What You Must Know: Photographs of Identifiable People in Switzerland

With the warmer months now here, and especially the outdoor swimming pools opened, I feel the need of a re-post as this is a topic that needs to be known and remembered.  (Original post dated June 2015)


On Saturday 24heures ran an article on regulations of photographing people in public space, in this case within the area of public swimming pools. Yes, that includes photos of own children. Based on this regulations, dated back to decades ago, it is forbidden to take photos at all – though the article also explains that in practice it really depends on the circumstances (Does the child wish to be photographed? Does the child know the photographer? etc)

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Lausanne Mom Blog Survey – 2017

Hello readers, I’m conducting a short survey for the blog. Would you kindly help me fill it? There are only 7 questions, should not take more than 5 minutes. Of course you do this anonymously. Thank you so much in advance!


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This & That Week #35 – Aug 2015


I hope everyone is doing well and especially those who just re-started their routines after a long summer holiday.


Both my kids have a good school week, and my 4-yo who is starting 1P this year seems to like it. As for me rather unexpectedly, I still have a busy week – I thought I would nap all mornings this first week, but alas, I couldn’t. I realized that I just couldn’t fall asleep in the morning!

But it meant that I could write a new blog post. Although after posting the link on facebook I discovered that even after 11h facebook only shared it to 78 followers, while I’m supposed to have more than 1,100! So frustrating. And I heard from a few readers that they had to go back to the Lausanne Mom facebook page and under “like” click on “Get notifications” again. If you are following me on facebook, please check. Here. Otherwise you may never see new updates on your feed!

Then, I also updated the Event page. There are loads of interesting events that I found, including running and biking, and as we are approaching the colder months many story times and indoor shows. In September only there are already so many… we’ll have not-to-be-missed events such as the Comptoir Suisse and Creativa, and for comic lover the popular comic festival BD-FIL. So be sure to note them on your calendar. I’m sure there are many more that haven’t been listed so do let me know of any!

And finally, some interesting things to share:

  • Happening on public school front this rentrée – via 24heures
  • Yes, please! 89% of Suisse-Romande would like to have paid paternity leave – via 24heures
  • Baby-sitters’ fees in CH – via 24heures
  • Be on the cover of your personalized IKEA catalog, you have the chance until tomorrow (Saturday 29th) – info
  • FNAC Kids is offering free workshops again. Register asap as places are limited – link

Have a great weekend!

Plans for This Blog


Hey there,

Summer is officially here, school will be over by next week, and day-cares will close for summer break soon… holiday time finally arrives!

As next week is already the last week of school and jardin d’enfants for us, we will be super busy in this house and thus I don’t think I will be able to write new post anymore… until school starts again at the end of August. So it will be a good long break for us, but I have some plans for this blog. Good plans, I promise.

To update old post

I currently have 600+ posts on this blog. Some deserve to be re-publish (as now I have many more new readers) and other posts could use an update. So during this summer months, you will see old posts being re-published.

To create a mobile-responsive site

Many of us use our smart phones and tablets to browse, so it is about time this blog gets a make-over so that it will appear better on your mobile screens. I will probably change the look of the site as well, so please bear with me if one day you see a big mess on the site.

To blog more

My son will start school this year, so I will finally have 5 children-free half-days per week. I hope this means 3-4 posts/week. Let’s see!

To bring back sponsored posts

I have been rejecting sponsored posts for the last one year as I haven’t even had enough time to write original posts. Hopefully I could bring them back starting in September. Sponsored post is important for the blog as it’s a source of income that I need to maintain the blog. And it could help the business owners (mostly local parents) and small start-up companies, something that I’d be really happy to lend a hand on. And, many sponsored posts come with giveaways! So, something for the readers too!

So there they are, my plans for the coming months. I’m so looking forward to doing them! I dream that one day this blog could generate some revenue for me, and I hope I could figure out how to grow it to that level soon.

In the meanwhile, I wish you a lovely summer, and a fun and relaxing holiday!

bises, meta.

Just a quick note

Hey there!

I only a have a few minutes to write now, so just a really quick note to thank you all who have been following Lausanne Mom on facebook, especially as yesterday we hit the 1,000 likes! WOOOHOOOO!


It’s amazing to know that there are so many of you who like this blog, and at the same time it feels weird and scary to know that so many of you read what I wrote. I really have to be careful of what I write! 😉

Thank you again and I will come back with more stories and blogs next week. As for the rest of this week, don’t forget that we have a long weekend again, as Monday is a holiday – Lundi de Pentecôte. We have loads of events this weekend, and this will continue throughout summer. Many outdoor sport events for families, too. I have updated the blog’s Event Directory up to end of July and will keep updating it the next months. Do let me know if interesting events for kids and family in the area if you happen to know one!

For now, I wish you a great end of the week, a happy long weekend and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather doesn’t turn to be too bad!

You can check the event directories – like, NOW!

You saved the blog!

Good morning readers,

I have a wonderful news to begin the new week with! I received enough donations in my campaign!

Thanks to a kind reader who pointed out that I didn’t need a couple of add-ons in my web hosting subscription AND the sudden rise of CHF value vs US$ on Thursday, at the end I didn’t need chf540 anymore. I only needed chf326.73. And the campaign had raised a total chf340 in 2 days! Hooray!

Here is a list of the donations I received from 16 of you. I removed the names but left the initials to protect their/your privacy.


You have been most generous and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Blogging can be a lonely job at times but you have shown me that I am not alone as you are there to stand by me. This huge thanks also go to those who had sent me encouraging words, helped spread the words about this blog, “liked” and/or commented on the updates on facebook so that facebook’s algorithm will spread the updates to more followers.

Even more wonderful is that I started getting inquiries about advertisement schemes. Crossing fingers that there will be plenty of ads and other revenues in the future to pay for the blog as well as to give me a much appreciated financial boost 🙂

Again, thank you! You are fabulous!



Please Donate to Keep The Blog Running!

Update on 19 January 2015:

I received enough funds! The post is here. Thank you so much! You rock! I have now removed the donation link below.

xx, meta.

Dear readers,

I hope you had a lovely weekend – we surely did.

I’m writing this blog as I have a favour to ask you. I have a hefty bill to pay for this blog (see image below), a total of chf525.43, due next month. Will you help me pay for it?

This may come as surprise for you, as many of you may think I make a lot of money from this blog. It is not the case. In the first couple of years of blogging I paid these bills with my own salary as I was still employed. The years after I quit that job, I made enough money from advertisements that I had no problem paying those bills. But last year had been particularly difficult for me in terms of ad placements and replacing my broken computer that I have no fund to pay this now. I really wish not to use my husband’s salary as we are always under tight budget and if I really must pay I would have to sacrifice our holiday fund 🙁


So now, I wonder if you, my readers, would be so kind to help me fund it? If each of you could give between chf5-10, we need less than 100 readers to reach the amount of chf540.67*. I set up a donation via PayPal to make it easier for you. If you had a PayPal account you know how this works. If you didn’t have one, you can still use the button and pay with your credit cards there.

So here’s the link again: Donations for LausanneMom.com

Once target amount is reached, I will inform you and remove the button as soon as possible. I will also report the total amount of donations received and spent.

Thank you for any amount of donation and for keeping this blog running,

*PayPal charges 2.9% fee so that chf525.43 + 2.9% = chf540.67

2015: Year Seven


How are you? I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful holiday season!

My son got chicken pox a week before Christmas, and my daughter started a fever and a toothache (due to an adult tooth pushing a milky one) a couple of days after. But, these turned to be blessings in disguise. As we were stuck in the house, the holiday was a lot calmer than I thought it would be. We slept longer and watched more TV than usual, cuddling on the sofa under a blanket. I couldn’t think of a better holiday. That said, this morning I didn’t mind sending my daughter back to school and my son to his Jardin d’enfants 🙂

January also marks the anniversary of this blog. I officially started blogging on 2nd January 2009, so yes, the blog is now 6 year-old! For the last many months, I have been having a lot of thoughts about this blog. Mainly due to the many “downs” I had last year – especially when my laptop broke and my appeal for a crowd funding didn’t gather much support. When I started this blog, I was inspired by three blogs in particular. Those blogs did well, very well in fact, yet this one and this one decided to stop blogging last year. Thank goodness this one is still going and I really hope that it will be for a long, long time. But I believe this year will be the time to decide what I will do with Lausanne Mom.

I realize that some of the itches I feel may due to the fact that I have done this “job” for 6 years. I have never been in one job for so long! I was trained as a research scientist so that I moved labs every few years. I believe I will continue blogging here but only if I can bring it into a better level, i.e. where it can generate financial gain for me. I need to come up with a business plan and in the meantime here are my tasks the 7th year: better and more regular blogs, as well as offline events. All these hopefully create more readership and paid advertisements. I will also create an online survey in a near future. I really hope that many of you will spend a bit of your time to complete it!

I will come back with the regular blog tomorrow.


Have a great day – and a successful year ahead!

xx, meta.

Back to a More Personal Blog

Hi there,

Apology for lack of activity on this blog last week. My daughter got sick and more importantly, I had a lot of thinking to do. A lot of thinking about this blog.

For many months now, I have been having problems keeping up with my emails. Especially the emails that kept coming asking me for possibility to write about new (and old) businesses in the area. I usually read all emails, but I don’t always have the time to reply. Let alone blog about it.

I always feel bad about it. Always. When I started this blog I wanted it to be an informative site as well as a platform to promote small businesses in the area. So whenever I receive an email about something new coming up, I tried to come back to the email, or I sent a quick reply telling them to be patient and remind me in 1-2 weeks time. Unfortunately I learned that I never really have the time. And to make it worse, some emails started to be rude and they drove me mad.

My daughter now goes to school and my son goes to a Jardin d’enfants 2 mornings and a crèche for one whole day per week. That gives me 3 mornings and one afternoon free per week. I always plan to write at least 2 blogs on 2 mornings, but turns out it is still difficult as I also use these times to run errands and chores. To do my hobbies and to exercise. Even worse, money is getting really tight now in our household (single academic salary here!) that I decided to stop the creche for my son by November. This will leave me with only two child-free mornings per week and significantly less time to deal with emails and blogs.

This said, I regretfully decided to not do promotional post for a while. A long while perhaps. I just can’t devote my precious free time and energy for this yet. After all, this is a personal blog, not a business one. For now, I will concentrate on more personal blogs about our activities and experiences in the area, as well as round-up post or lists of useful-to-know things.

I will still offer the ad space (the square banners on the side of site) for anyone wishes to promote their business there. These ads will be charged, CHF60/3 months or CHF100/6 months and this fee will go directly to a charity I choose. I’d be happy to announce the new advertisers on Lausanne Mom Facebook page, but not anymore as sponsored post on the blog. The same goes for camps and workshops announcement – they will be posted for free on Facebook page. As an exception, giveaway post can be arranged for items with minimal values of CHF80.

I hope this will work – for you and me. I really really wish to simplify my life, while still keeping blogging fun. Blogging has been a very constructive hobby for me. It doesn’t help my life financially, but it has enriched both my life as a parent and my life here in Switzerland.


Thank you and I’ll come back soon with more fun post!

biz, meta.

New Event Page!

I only have an hour before picking up my son from the garderie so just a short blog post for now. Short, but SWEET! 🙂

After thinking about it for months, I finally did it!

I added a new plugin for the Event page!

So that from now on, most of my regular content for the “This & That” post will move there. You can now browse through it chronologically. Click on the event name to find the event information, including the event place on Google Map.

The link to the page is: http://www.lausannemom.com/event-directory/

And the button to go there is on the website is on the top left hand side:


I just installed it this morning and started putting up events there. So far it has been looking good and working well, but do let me know what you think. Critics are welcome! Most importantly, let me know if it didn’t work, as I only tested it on my Mac and iPhone’s Safari so far. Different browser may have different outcome!

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