Château de Morges et Ses Musées

Our spring activites in Lac Léman area always include the Tulip Festival at Parc de l’Indépendance in Morges. We’ve been coming back there almost every year. But on May last year, for the first time, we also went inside Château de Morges — a beautiful medieval castle sitting just at one end of the park, directly by the lake.

The castle is now also a museum. Since 1925, it is dedicated to the history of military. In the first rooms we saw many mini figures arranged in large glass boxes to show different war scenes, including many important wars in history. These were all beautifully made by hand almost a century ago.

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Histoire en Briques – in Penthes (Geneva)

penthes-histoireenbriques-legoThis “Histories en briques” (stories in bricks) exhibition has been going since November but only on Sunday we finally managed to come. We took a train to Geneva main station followed by bus V to Penthes in Pregny (Canton Geneva). It snowed heavily before we arrived so we were greeted by a magnificent winter view of the “domaine” and Château de Penthes. Inside this castle is now the “Musée des Suisses dans le Monde” (Museum of the Swiss Abroad)

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This & That Week #22 – May-June 2014


Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend despite the storm and all the rain. We have been very busy with major work in the garden. And we finally started potty training our son, so that I got even more busy dealing with little accidents. Wish me sanity!

Now, let me know tell you about some things…

First of all, this book:


translated loosely into English: “100 things to absolutely do this summer”, this book is published by Migros and available in their stores/supermarkets as well as in LeShop. It cost chf7.70 and if you read French, I can highly recommend you to get one. The activities suggested are mostly easy, many can be done with/by the kids, and cheap – for example fruit picking, making your own jam, organizing a flea market, and get tatto-ed. Okay, not real tattoes, but seriously, the tattoes are included in the book! The book is also available in German, however I haven’t confirmed if the German version is also available in the Suisse Romande stores.


Another thing:  I was sent 2 tickets for the Jardins des iris de Vullierens. I really can’t wait to go there. The festivities started on 10 May and will remain open everyday until 22 June 2014 9am-6pm. Programs sound really exciting. Besides the flowers, they will offer hot-air ballon ride for FREE on 2 days – this Thursday 29 May (Jeudi de l’Ascension) and on Sunday 8 June between 4:30-6pm. They also have special programs for children including stories in the park and treasure hunts. FYI the garden is easy to reach by public transport (16 min ride on postal bus from train station Morges or Vullierens).

Even more things to share:

And finally, again, don’t forget that this Thursday is a public holiday (Jeudi de l’Ascension) so that make sure you stock up food for that day. Unless you will go out to eat of course! And plan something fun – just pick one from above suggestions! Let’s hope for a beautiful weather, especially since we will have fireworks in our commune!



*Psst, the strawberries in our garden will ripe soon, anyone who wish to visit us and have a chat while munching on strawberries just PM me 😉

Around Switzerland: Schloss Lenzburg (Canton Aargau)

A couple of weeks ago we made a day trip to Schloss (Castle) Lenzburg in Lenzburg, Canton Aargau. We bought the train day tickets from the commune and took the trains and bus all the way to the castle. It was a long trip* but we took advantage of the family coach on the train so that kids practically entertained themselves during a part of the trip.

It was soooo worth it. The castle was really beautiful.

lenzburg1 8.40.40 AM

lenzburg3 8.40.40 AM

The garden and courtyard were well kept and really lovely. There were long table and benches under trees to picnic, as well as some “entertainments” for the visitors. There were a couple of people wearing medieval clothing, showing armors and weapons, how to play the musical instruments and how to make textile.

lenzburg4 8.40.35 AM

lenzburg5 8.40.35 AM

Inside the main castle, the exhibition rooms were tastefully decorated. I particularly enjoyed the kitchen, and my daughter the princess room (what else?). The prison was interesting to see, too, although my kids were a bit scared going inside.

lenzburg10 8.40.35 AM

There was a beautiful terrace cafe inside the castle, but I didn’t take photo as there were many people dining.

As for the kids, this particular area won: The Kindermuseum! It was a 2-floor children play area. And a very well thought and organized one. Couldn’t be more perfect for little knights, princes and princesses.

Here’s the reading/playing nook and craft area. You can purchase kits and do your own crafts (knight helmet, sword, etc) there.


A mini castle inside a real castle with a wooden horse? Perfect!


And here the princesses and knights could dress themselves.


They can also be kitchen maids if being knights and princesses are too boring, of course! Yes, these utensils were the size for the little people!


My kids (and hubby!) particularly enjoyed this shooting game.


Conclusion? Schloss Lenzburg is by far the most fun castle we’d ever been to! If only it were not that far from Vaud, we’d be coming oh so often! Do NOT miss it if you are in the area!

For more info (opening hours, ticket price, events, etc.) please check the official website (only in German though)


*From Lausanne the trip with train and bus currently takes between 2h 42m to 3h 12m and with car it’s a 194km ride (approx. 2h 11m).

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