Last month (January 2017) we finally went to Alimentarium. We had passed the area a few times before, but this time we went inside. I came with a high expectation. I had been to many Swiss museums and loved most of them. I also knew that Alimentarium had just undergone a renovation and re-opened in June 2016.

The building was grand. Everything looked in order and the first room that we went to was fun. The fours walls were interactive. We touched it and it showed us the origins of the food then the final products. Kids adored it.


But in the next rooms, I started seeing screens after screens.


What the kids could touch, see, hear, and play with, were screens. Everything else was behind glass display box.



I agree that the games were fun and the themes were educational, yet everything seemed too “clean” and “sleek” and, sadly cold.

There were some interesting things on displays, such as tools used to prepare food or catch fishes. Or these sugar skulls from Mexico (photo below).


But there were of course many Nestlé products too on display, like KitKats and Nespresso machines.


The only thing I really liked was this play room on the top floor (photo below). It was made as a group game, very interactive and busy and loud. We had to choose and move the food from the mouth all the way through the digestion organs to the rectum, by jumping on the correct spots. The screen on the wall also told us the total nutrient intake, so we should select the food that result in a good balance.


In conclusion, sadly I have to say that I didn’t like the museum per se. It didn’t meet my expectation by many miles. For what they offer, I believe taking the kids to a local market and cooking together at home would do better. The kids still enjoyed the museum though, they did like screens!

However, I understand that the museum runs many workshops (also during school holiday next week). In the spring and summer their garden comes alive, and there is the Junior Academy that we didn’t try. All these seem to be crucial to the whole museum package, so that I would suggest that you come when you can do at least one of these extra experiences. I certainly would only come back for those!


Quai Perdonnet 25
1800 Vevey