This & That Week #19 – May 2015

It’s happy time this weekend in Lausanne, with a dance festival and the Lausanne Carnival (more info on Event page).

And Sunday is Mother’s Day in CH. Do you have a nice plan for yourself? Or your family usually surprises you? My answer would be “no” and “no” but honestly I don’t feel very motivated these days. If I could just sit and read a book for a couple of hours I’d be happy 🙂 My kids will surely bring some hand-made gifts from jardin d’enfants and school so that at least I’ll get something 🙂

But in any case let just hope that the weather forecast will be wrong and it will be dry on those days!

There are a few more info I’d like to share here:

  • Landslide alert on avenue Louis-Vulliemin (Lausanne CitĂ©) – via 24heures
  • Open House – École de Musique de Pully, Sat 9 May 2015 from 10am (info)
  • Flower show: 60Ăšmes floralies at Les Jardins du ChĂąteau de Vullierens, until 14 June 2015
  • New Ludotheque le potiron in Renes – Yay to toys!
  • Peppiland giant bouncy thingy is currently in Moudon, until Sunday. chf10/kid
  • TedxLausanneWomen, 28 May 2015

And finally the video that made a huge talk since published 2 days ago. It was made and distributed by Lausanne Police. Brutal yet effective. Just don’t watch with little children.


This & That Week #17 – April 2015

Hi there! How was your Easter holiday?

We went to Disneyland in Paris and had a fab time. Sunny days and tons of fun. What a holiday should be! I think I will write a post about it, it seems like a good topic to cover even when it’s not directly about Lausanne or Switzerland. Do you agree?


For now I will leave you with some links:

Coming next month but worth mentioning now:

  • Food Truck Festival de Lausanne – 28 May in Riponne. Will you be there with 2000+ others?
  • And some other events coming in May already on Event page, including Dance Festival, Les Puces du Design in Morges for those loving vintage items, UnicrĂ©a, and Carnaval de Lausanne.

And in case you are spring cleaning, these posts may help you:


P.S. I’ve been trying to finish writing my post about our two first years of public school but it turns out a lot more difficult than I expected. I generally don’t like long post yet it’s quite a big theme to cover. So please be patient if you have been waiting for this. 

This & That Week #7 – February 2015


This weekend is Valentine’s Day! Do you have any special plan? We don’t celebrate V-day in our family, but we’ll be busy anyway with my daughter’s rhythmic gymnastic special performance in the morning and hopefully coffee and cakes with close friends at home in the afternoon.

Here are some of the things I’d like to share with you:

  • Horizon – Profession info event for older kids (2e annĂ©e de gymnase, Ă  l’Ecole de culture gĂ©nĂ©rale et de commerce ou Ă  l’Ecole de maturitĂ©) at UNIL Dorigny, Thu & Fri 12-13 February 2015
  • Carnival time has started – see the list here (French) or here (English)
  • Though quite far from Lausanne: Vitam will be opened on Valentine’s Day evening so that you can leave your children to their care from 19:30-22:00 and enjoy a romantic evening (dinner in Geneva perhaps?) with your partner sans kids

And quite a number of workshops this weekend:

  • Valentine’s Atelier Cake Pops at Garderie Pop In’s, 3-12y (info)
  • Art workshop at Art Brut Lausanne (info)
  • Chinese New Year theme at Bricks 4 Kidz in St. Sulpice (info)

Plus a family walk (in French) “Flon MystĂ©rieux” and an Orchestra in Renens – see info via the Event page

To finish… did you hear that there was a hot bath party in the fountain on Place de la Palud? 😉


Have a great week! x

*Photo was kindly provided by Sarah S.M. For more photos by other readers click here and here.

This & That Week #4 – January 2015

Wow, how is it already the 4th week into the new year??? Anyone already ditching their resolution(s)? 😉 No worries, I’m not judging, just asking 😉

I wanted to post this yesterday but got too busy shoveling the snow on our entryway (don’t want the postman to fall on our stairs!) then had a headache (there went my morning). Later in the afternoon meeting my daughter’s teacher’s for her 2nd year assessment (hooray she’s thriving at school!)

So I keep this list short:

  • Little Pastry Chef at Hotel d’Angleterre – Sunday 25 January 2015. You get the chocolate and tea while  they teach your kids to make you dessert. Life’s sweet – literally.
  • Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, by HEMU 28 January 2015 at BCV Convert Hall
  • SnowUp Interjurassien. 1 February 2015. A family event around and in the snow. And you can take your time as it’s not a competition!
  • Dance courses offered by Prix de Lausanne(!) 3 February 2015. Classical and contemporary dances for school students in the region. Age 15-18y. Free but limited space. Register until 29 January.
  • TEDx Lausanne will come on 9 February 2015 at Amphimax UNIL. Unfortunately I found tickets really pricey (chf100 for regular public). Can an organizer invite me please? 🙂
  • Doing your own tax? VaudTax2014 is available for download. Excited, eh? Me neither.

Finally, don’t forget that the ever popular Hot-Air Balloon Festival starts this weekend. And there are more events already listed on the Event page.

Have a lovely snowy rest of the week!


OCL Concert de NoĂ«l – Cathedrale de Lausanne, 19 Dec 2014



OCL concert at the Cathedrale ! It is Christmas!

More info here.

*Image courtesy of OCL

This & That Week #23 – June 2014

We are facing another long weekend ahead as Monday is Lundi de PentecÎte. The weather will be beautiful but hot hot hot (forecast above 25°C) so prepare your sunscreen and bathing suits!


  • Silvia Fraser, a mother of two and a pianist at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne, contacted me recently about her upcoming classical concert with violinist Irene Abrigo in Rue. She made me sad that we won’t be able to attend (as we’ll have visitor that long weekend). The concert will combine two of my favorite things on the planet: classical music and crĂȘpes! Yup, crĂȘpes !!! The concert will take place in a relaxed setting – i.e. cushions for kids and you don’t have to stay stock-still and if there are lots of kids they promised to talk to them. Entry is free, with a ‘collecte‘ (a reasonable contribution per family will do). The venue is CrĂȘperie Entre Terre et Mer, Rue du Casino 19, 1673 Rue – approx 22.6km from Lausanne (30 min drive). Their facebook event page is here.
  • Graine de shopping a.k.a. the little boutique inside Cuppin’s finally opened an online shop!
  • Swiss National Park in Engadine is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The main event will only take place on 1 Aug 2014, but why not take a few days to explore it this summer?
  • Air14 Payerne complete program is just out. I think the event will be super awesome for the whole family, especially if you have little Disney Planes fans in the house (My 3-yo loves Skipper!)


OK, now I really have to stop as my right hand is very stiff and hurts a bit. I’ve been doing a major garden project the last 2 weeks and unfortunately (albeit not unexpectedly) my carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are back.

Take care and enjoy the long weekend!


This & That Week #18 – April-May 2014


hope you’re doing great despite the rain and rain and rain (and no holiday today). My 2 kiddos are currently ill (thankfully getting better), and I am exhausted, so that I will keep the list short – check each link for more info!

And finally, I leave you with an animated gif I made from the photos of the young boys run I took during 20km de Lausanne on Saturday. My husband ran 10km there and we were blessed with such lovely weather that day (although it did rain later in the evening).


I repeat here what I shared on facebook:

Being in the core of 20 KM de Lausanne was a very humbling experience. It was beautiful to see the runners from all ages, colors and shapes, babies on trailers pushed by their running parents, people with muscular dystrophies pushed by other runners (probably family or carers), …

We had cheered many runners during a few 20KM de Lausanne the last few years, but we were always in the city center, so what we saw were only the ones running the 20km, not the shorter distance.

My husband, who ran the 10km, finished a few minutes later than he expected but he’s happy with the result and of course we are so proud of him. I hope the kids and I can also join the leisure run next year!

Congratulations to all runners!

This & That Week #17 – April 2014

Hey there!

Did you have a lovely Easter? Our Easter weekend was spent entirely at home. Honestly I felt unmotivated to go anywhere, so that we stayed at home. But kids still enjoyed the egg hunt in our garden and we were out in the garden whenever weather permitted.

On Tuesday my daughter and I went to see the tulips in Morges. If you haven’t gone there yet, you may want to go soon, as they are in full bloom now, as you can see in the photo below.


And finally, here is the list for you:


Les Concerts DĂ©couvertes “Le Jeu des Sept Clefs” – OCL, 2 April 2014


There will be a special concert for young public by the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra (OCL) next week, Wednesday 2 April 2014. It will be the final of their three dĂ©couvertes concerts this season. With “Le Jeu des Sept Clefs” Richard Dubugnon explains chamber orchestra and its instruments to children in the form of a musical tale.

If your kids like classical music (or you think they would like it), this concert is not to be missed. Les Concerts DĂ©couvertes are specifically tailored to the young audience and aimed to expose and teach them classical music. The concerts include well-known people who animate the events. Concerts usually* last around 50 minutes – but don’t be afraid, children can go to restrooms in between 😉 Booster seats are provided at the entrance.

Btw, child ticket cost CHF10 (<16y), adult ticket CHF15. The tickets are sold directly at the venue (it’s at the lowest level of Salle MĂ©tropole – Rue de Geneve entrance), although you can also enter from Bel-Air entrance.

More info about the concert here.

*We’ve been to a couple of these OCL concerts that lasted much longer than 50 min. Rest assure that you can always leave the venue whenever it’s obviously too long/much for your children.

**FYI, this is a recycled post, meaning that I used an old post as a template and updated it with the newest info. You may then see comments that were meant for the older versions of the post.

This & That Week #12 – March 2014

Hi! Long time no blog here… I got busy with spring prep in the garden, and then kids and I have cold. Still struggling with cough, snot, and fever. Duh! They miss school and day care, and now while they’re busy watching Toy Story 2 on DVD, I squeeze some time to blog as there are many interesting events happening this week!


  • Bazar Quartet et Ensemble Concertare (image above) – very young musicians exploring a program that spans centuries! Tomorrow, Wed 19 March 2014 8pm at MusĂ©e historique de Lausanne, Place de la CathĂ©drale 4. Free entry. More info
  • Swiss Vapeur Parc re-opens for the warmer seasons tomorrow. Yay!
  • Forest festival Arbra cadabra at Sauvabelin, Sat 22 March 2014. Free entry. More info
  • World Water Day at Place de l’Europe (Flon), Sat 22 March 2014.  More info
  • Have you seen “VĂ©hicule“, the current exhibition at L’Art Brut? As part of this exhibition, they will have RĂ©trobus (from 1964) shuttle between Lausanne-Gare and Beaulieu-Jomini this Sunday 23 March. There is also free event for kids 4-8y (registration required, limited space). More info here, on the right bar.
  • Mark this on your calendar: Swisstech Open Days, 5-6 April 2014 at EPFL, with magic show and art exhibition.
  • 20km de Lausanne is coming soon – 26 April! Have you started your training? Whether for 2, 4, 10, or 20km, you can join free training organized by 21 clubs in Switzerland and neighboring France. For 7y+ (training for 60y+ in Lausanne). Registration and more info here.


Happy Spring!

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