can see it on the pic below (please excuse the muddy spots as it was used a lot last year and hadn’t been, uhm, cleaned for this pic).


My daughter had also been one of my biggest worries. We know that kids get lost all. The. Time. So I also ordered a Wrist ID Slim (U$17.99) for my daughter (pic below, she chose the red band). It was such a relief to be able to write our numbers, her peanut allergy, and her spoken languages on it. I have taught her that if she ever got lost, she should look for other mothers (= women with kids) and ask for their help to call us.


I think these products are amazing as it’s not just about carrying an ID, but also the possibility to write the most important numbers, allergies, and any other info you wish to include. It’s really an investment in safety and peace of mind. I will soon purchase at least 2 more RoadIDs for my son and for myself.

Interested? Take a look at their whole range of products. I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your need.

*Links to RoadID in this post are affiliated. I get a US$10 store credit for purchase made by each new reference. Thank you in advance for those of you who purchase through the link. xx

Tuesday March 18th, 2014

This & That Week #12 – March 2014

Hi! Long time no blog here… I got busy with spring prep in the garden, and then kids and I have cold. Still struggling with cough, snot, and fever. Duh! They miss school and day care, and now while they’re busy watching Toy Story 2 on DVD, I squeeze some time to blog as there are many interesting events happening this week!


  • Bazar Quartet et Ensemble Concertare (image above) – very young musicians exploring a program that spans centuries! Tomorrow, Wed 19 March 2014 8pm at Musée historique de Lausanne, Place de la Cathédrale 4. Free entry. More info
  • Swiss Vapeur Parc re-opens for the warmer seasons tomorrow. Yay!
  • Forest festival Arbra cadabra at Sauvabelin, Sat 22 March 2014. Free entry. More info
  • World Water Day at Place de l’Europe (Flon), Sat 22 March 2014.  More info
  • Have you seen “Véhicule“, the current exhibition at L’Art Brut? As part of this exhibition, they will have Rétrobus (from 1964) shuttle between Lausanne-Gare and Beaulieu-Jomini this Sunday 23 March. There is also free event for kids 4-8y (registration required, limited space). More info here, on the right bar.
  • Mark this on your calendar: Swisstech Open Days, 5-6 April 2014 at EPFL, with magic show and art exhibition.
  • 20km de Lausanne is coming soon – 26 April! Have you started your training? Whether for 2, 4, 10, or 20km, you can join free training organized by 21 clubs in Switzerland and neighboring France. For 7y+ (training for 60y+ in Lausanne). Registration and more info here.


Happy Spring!

Monday March 10th, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Donate Used Bikes to Bicycles for Africa

Spring is coming in full force now. I have been busy in the garden and will start decluttering the house later this week. This pots is the third one in the Spring Cleaning series – dedicated to used bikes.

If you had used bikes, in whatever conditions, you can donate them to Bicycles for Africa. I wholeheartedly recommend this organization. The projects reasoned well with reusing, recycling, repurposing, and they also engage people without salaried jobs in their workshops.


Last weekend we sent a bike to them and the whole process was super simple. We registered at their website and waited until they sent us a bike tag* by post (photo above). My hubby then dropped the bike with the tag at the train station nearest to us that had a luggage (bagages) service (you can check the service offered by each train station here). Bikes can also be brought directly to the shop of Gump- & Drahtesel in Bern-Liebefeld or to one of their partners throughout Switzerland (more info here).

Bicycles for Africa accepts any kind of bikes, in any condition. If the bike was in too bad shape, they would use the parts of the bikes as spare parts and even repurpose them into something else (decoration items, etc). also accepts money donation and welcomes volunteer work. More about all these can be read here.

As a note from Matthias Maurer, the Project Manager, end of last year they shipped a container with over 400 bikes and workshop material to a new partner in Burkina Faso: Kaïcedra, a Swiss-based organization that is currently active in the North of Burkina Faso. This organization targets particularly women and children. Their plan was to start a new bicycle repair shop.


Isn’t it wonderful to hear such great project? We definitely need more of this kind. Comment below if you knew other great projects to share. Or other means to donate used bikes! (Btw, it’s better to comment on this post directly vs on a facebook link.)


*the shipping tag came with a yummy mango bar! What a treat!

**I would like to thank Pam, from whom I heard about this project the first time

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