Moving On

Hey there. The kids are back to school since last week, yet here I am struggling to write this pots as it. Is. Difficult.


I have decided to retire from blogging.

Phew. There – I said it.


This is a well-thought decision and not an easy one to make, but it really is time for me to move on. Since quite some time now I had known that I would stop sometime this year and the recent summer holiday confirmed it. I cannot come back. After 8.5 years, I don’t want to blog anymore.

I have a few reasons – my main reason is that I want to do something else. Blogging had been a great “job”, it fit perfectly with my stay-at-home-mom-with-young-children schedule. But now that my children are older and more independent, I finally have the time to do something larger, something that does not involve (much of) social media.

Which was my other reason: I have a social media fatigue. Running the blog means I need to stay on top of the social medias, thus almost constantly scroll at my screens. On the background, I also received many email and personal messages I had to keep up with. Along with the regular maintenance to update/backup the site. I want to stop that. I don’t like it anymore. And I want to stop sharing my children to the world too. I believe I have tried my best to conceal their faces and identities on my post, but by blogging I will still share their activities and personal lives.

I also felt that now there is not as much need for this blog as it was in 2009 when I started. Back then, there was very little information on the web for Lausanne parents in English. This blog was helpful. Now we have many more info sites and communities – on other blogs, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram… and that’s awesome. I’m sure these medias will quickly fill the void that is left by this blog.

Blogosphere has changed a lot in the last years, as is beautifully summarized in this blog. These changes are felt everywhere, especially to those who have blogged for many years. Some of my most favorite bloggers, including those top bloggers with millions hits, had stopped. I even found myself stop reading many of the blogs I once really liked. It’s clearly the end of my blog era.

I’m in my early 40s now, and I feel that it’s finally my time. I began to really take care of myself – I started a running routine in May and fell in love with it. If you had followed me for some time, you may remember that I had a slight post-partum depression. It’s a pleasure to report that I am now far from it. I’m happy, and I don’t take it for granted. Life is full of ups and downs, and while I’m in the up, I need to take that chance to try something else.

On the logistic side, this blogs and all contents will stay online at least until January 2018, as the fee has been paid. So in case there are contents that you’d like to save, please save or copy-paste it to your own file by the end of this year.

I will as well close Lausanne Mom’s instagram account, but the facebook page will remain active.

Oh, I cannot thank you enough for 8.5 wonderful years we shared on my blogging journey. Friendships have been made, tears shared, giveaways won. I know how lucky I am to have such amazing readership. Seriously going to miss you all. You are so fab!

Please take care.

Gotta go now.



P.S.: My humongous gratitude to all Lausanne Mom’s sponsors who had made it possible for me to keep blogging all these years. And especially those readers who had donated two years ago. The blog is still making money thanks to Google Ads so that I will repay you. You should hear from me in the near future.

The End.


See you after la rentrée!

Piscine de Montetan – Parc de Valency


It’s my kids who are approaching end of school year, yet it seems that I am the one slowing my brain ? I really can’t do much anymore on the blog, can’t concentrate! There are too many to do for end-of-school as well as the beginning of summer holiday. So please let me stop here for this summer! I’ll come back after “la rentrée” at the end of August.

But just before I activate my holiday mode, there are several older post that may be useful to you at this time of the year:

While I’m inactive on the blog, I maybe a bit more active on facebook and Instagram, so do follow me there!

Have a happy summer holiday!



Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby

Lately I have been somehow very lucky with museum-related contests. First I won two tickets to Kulturama, then a Museum Pass through an Instagram contest, and the last one was a special trip to Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby from Club 24heures ( I am a subscriber of the newspaper). Many of you should know by now that we love museums, are fans of trains, and I had put this museum on my summer list, so this trip was perfect!

The train museum is located in Chaulin, but to reach there, one must take the special trains either from Blonay or Chamby. Or take MVR train from platform 7 in Vevey and switch in Blonay. But as in our case it was a special trip arranged by Club 24heures, we took a steam train directly from Vevey.

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Our Random Train Day

If you have been following the blog for a while, you may remember that we don’t have a car. Thus in Switzerland we rely almost exclusively to public transport, that is thankfully excellent and family-friendly. Since they were born, both our kids have been on and off all kinds of public transports and they are very used to the system. My son has also been a HUGE train lover and it has been his mission to try every single trains in the planet. I’m not kidding!

Thus one day in late February, when he kept asking me to take this and that train instead of our commuter one, I promised him that we would make a “Random Train Day” during the Easter school holiday. On that day, I promised, that both his sister and he could choose whatever train they wished, to go anywhere they wanted. He was over the moon.

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Launch Your Child’s Future with TechSpark Academy

*Sponsored Post

As a parent I found it challenging to set a balance over many things in my children’s daily life. One huge challenge is their screen time. On one hand I’d like to unplug them from screens and digital life, and instead enjoy the physical life of their childhood. On the other hand, I feel the pressure to give them the necessary tools for their future life, and one is undoubtedly computer skill.

In the latter case, TechSpark Academy offers exactly that, and more. They go far beyond teaching word processors and spreadsheets. Through the themes that they run in their courses they teach children how to work with professional-grade “off-the-shelf” programs such as Digital Photography and Film or 3D printing, as well as with the basic of robotics and mobile app programming. Instead of playing games or using apps, their students create ones. Their newest offer is Cyber Awareness: Hacking and Defense, which in my opinion, has became more needed than ever before.

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Summer Holiday Activities in Lausanne and Around (2017)


Easter holiday has passed, kids are back to school, it’s time to think of school summer holiday! :)

For those not yet familiar with the school here, school kids in Switzerland have holidays often, approximately every 6 weeks (find the list here). This may create problems to many parents, especially ones who are employed. Chatting around, I found that most employed couple rely on help from grandparents or families (who sometimes fly from another side of the planet). Or hire a temporary nanny when they can afford one. Or they take turns taking off days from their office. But considering the active life of kids, even the stay-at-home parents need programs to keep those little ones and teens happily occupied.

Below I complied different kinds of activities and camps that are offered during the school holidays in Lausanne and surrounding areas. Please click the links for more info.

As a general rule, the winter holiday after Christmas and the Relâches (February) are considered ski holiday thus most of the sport camps offered concentrated into this. For other holidays, activities are more varied.

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What to do with Kids: Easter 2017

This is already the last week before Easter holiday for children in Vaud public schools! I have blogged about the available holiday camps here, and below you can find more Easter-related events and activities:

  • Easter egg hunt in Flon, Saturday 8 April 2017 – with make up artist, mini train and egg decorating workshop. Free and without registration (info)
  • Easter Bunny at Micasa Etoy Saturday 8 April 2017 – with make up artist and craft workshop. Free (info)
  • Marché de Pâques in Nyon, 8-9 April 2017 (info)
  • Pâkomuzé offers many programs during the Easter weekend. Registration for most activities started 28 March 2017 (info)
  • Easter egg hunt at Swiss Vapeur Parc in Le Bouveret (Canton Valais), all day during Easter holiday 14-23 April 2017 (info)
  • Coop offers a children workshop to decorate Easter Bunnies on 12 April 2017 (register asap as space is limited)

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Swiss Museum Pass – Our Experience with Breakdown of Real Cost

Swiss Museum of Transport – Lucerne

Our family loves museums. We love them so much that we regularly spend our holidays in big cities, so that we could visit museums. Last year, as we only had one big holiday in Asia, and would spend the other school holidays inside la Suisse, we decided to try the Swiss Museum Pass.

We bought a family Museum Pass through the Swiss Train, directly at the station. As I was a holder of CFF Half-Card, we had a special price of chf 269 (instead of the normal price chf 288).

Now, a year later, our museum pass has expired. I am writing this post to let you know how we had used it and what we felt about it.

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Where to go with children on a Sunday

It’s probably safe to say that many of us who were used to shops open on Sunday were shocked to find “nothing is open on Sunday in Switzerland”. But now that I know so much more, I can prove that it is not true. Almost all shops and supermarkets are closed but there are a lot of things that one can do as a family. So many in fact that I spent 3 days compiling them into this post! We just have to adopt some Swiss-ness, by enjoying outdoor more. After all, we are living in such a beautiful country! But worry not, I included options for those rainy windy Sundays you’d rather be indoor.


Vallee de la Jeunesse

Vallee de la Jeunesse is a huge playground for all ages. There is a massive green area for picnic and running around. There are all kinds of slides, climbing and balancing structures, a skate park, and a huge water fountain among other things. The hilly landscape is popular for skateboarders.

The children’s science museum Espace des inventions is located here and open on Sundays. We are fans of this museum.


We all know Ouchy is strong magnet for locals as well as tourists. Beside the view and the abundance of restaurants, there are many green spots and playgrounds for families to relax and do a picnic. Our favorite spot is the grassy area close to the Thai Pagoda.

The playground and Thai pagoda in Ouchy

The park of the Olympic Museum is great to stroll with children. All area are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. Mine could never resist to race on the 100m athletic track. They often have free temporary exhibition and their TOM’s café Sunday brunch is very popular.

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Espace des inventions – T’es sûr-e ? + Les portes de la fantaisie

On the last day of our annual Museum Pass validity, we squeezed in Espace des inventions. It then became the only one we visited twice within one year. And I think it is worth at least one visit per new temporary exhibition. We always had fun there! As usual, when we were there, there were 2 temporary exhibitions running. I begin with the one on the upper level…


T’es sûr-e ?

T’es sûr-e ? is a science exhibition, it will run until 15 July 2018. The target audience are children from 7y, which I felt to be correct, though I think older ones (9-12y) may find it even more interesting due to the science.

As always in this museum, everything was hands-on. The “experiment stations” were superbly done. Each came with a scientific question and a set of answers. We were supposed to select our answer (or best bet) and test whether it was correct by doing an experiment.

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