Globlivres in Renens

This post below is a guest post, kindly written by a local mom and fellow keen reader Ivana Debogović. I was so happy when she agreed to write about Globlivres. I have heard many raved about it but never made it there as we rarely go to Renens area. Thanks again, Ivana!


First thing I did when we came to La Suisse, was to go to a library although I didn’t speak French. So, I learned about Globlivres, multicultural library with books in 280 languages! And there I found books for me and my 3 year-old son in our mother tongue 🙂


Globlivres is located in Renens, 5 minutes on foot from the train station. Registration cost 1 chf and you can borrow 4 books for 6 weeks.

There are picture books, comics, novels (all sorts of them), dictionaries, bilingual books, sets for learning French… everything that  you can find in any other public library!


But besides books to lend, Globlivres offers many great activities such as

  • ‘Né pour lire’ : Born for reading – programs for parents who want to cherish their mother tongues along with their children
  • ‘Chez nous – chez vous’ : Your home-my home – meetings where participants share their culture customs and in the same time practice their French
  • Les contes du mercredi : Wednesday’s story time – Once a month children, parents, kindergarten groups come to listen wonderful stories, and there is a snack afterwards to prolong the magic of reading
  • and many, many others…


As you can see, Globlivres is a unique library that offers many interesting things to those who want to read stories to children in their mother tongues, to those who wish to improve their French, to those who want to meet their compatriots or to those who want to read crime novels but not in French (like me) 🙂

Rue Neuve 2bis
CH-1020 Renens
+41(0)21 635 02 36
info (AT)

*All photos were kindly provided by Ivana

Bébé à la Bibliotheque – Baby Story Time

In case you didn’t know, the libraries in Lausanne regularly have baby story times.  These events are held many times per year at 3 different libraries – at BMJ, Montriond and Entre-Bois. It is for free, no registration nor reservation needed and older siblings are welcome!


I think this is one of the best places in Lausanne to introduce babies to the wonderful world of books and stories, and to the language French if you don’t already speak it at home.

In addition, the libraries also offer events in many other languages than French: Albanian, Arab, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese, Somalian, Tamil, Tigrinya, and Turkish. I have the flyer with me, I will try to scan it and put it on the blog.

You can check the schedule of the events at the libraries here.


*Image was photographed from a flyer, courtesy of Les bibliothèques de la Ville de Lausanne

Vas-y Tuti ! – by Isabelle Jacquemain at BMJ

There are shows by Isabelle Jacquemain at the BMJ this and next weeks. See the photo below (taken from a flyer) for more info.


Spring and Summer-themed Books for Little Kids

This is an affiliated post (contains affiliated links* to Amazon)

The birds and bees are re-appearing in our garden, our sandbox re-opened 2 weeks ago and I have also started cleaning our garden. Yes, it feels like spring is approaching fast.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while should know that my kids and I {heart} books. We have been loving these books below a lot. As they are perfect for spring and summer, I listed them here, in case you’d love them too. Just to declare, I didn’t do any research on spring and summer-themed books, I only listed what we (2, 5 and 38-yo) found and loved. I looked for English version of the French ones listed here but I couldn’t find any. I personally think they are not difficult to understand (and the stories are short in case you need to type the sentences onto a translator).

This is perfect for those who like to plant from seeds and to teach the children about plant cycle. Mybees: A Seed In Need: A first look at the plant cycle: First Look at the Life Cycle of a Flower (Little Bees)

We take trains a lot and while passing by farm fields, we could see the story of this book in real! Tous derrière le tracteur

We have a potager at home. This could also help to make little kids appreciate their veggies. We found this book at BMJ. Le secret du potager

My son loves cows – well, it’s hard to resist when one lives in Switzerland, eh? This book explains what cows do all day. We also found this book at BMJ. Bonjour, les vaches !


*If you clicked on the link, it would take you to the Amazon product page. If you bought the books through that link, I would get a tiny percentage of your spending, which would be awesome as that means we could buy more books!

Second-hand: Le Galetas Book Shop in Lausanne

Le Galetas, literally means garret or attic, is a group of second-hand shops owned and managed by Centre social protestant Vaud. They have six shops throughout the canton of Vaud. The “book boutique” in Lausanne center is very special as it’s the one dedicated for books.

This book shop is located close to Place de la Palud, just next to the stairs that goes up to the Cathedral (Escaliers du Marché 9, map).


I entered the first room that was small and full of books, of course, but tidy. I walked passed it and arrived at another room where a few ladies (one of them was the shop cashier) were gathering around a small table, chatting and having tea.  Simply lovely.

Children’s books were located in a corner of this room. There were rug and children chairs – the perfect reading nook for those little people! I spent quite a long time there, looking for books for my own kids. Luckily I was alone (it was during lunch time) so that I faced no competition 🙂 I found the range of books great. They have mostly French books, but also books in other languages – German, Spanish, English, among others. I saw some classics, like the Little House and Harry Potter series in English, as well as activity and sticker books. Children’s books were priced between chf3-5 each.


The upper floor was spacious. There were a table and chairs for those who need to sit down and relax while reading/checking the books. I found many English books here, not grouped according to language but to genre. There were many English novels for sure. Most of the books here were priced at chf5 each.


I spent around 1 hour there and these books below went home with me. They cost me chf28 in total.


Both Usborne books were ‘new’ as all stickers remained unused. The “Suisse…” book is full of beautiful photographs and makes a lovely coffee table book. The dinosaur book is now my son’s favorite. The “1,000 places...” was a good find as I had been curious about it forever but too cheap to buy it new.  My favorite is the “La restauration des meubles” as I plan to reupholster an arm chair and there was a similar chair in the book. It will be very useful especially when I need to buy supplies and don’t know the French words for them! 😉

Conclusions: Fun place to browse for book lovers. Kids will love the reading nook too, I’m sure. Prices are good, especially since their location is in the center of Lausanne!

FYI, they accept book donations. But better call or email in advance to confirm.


Galetas – La Boutique Livres de Lausanne
9, Escaliers-du-Marché
1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 312 96 16
boutiquelausanne (AT)
Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Le Samedi de Bibliothèques Vaudoises – 1 Feb 2014


Attention book worms!

On Saturday, 1 February 2014, 39 libraries in Vaud will do special programs (in French) for all ages. This year’s the theme is ” L’art du Voyage “. Do check their programs (here) as many include activities for families, crafts, origami, face painting and even offer food!

Vache de Noël – at BMJ, 3-18 Dec 2013

Isabelle Jacquemain will be back at the Children’s Library (BMJ) this holiday season! This time with her Christmas cows!

I have listened to Isabelle’s stories during the Mario Ramos event at BMJ and she was awesome. So don’t miss it! See the schedule below:


This & That Week #47 – Nov 2013

Wow, week #47… We are so close to the end of the year (only 5 more weeks, yikes!) and that it’s my birthday week – my 38th! Another yikes! 😉


A bit about moustaches and burgers:

  • Lausanne Mom is wearing a moustache to support the men growing them out during the month of November for Movember (MOustache + noVEMBER) to raise awareness about prostate cancer and to raise funds to support men’s health (I learned about this cause from The Lausanne Guide to Life and Style)
  • All burger lovers, with moustache or not, head over to the Great Escape. They are participating in Movember by donating CHF10 for every “Barber Burger” sold to support the cause. Also, CHF1 for every large beer and CHF0.50for every small beer sold on Thursdays. Last year, they managed to raise CHF9918! (Again, thanks to The Lausanne Guide)

A couple of Christmas things:

  • For those of you sending parcels by Swiss Post to arrive before Christmas, here are the cut-off times
  • If you, like me, missed the Schilliger boutique in Lausanne (they closed down 2 years ago), especially during the festive end of the year holidays, their garden center and home decor store in Gland is already in full force for Christmas! Check this blog post by Geneva Family Diaries

Events at the libraries:

  • How about play date at the library? Wednesday, 20 Nov 2-5pm, les Bibliothèques de la Ville de Lausanne / Entre-Bois, in collaboration with ludothèque Pinocchio will have an afternoon of board games (Jeu de société). From 5y, including snack. Parents are welcome. More info.
  • Bébé à la Bibliotheque on Friday 22nd, Story telling in Spanish for children and adults on Monday 25th.

And, perhaps most importantly, the End of the Year Lausanne Mom meet-up:

  • Let’s meet for coffee and cake on Saturday, 7 Dec 2013 around 9:45am. Sorry, NO kids as I’d like to make this a relaxing event for all of us – exception for those tiny ones who promise to only sleep or eat during the meet-up 😉 RSVP on facebook on this event page or email me at info(AT)lausannemom(DOT)com. Venue will be decided depending on the numbers who RSVP-ed.


Take care and stay warm as we may finally get some snow tomorrow!

La Nuit du Conte en Suisse – Storytelling Nights, 8-10 November 2013

Do you have little ones who love stories? Do YOU like stories? Us, too!


Take your little ones to the Lausanne Children’s Library (BMJ) on Friday, 8 November 2013 evening. From 6:30-7:30pm, Isabelle Jacquemain will tell stories – funny ones – to the story lovers. I have listened to Isabelle’s stories during the Mario Ramos event at BMJ and she was awesome. You won’t regret it – that is of course if you and your little ones understand some French. And there will be snack at the end of the show :). FYI, age recommendation: from 5y. Official info here.

For the story-hungry night owls, check out the event at the Maison de Quartier de Chailly. From 6pm on Saturday 9th to 6am on Sunday 10th, there will be stories and more stories for the little and big night owls. Entrance fee CHF15 (from 15y).


les Bibliothèques de la Ville de Lausanne / Jeunesse (BMJ)
Avenue d’Echallens 2A
1004 Lausanne

Maison de Quartier de Chailly
Av. de la Vallonnette 12
1012 Lausanne

*Image was scanned from a flyer picked up at BMJ

Celebrating Mario Ramos – Children’s Library (BMJ), 14-25 Oct 2013

If you read children’s books in French, it’s almost impossible not to know the works of the late Mario Ramos, a Belgian author and illustrator who passed away late last year (see page for some of his work). His works had been translated into many other languages too, so that you may also have seen them in other languages than French.

During this October school break, from 14 until 25 Oct 2013, the Children’s Library in Lausanne (BMJ) will host FREE special events for the children (from 5 years) around the works of Ramos. From Monday-Friday, from 14:30 until 17:00 there will be shows, crafts and play sessions. See scanned flyer below or click here for more info.


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