Last week I asked those of you following me on facebook if you would like post about second-hand shops in Lausanne. I received many “yes”, so here is one of them. I didn’t receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are mine, based on my visit on 6 Feb 2014. Enjoy!

Armée du Salut (Salvation Army) seems to be the largest second-hand shop inside Lausanne. It is conveniently located only 850m away from Riponne, or 5 minutes by bus #8. I took the bus, but there seems to be public parking space around the building, or for sure you can park at the parking centre commercial de la Borde.

To enter the main building, you must go through this stairways (below). Better leave strollers at home or in the car, unless you can carry it or don’t mind leaving it outside.


The shop was spacious and well organized. I went directly to frame and mirror area (photo below) as I needed some small frames. I didn’t find anything I could use there, although the choices and prices were not bad. That day I didn’t see any beautiful old or antique frames.


There was a whole aisle for dinner and table ware. I was happy to spot a couple of bowls (chf2/each, photo below) that matched one of our current dining sets (bought from another second-hand shop). I also found hand-made ceramic vase  for chf1. They went home with me. There was also a rack full of “Mason” jars (chf0.50/each) that screams ‘home-made jams’ to me.


Toy section did not impressive me much. I bought a paper suitcase that was a bit ripped on one corner, but still ok to hold some toys (chf1). They had many board games, but none of the classic ones (which I prefer). There were puzzles and some lovely wooden baby toys that I would probably grab if my kids were still babies.


Baby gear area (below) was better than I expected. As you can see on the photo below, they had car and bike seats, hiking baby backpack, strollers, exersaucers, potties, toilet rings and many more. They also had baby cot/crib, play pen and wooden high chair but located on the other side of the building (different entrance) as you can see on the photo at the end of the post.


Clothes section took a large part of the shop. The children section (chf2/piece) was smaller than adult section and had many too worn clothes. But then I easily spotted and grabbed some nice ones, including a rain coat (Rukka, very good), cardigan (Petit Bateau, like new), girl top (Mothercare, good), and a poloshirt (Benetton, good). In the adult section, I found two pairs of cord trousers for myself, each chf5. They are from H&M and Mango, and looked like new. Finally I found a pink scarf for my daughter’s princess play time (chf1). See the pics below.


I also checked their lighting, kitchen, and carpet sections but found that most of the items not interesting per se, and sometimes overpriced. Books section didn’t look interesting to me.

Below is a photo of the furniture area (as I mentioned above, it’s in the same building but the entrance is on the other side). They had many wooden furniture of all sorts – plywood and solid wood.


I had my eyes on a small mid-century-style wooden cabinet that was on reduced price – only chf10! That cabinet could use some love though, like a new coat of paint – as reflected by the price. If only I had a car then, I would already took it home!

I finally went home with 12 items and was chf26 poor-er. They are all good buys, most of them have been used (I’m wearing one of the trousers now). Only the rain coat and 2 of the clothes will have to wait as they are still too big for my kids.

Conclusion: Don’t expect real gems from this shop, but it’s still fun to browse around. And as we all know, second hand shops can vary very much from from day to day so what I experienced may be different to yours. Prices were mostly very good.

On a side note, I have heard many times that this shop is picky when it comes to accepting donations. I can understand that as their shop is quite full already, but you can always call or email ahead and ask them what items they welcome in particular.


Armée du Salut (Salvation Army) Lausanne
Rue de la Borde 24
1018 Lausanne
021 646 74 74
Closed on Mondays & Sundays

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