Hi there,

Just a quick post to bring you an update about the blog.

First of all, many thanks to all of you who had shown some love for the blog by agreeing to crowdfund a new computer for me. Unfortunately, there are only about 40 of you, and as I need at least a thousand francs to get the computer I need, I decided to cancel it.

Thanks to a local mom who reached out to me, I may be able to continue blogging before I can buy a new computer. But, I need time to set it up. To do a post, besides typing, I must be able to browse quickly and efficiently, scan through the news, store and work with photos, and those are very limited when one doesn’t have a really good and fast system (one of the major reasons I opt to buy a more expensive machine vs just any cheap computer on sale). And time is not really on my side now, setting up the new system has taken more time than I expected. I have too much on my plate at the moment and it’s already the last week of school. I will have my 2 kids 24/7 until end of August. No, I don’t think the blogging will happen until the summer vacation is over. Sorry for that.

Again, thanks for all your support and in the meanwhile, check the facebook page for news and tips!

Bonnes vacances d’été !