This & That Week #13 – March 2015

  • Open house time for artisans in the area as part of Journées européennes des metiers d’art. Friday-Sunday 27-29 March 2015
  • Second-hand bike market this Saturday – Terrasse Jean-Monet (Bel-Air above Fnac) – info
  • Have you been planning to start running but don’t know how? Je cours pur ma forme has started their training sessions, but still have places in all their groups, and they run in many locations!
  • Will you be visiting Expo Milano 2015? We plan to! If you, too, will take the train, check this helpful infoblog
  • Have you tried uber? The Lausanne Guide has a code for a CHF20 credit
  • A new platform to give away and look for stuff: keepinuse (Thanks Marcella)
  • For single mamas with kids 3-8y, Pro Juventute Fribourg is offering a “Cours de vacances Maman et Enfants“, 19-25 July 2015 in Charmey. Cost CHF550.

On the news:

  • This week, a school in Payerne goes “no water” – except in restrooms.  It is an experience week for the youngest pupils (age 4-7) to learn about the difficulty of living without clean water in some parts of the world. These little ones have to march to a nearest fountain to get water every morning! – via 24heures
  • Facilitated naturalisation, may always as easy as it sounds – via SwissInfo
  • Libraries on Sundays? Love. – via 24heures
  • Woohoo! Significantly lower consumption of alcohol and cigarettes among 11-14yo – via 24heures
  • Another good news: Fewer crime offenses in 2014 vs 2013, especially in Lausanne (-18%) – via 24heures

And finally, and VERY importantly, European Summer Time starts this Sunday 29 March 2015 at 2am. The clock goes forward 1 hour, so don’t forget to hit the bed at least an hour earlier on Saturday night! 😉

This & That Week #11 – March 2015

Hi there!

I’m so glad to be back here blogging after an exhausting week last week. Obviously I needed to recover after a 5-day trip in Belgium (with kids, sans their dad). But then I had so much on my plate that I felt so drained by Friday evening. Thankfully on Saturday I was back as a mom beaming with pride when my daughter did a demo at a rhythmic gymnastics competition. You can see her and her friends warming up on the photo below. At 6, she’s still the youngest and I really hope she will stick with it and becomes good enough to compete next year!


How was your week and weekend? I hope you enjoyed the sun! Even better, the nice weather should last all week!

Now, here are some of the things you may not want to miss:

I will start updating Easter-related posts soon. Do you realize that it’s coming early this year? In less than a month! So do let me know if there are Easter activity, camps, brunches, etc that you think I should include.


P.S.: Those who would like to know more about my daughter’s rhythmic gymnastics team can go here. Or contact me for more info. AFAIK there are only 2 teams in Vaud that work on competitive level (Lucens and Bex).

This & That Week #39 – September 2014


After 6 days of sickness and boredom, my daughter returned to school this morning.



And now that son is also at Jardin d’enfants, let me share you some news and events that have been buzzing around:

  • Netflix has launched in CH!
  • Second-hands autumn and winter clothes for kids: Troc d’automne in Echallens and in Chéserex on Saturday
  • Starting last week, the service area of bus line #25 got longer, now serving from Pully-Gare all the way to Chavannes-Glycines (more info)
  • Speaking about public transport, you can now buy tickets via SMS – using tl-live app or normal SMS (more info)
  • Now babysitters (those younger than 25y) don’t have to declare what they earn to AVS (up top CHF750/year). It means it won’t be illegal for them and for you) when receiving (and paying) babysitting fee until that amount. (On the news)
  • There is a scam mail going on pretending to be from Migros. DO NOT open the attachment
  • Gymboree is opening classes at LCIS in Aubonne and will be having a free trial week of classes Monday 29th of September to Friday 3rd October.
  • Key English School has opened registration for their October holiday camp
  • Disney on Ice is coming back to Geneva Arena in January! We were there for their performance earlier this year and loooooved it! I think kids will get the tickets as their Christmas presents!
  • Désalpe (cattle descent) festivities this weekend: in St-Cergue (near Nyon) and in Charmey (in Fribourg). It’s a morning event, and very popular, so plan your timing well!
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the Comptoir Suisse (poster above). I hope to be able to hop on the Ferris Wheel this weekend!
  • As well as other events going on!

Happy end of the week! xx

This & That Week #5 – Jan-Feb 2014


  • Super good news: Now ALL Migros supermarkets take all kinds of plastic bottles to be recycled. As a general rule, when possible, flatten them to let the air out and put the lids back on (more info) – original info and above image copyright: Migros/Generation M
  • Lilibiggs Festivals pour enfants is coming to Lausanne on Sunday, 16 February 2014 at Place Bellerive
  • The indoor swimming pool at la Vallée de la Jeunesse offers ladies-only hours on Sunday afternoons
  • The English Bookstore in Lausanne is now accepting donations of used English books. Drop them by the shop or for larger donations (100+ books), pick up from your home in or around Lausanne can be arranged. In an effort to expand literary options, the shop will begin offering second hand books for sale in early March. Prices will generally range from 4-8 CHF. Any unused or unsold books will be donated to local charities.

And a few school holiday activities that you may want to book soon:

This & That Week #39 – Sept 2013

I’m too busy enjoying the sun, so let’s just go straight to the list, ok? 😉


  • Kamishibai storytelling (in French) : “Le pinceau magique”, written by Sabine Girardet and illustrated by Denis Kormann. Saturday, 28 Sept 2013. Opening at 11:30am. Readings at 2pm, 2:30pm, 3pm and 3:30pm. At the Children’s Library Lausanne (BMJ) Avenue d’Echallens 2A. More info here.
  • SHEzone is launching their Little Leg Walk in Lausanne. The first event – “Hug a Tree” – will be on Wednesday, 2 Oct 3:00-4:30pm. As an extra, there will be Michelle Petersen, a professional photographer, to give tips on how to take great children pics. More info and register here.
  • FREE yoga class by Rania. Every Thursday from 5pm until 6:15 pm at: “Espace yoga pour tous” Place de la Gare 10. More info and registration to fakih.rania (AT) , 076 203 32 31
  • 24 hours of swimming (24 Heures de natation) on Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 Oct 2013 at Mon-Repos indoor pool. Open to anyone who can swim unaided for a minimal of 50m course, no limit on age and speed.
  • Stageworks Academy, a new English-speaking musical theatre academy for young adults from 12 years of age, will start their classes on 1 November 2013. The classes will be on Fridays 4:30-6:30pm building towards a production in the Spring. For more info: Théâtre du Château, Rue du Château 7, La Tour De Peilz, stageworks-academy (AT), 079 814 0979 or 079 908 9414
  • Key English School offers English camps during the October school holiday. More info here.

Have a lovely start of autumn/fall, parents!

Un Lieu Sur Terre – Enchanting Shop and Art Classes (in Vevey)

Sponsored Post


I’m delighted to be sponsored by Un Lieu Sur Terre, as Celyn Lila Nicholson – the founder/owner, has so many enchanting things to offer that I believe many of you will also love.

First, there is this shop, where she sells über lovely tea towels and cushion covers. Great work, design, and you can feel the personal touch on them. I immediately thought they would make perfect presents for my loved ones when I saw them. The kitchen towels are so lovely that I would hang them as wall arts.

Then, there are her workshops and art classes, which take place in her home studio in Vevey. The ones coming soon are carefully designed to appreciate the “me-time” of trailing spouses (although I’m sure that non-trailing spouses can also enjoy it).


As written on the website:

What about finding yourself all over again?

Remember what is written on the airplane security leaflet ? Put on your oxygen mask first and then onto your children.

Stop expending your energy.

Start expanding it.

Thus, her motto for these Dream Catcher workshops: “From Expat to Expand”

Each workshop cost 250 CHF, which is divided into 2 half-days (part 1 and 2). These workshops take place on a Tuesday (part 1) and on a Thursday (part 2). Each workshop has a different theme and varieties of techniques will be taught. All the creative workshops are aimed to help women to pinpoint special areas of their lives that need to be sparkled again and to trust the deep creative process that will happen over the classes and over time.

The workshop includes:

  • an initiation to mindful meditation on the first morning of every workshop by a certified Yoga and mediation teacher
  • an organic, in-season catered lunch done a woman who has a passion for “holistic” food
  • all art materials except personal items that might be required

The first class start on Tuesday the 1st and Thursday the 3rd of October with Pagan Poetry Workshop. Celyn needs a minimum of 3 participants to do the class. She will also add an extra class in October for this very creative workshop. It will be on Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th.

For more info or FAQ, please see Un Lieu Sur Terre website.


Celyn Nicholson
Un Lieu Sur Terre Studio
1800 Vevey, Switzerland
unlieusurterre (AT)
Phone : +41-79-128-06-86
on facebook


*Image courtesy of Un Lieu Sur Terre

This & That Week #37 – Sept 2013

I believe that many of you who followed me on facebook know that I was having a mommy burnt out, thus the lack of post lately. Today I am happy to tell you that I am doing so much better. I was able to pinpoint the problems and worked on them. I even achieved my goal to hard-core de-clutter (see this post) and had taken out 500 items from the house and more than 100 more items will follow in the next weeks! Our (now) more organized house really help me keep my sanity 🙂 I will still be on recovery mode for sometime, but I’m slowly coming back to this blog and you, so worry not! You’ll see more of me soon!

In the meantime, here are some very interesting things going on this and next week:

  • Not to be missed: 2013 Workshops on Raising Multilingual Children by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa in St. Sulpice on 19 Sept 2013. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. I went to this workshop a few years ago and what I learned there has been really, REALLY helpful to me. More info here.
  • Lausanne Mums & Mums-to-be next scheduled coffee mornings: in Starbucks, St Laurent, Tuesday 17 September from 10:30am to 1pm. They usually sat round at the back to the left. The Lutry Beach meet-ups will be on Tuesday 24 September, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, weather permitting. (This group is not organized by me, but I used to attend it when my kiddos were still babies)
  • The huge annual fair Comptoir Suisse will start this week (13-22 Sept) in Beaulieu. And on Sunday, 15 Sept (traditionnelle journée des Jeunesses campagnardes) there will be many events that cater the children.
  • Kate of Edible Art will have a beginner cupcake class, starting on Monday, 16 September 2013 8-9:30pm. The class runs for 3 weeks – 3 Mondays in a row. The cost CHF50/lesson (ideally you need to attend all 3 lesson as you build on what you learn each lesson). Contact Kate at 079 844 52 18 or lausannecupcake (AT) to sign up or more info.
  • Open house of The International Cottage, a private school in Vevey. Wednesday September 25,  2-4pm. More info here

Take care!


Cupcake Classes for Kids – coming in August

FYI, cupcake classes coming in August by Edible Art (previously known as Kids Party Cupcakes)


Contact Kate at lausannecupcake (AT) gmail (DOT) com to reserve a spot

This & That Week #24 – June 2013

Oh boy, how I was so busy (and had a lot of fun) the last couple of weeks! Did you enjoyed the brief return of the sun? Yesterday in particular was strange for us. We started the day with rain, then sun, then rain again, and returning home from a birthday party we had to do a detour as there were floods and landslides around my municipality. And while detouring, I saw hail stones in the hilly area around! Four-season in one day!

But, worry not. Despite the strange weather, the rest of spring and the coming summer will still be fun. We’ll have plenty of festivals and other fun events coming up, many are free!

And some things worth mentioning, especially for the Lausannois:

  • First Aid for Child Injury Course by Health First, Lausanne 11 June 2013 (info and registration here)
  • Some of you have raved about the Lausanne Night Market. Hope to be there on the next one.
  • Has anyone tried the new PayPass credit card payment on 125 parking meters in Lausanne? (Link to article in French)
  • The game for the truly Lausannois : Helvetiq Lausanne
  • One of a kind train: Steam-Sausages-Express, seriously.

Finally, due to the landslides that happened yesterday in Moudon/Jorat/La Broye area, in case you commute with train S21 that serves between Lausanne-Payerne, please make sure to check if it runs at all or if there are replacement buses.

Enjoy the rest of spring (in whatever weather it will bring)… xx

This & That Week #14 – April 2013

Hiya all,

Hope your Easter was wonderful! We started a tradition of celebrating Easter as a family holiday this year. As it was our first time, we didn’t do too many things, but it was surely fun for my 4.5y daughter to decorate the eggs and for both kids to egg hunt.

I apologize for not doing the “This & That” post for a while. I’ve been having too much on my plate, and to be honest, I felt a bit unmotivated these days. I think I need a real vacation, but with single salary and 2 kids, looks like we won’t be able to afford it anytime soon 🙁 So we’re doing staycation again this Easter holiday. How about you? I sure hope you are enjoying the Easter school holiday with the kids, where ever you are.


I have quite a list this time:

  • Circus Nock in Lausanne starts this Friday, until 17 April 2013
  • IKEA currently offers 20% off all toys for IKEA Family members, until 6 April
  • Early Parenthood Support group. The first group will be held on Monday, April 8 at 15.00.
  • Baby Sensory Classes in the Suisse Romande (the page on facebook)
  • The next scheduled coffee mornings in Starbucks, St. Laurent are on Tuesdays the 16th and 30th April 2013 from 10.30am to 1pm. No RSVP required. Find the group at the end of the café.
  • New Tai chi courses starts this April. Open house Monday 15 April – 9:00-11:00 and 19:00-20:30.
  • A blog for those of you living in or near, or interested with Nyon: Living in Nyon
  • Have kids who are ready to taste some jobs? Apprenticeship at the Swiss Post
  • Want to speed up on a motorbike in a real circuit? Here’s your chance

And finally, I also would like to warmly welcome Lausanne Mom’s newest supporter: Hayley Hay Photography. Don’t forget to “like” their page on facebook!

Happy Spring!


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