Hôpital des Nounours – at CHUV 1-2 Nov 2014



I bet your child have a sick or injured plush. Worry not, the “nounoursologues” at the Hôpital des Nounours (Teddy Bear hospital) will treat all plush animals on Saturday 1 Nov 2014 from 8:30am to 5pm and Sunday 2 Nov from 1 to 5pm.

The Hôpital des Nounours is a project of the Swiss Medical Students Association (swimsa). It is organized by medical students of the UNIL and the nursing students of HESAV, supported by the Department of Pediatrics.

This project aims to bring the child-friendly atmosphere of the hospital, so that the children become familiar with the medical world and don’t have fear. Young children (recommended ages 4-10y) can bring their sick plush to be treated by the “nounoursologues“. The children will also discover different parts of hospital, such as the waiting room, pharmacy, MRI and the operating room. This year they will also add a bit of microbiology and pharmacy. And finally, as we’re approaching the arrival of the annual wave of flu, the nounoursologues will again offer a workshop for washing hands in a fun and educational way.

The event is free and these 2 days are open to public (they have other dates for schools). More info here.

Vas-y Tuti ! – by Isabelle Jacquemain at BMJ

There are shows by Isabelle Jacquemain at the BMJ this and next weeks. See the photo below (taken from a flyer) for more info.


Favorite Corners : Payot Libraire

You must know by now that I love books. The last few months, my kids and I have been going to this corner of Payot bookstore very often.


This is the area where they have the books from l’école des loisirs, of which we are HUGE fans. Very good quality story books for babies and younger children, by well-known illustrators and authors. The ones on those shelves on the right are my current favorites. They are thin, light and the perfect size to carry around inside my bag. I carry 2-3 of them all the time and they never failed to work their magic to my kids. FYI we commute by train and I don’t give my kids my iPhone to play with in public places as I am too scared someone will steal it directly from their hands. So I use books instead 😉

The books cost only around CHF7 each, and if you and/or your kids read French, I think they would make excellent stocking fillers. They are also good books to learn/improve French, btw.

Payot Libraire
Place Pépinet 4
1003 Lausanne

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just a happy costumer.

Vache de Noël – at BMJ, 3-18 Dec 2013

Isabelle Jacquemain will be back at the Children’s Library (BMJ) this holiday season! This time with her Christmas cows!

I have listened to Isabelle’s stories during the Mario Ramos event at BMJ and she was awesome. So don’t miss it! See the schedule below:


This & That Week #5-6 – January-February 2013

Our house had another flu round last week. But this time it was hubby, not the kids, who brought the virus home. Fortunately, to my surprise honestly, I didn’t get it, although hubby and both kiddos had their share of fever, runny nose and cough. I heard this bug has been going around, I hope you were spared!

  • Michelle of Moms-in-Vaud wrote this informative blog for those whose children will start school this year. My daughter is one of them! Yay! She’s “suddenly” a big girl! 🙂
  • For the bookworms: “Le Samedi de Bibliothèques Vaudoises 2013”. This Saturday, 2 February 2013, 40 libraries in Vaud will do special programs for all ages. More info here.
  • News from L’écoline: They are accepting registration for their Holiday Club for this Feb school holiday (More info here). And last time I heard, they still have spaces in their Sweet Baking class (More info here).
  • The schedule for Starbucks Coffee Meeting for Mums and Mums-to-be in Feb: in Starbucks, St. Laurent Tuesdays the 5th & 19th February 2013 from 10.30am to 1pm. Just show up, no registration required. Dads are also welcome. FYI: they’re usually sat round at the back to the left.
  • Go explore the metro m2! (“Le m2 des p’tits curieux“) Free family walk (in French) on Saturday, 9 February 2013. Click here for more info.
  • There will be two Disney shows — “La bande à Mickey et son Magic Show” — in Malley (Prilly) on Saturday, 27 April 2013. Tickets (CHF35-65) are still available through Ticket Corner and Fnac, as well as all Ticket Corner affiliates (CFF, La Post, etc. — I bought ours from my local post office).
  • Another interesting blog from Michelle of Moms-in-Vaud: Her effort to reduce plastic waste at home (here).

And don’t forget that the Hot-Air Ballon Festival and the Prix de Lausanne have started and will last until this weekend!

Have a great week!


End of 2012 Holiday Giveaways: Free classes from L’écoline in St. Sulpice!

I was contacted recently by Marion Julia, the managing director of the new bilingual school L’écoline in St. Sulpice. She kindly offered me four free classes (1 class for each course they have at the moment) to giveaway to Lausanne Mom readers. Of course I took the offer as I have heard great feedback about this new school.

There are currently four classes going (the baking and decorating will start in January) and they are all open-ended classes.

  • Theater (Commedia del’Arte), 4-8Y. On Mondays, 4:30-5:30PM
  • Sweet Baking and decorating (by Nikki of Toute Sweet), 3-12Y. On Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30PM
  • Baby’Arts (introduction to theater, dance and music). On Wednesday from 9-10AM (for 3 to 4 years old) and from 10-11AM (for 4 to 5 years old)
  • English through music, 3-6Y. On Thursdays, from 4:30-5:30PM

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment letting us know which class you would like to win (you may list more than one class, but you can only win one). Comments are accepted until Monday, 10 Dec 2012 at 11:59PM. As usual, the 4 winners will be picked by random.org. Note that there is no obligation to enroll for full program when you win the class. You may claim your free class anytime between January and June 2013.

For more information, please visit L’écoline website and get updated to news through their facebook page.

*Photographs copyright: Marion Julia/L’écoline/Toute Sweet

Winner announcement on 13 Dec 2012

The lucky mamas who were picked by random.org to get free classes from L’écoline are:

  • Adriana – English through music
  • Eri – Baby’Arts
  • Vidhya – Theater
  • Valeria – Sweet Baking and Decorating

I will email the 4 winners personally regarding their prizes. I thank all of you for participating, and Marion for the generous prizes and the possibility to host this giveaway.

Happy Holidays!

This & That September 2012 – Week #36

I think I have finally waved goodbye to summer last week by doing my fall/autumn cleaning. And I was quite successful as most my maternity clothes and baby gears are now gone! Sold or handed down. Now I have fewer clutters that hopefully lead to neater house 🙂

So here are the things that made into my list this week:

  • Monika of My Way Tennis will have tennis lessons again this autumn, on Saturday afternoons from the 8th of September until the 6th of October. The cost for the mini tennis (45 min) is CHF150 and for the junior tennis (60 min) is CHF 175. Contact: mywaytennis (AT) hotmail (DOT) com or call 079 224 5041
  • Clare will have have Kindermusik classes starting this week at KidSpace for children up to three years old. And if she get enough interest, at least one class for families with children up to seven. Classes are Wednesday or Friday mornings (possibly Thursday too). The first class is always a free trial class. Contact: mark-clare (AT) bluewin (DOT) ch
  • La Caravane des Quartiers 2012 Sous-Gare, 4-9 September 2012
  • Lausanne Walking, 9 September 2012
  • “End of Summer Sale” at Hopscotch.ch (a LausanneMom current sponsor). Up to 30% on gorgeous Frugi and Toby Tiger clothes, both from the UK.

Winners of “Mommy and Me” Art Class Giveaway!

Hiya, how was the start of the week for you? I had a very stressful first half of last week, and then busy with redecorating our guest room until the weekend. This week I hope to be more relaxed, and I think my plan goes well, especially after a massage I had earlier this evening 🙂

So now, just a quick post to announce the  ladies who won the “Mommy and Me” art classes by Naomi Middelmann, as I am getting very sleepy already — obviously the effect of the relaxing massage 🙂

The lucky comments were picked by random.org and the numbers are…

Comments #5 (Susanne), #2 (Kate), #4 (Megan)!

Congratulations, ladies! You will hear from me personally by email soon.

I thank everyone who had participated on this giveaway. For those of you who did not win this time, don’t forget that you can also have a free trial class. And then you can continue if your little ones and you like it. Please contact Naomi directly for more information.

Naomi Middelmann
Rue du Simplon 15
1006 Lausanne
nmiddelmann (AT) gmail.com

“Mommy and Me” Art Classes by Naomi Middelmann – Our Personal Experience and Classes to Giveaway!

First day of school in Vaud! I bet many of you are excited about today! Hope things go smoothly with the ones starting the school today! Now, let me drive your attention a bit away from the school-er and think about art class you can do with your pre-schooler. And, there is… a giveaway!

I have blogged about Naomi offering art classes before. But I haven’t told you about our own experience with her classes. Last autumn/winter my 3-y.o. daughter and I joined the “Mommy and Me” class. My daughter liked it so much that after each session finished she asked me if she could come again the day after. But more importantly (for me at least) was that I liked it too and learned so much from the classes. During the first couple of classes, I couldn’t help but thinking that I, too, could do all those art activities at home – no need to pay and go to classes. But very soon I realized that I could not and never really did that.

First of all, of course, Naomi knows more about art that I do. And how to create the art, and what can be used. In one session, my daughter had a chance to use coffee ground. It was a HUGE hit for her to play it with her hands and glue it to the paper. I would never think of using coffee ground for any other thing beside composting! And second, it was never a problem for the kids to create a mess in the studio. Exactly the reason why I would think a dozen times before doing any activity that involves paints at home. Too dangerous, and even when there is no accident, oh, the cleaning up after!

One of the best thing I got from the classes, besides a happy daughter, was the inspirations to do art activities at home (that don’t involve paints — or at least not that much). For example, on one rainy day my daughter did a life size decoupage of her baby brother’s body print. So much fun!

Another thing that I liked about the class was that the small size. Each child (and mommy) could get enough attention and explanation about the artists behind the art they were creating. Naomi was also very encouraging with the ways the children expressed themselves. After all, I could see that ALL children are artists and it was lovely to see them in action!

Interested to join the class yourself? You can join already next week! Naomi is offering two classes this year on Wednesday mornings (the first starts at 9:15am-10:05, the second from 10:30-11:20). Classes will start on 5 September 2012, for kids about 2.5-5 years. The 10-classes cost CHF190 (first trial class is free).

And as the best part of this post, 3 mommies could each win 5 sessions of the “Mommy and Me” classes (valued CHF95). The 3 winners could sign up for whenever they want sometime between September 2012-June 2013. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment and let us know who is (or are) your most favorite artist(s). For example, I would pick Rothko (among many others, of course). Comments are accepted until Friday, 31 Aug 2012 11:59PM. As usual, winners will be chosen via random.org. Good luck!

P.S.: Naomi moved studios last April to Rue du Simplon 15, in Lausanne (it’s right below the main train station, between the station and the Boulevard de Grancy).  It’s a huge bright space (110m2). She has a pack and play for smaller siblings as well.

iPad App Giveaway: Petite Frite

Happy Swiss National Day!

On this happy sunny summer day, I want to test if anyone still check the blog by having this giveaway! 🙂

Petite Frite is an iPad application that was developed by Cathy and Cedric, a wife-husband team behind Twist and Trout, a design studio based in Lausanne. Cathy is an illustrator and Cedric a composer. I’m quite amazed that they managed to release Petite Frite on the App Store in the beginning of June, when they had to deal with a newborn (now a 6-month-old baby)!

The app is targeted for young children, from age 2 and up. Reading the description, it seemed very cute, and it had gotten great reviews. I wanted to try it myself (or rather, to have my 3.5 year-old  daughter test it) but as we didn’t have an iPad, I asked my friend Nikki (yes, the talented baker behind Toute Sweet) to help me. Her boys (age 3.5 and 2) were the perfect testers!

Here’s what Nikki said about it:

My boys enjoyed this app. They really liked the music portion where they could make as much noise as possible. They loved the cute little animals. I liked how in the matching section there were the two options of matching by seeing the images and by memory. Excellent idea! Puzzles were cute, but I hope more will be added. And lastly, the drawing (sticker placing) is cute but I would like to see additional backgrounds added. I like the whimsy characters and backgrounds. Super cute!

(I’m pretty sure I will visit the App Store this fall when they release the iPhone version)

Okay, enough said… now the best part…

I have 5 promo codes for the first 5 readers who write “Petite Frite” on the comment section on this post! Those lucky ones will be able to download the app for free! So, don’t wait! Leave a comment NOW! Good luck!

But if you are too late, Petite Frite can still be purchased at the App Store for CHF3.

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