Halloween Events in and around Lausanne – 2016


Within the last few years Halloween has steadily become more and more popular in Switzerland. No wonder as it’s so much fun – and so sweet, literally!

Here are some Halloween events that I found around Lausanne:

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Le Temps des Dinosaures – Dinosaur Exhibition at Geneva Palexpo


Yesterday afternoon we had the privilege to enjoy an early access to the Dino Expo at the Geneva Palexpo (Hall 7). My 2 kids (age 5 and 8) and I were super excited about it as we love everything dinos. Even when it was a beautiful sunny day, we didn’t mind to go inside the dark exhibition hall.

The entance area host the ticket booth and a café. There was also a cloakroom, but we didn’t use it. Then we collected our audio guides, English for me and French for my kids. The ladies at the ticket and audio guide booths understood when I spoke English to them although they replied to me in French.

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Our Trip to Disneyland Paris (2015)

This is not a sponsored post and was first published on 24 June 2015. We finally used our year passes twice, the second time was after Christmas 2015 until New Year.


There are a million ways to go to and enjoy Disneyland Paris. To decide what ways we would choose, I read many websites and forums for tips which were helpful when deciding many things for the trip. Here’s how we did our trip earlier this year (Easter holiday, 5-9 April 2015). By no means I’m saying it’s the best way, but perhaps sharing this, you may find some tips that work for you, too.

We bought 1-year passes

Since Paris (or Marnee-la-Vallée for Disneyland) is only a bit more than 3 hours away, and that we hadn’t had traveling plans for the whole year in 2015, we decided to get the Passeports Annuels and to use them for more than one trip. There are 3 kinds of passes and considering our travel plans, we chose the “Fantasy”, merely due to fewer restriction dates as well as discounts in restaurants and shops. Unlike the cheaper “Francilien”, this one can be used immediately and offers the extra “Magic Hours” and free parking  (you can read about the differences between the passes here).

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The Hot-air Balloon Festival in Château-d’Oex, 23 -31 Jan 2016


The annual Hot-air Balloon Festival in Château-d’Oex is scheduled to begin on 23 January and will last until 31 January 2016. As always, the program looks very exciting, there will be many shows. Ballons Pirates sounds especially wonderful.

You can also ride on the passenger balloons (chf390/adult, chf195/child with min. 130cm of height and max. 14y of age). There is also special programs for kids on Wednesday afternoon and the week-ends, including flying in an attached balloon (chf10, 5-12y). The Night Glow will also return to the program this year!

For more info and complete programs, please check their website. You can also follow them on facebook.

FYI, before going, better check the weather and update on their website or call the answering machine (026 924 25 24 from 8am everyday) as the balloons won’t take off during bad weather.

Comptoir Suisse 2015, 12-21 Sept 2015


The annual fair Comptoir Suisse starts tomorrow, Saturday 12 Sept 2015 and will last until 21 Sept at the exhibition center Beaulieu. Yaaaayy!!!

If you have never been there, I believe you must. This is a huge fair (for Swiss standard) and there are so many things to do and see, for all ages. There are products to sell, information of business of all kinds, good food, music, and many play areas for kids.

I share below some photos from our visit last year when we…

hopped on the Ferris wheel and enjoyed the view of Lausanne from the air…


as well as the fairground below…


check out some cows…


and sheeps…


and tractor…


watch some people throwing flags…


admired mechanical ‘dinorigami’…


enjoyed Swiss music…


and fished some ducks, which was (fyi) my kids’ most favorite part of the fair 🙂


This year, their international guest is… Mexico! They will have piñata every afternoon, and on 15 September those who hold Mexican passports enter for free! There are other Mexican-related thing of course, and I’m pretty sure it means good food!!!

Like last year, this time they will also team up with Creativa Suisse for a few days, between 18-21 September 2015, so all the crafting/sewing/baking/scrapbooking parents should put these dates on their agenda.

Reduced entry fees are offered for some conditions – there is a coupon for chf7 reduction that you can print out for buying tickets at the booth. There is also a combined rail transport and fair entrance from RailAway. Children 12-16y pay half-price and younger than 12s get in for free.

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit their website.

*Top image courtesy of Comptoir Suisse

This & That Week #36 – September 2015

It’s the end of second week of school and in our house we have finally started to get used to the new routines. Yay! Hope things are going well with you, too!

So here are some things I found and would love to share with you…


  • Can’t love this cause more: 900 Valaisans have decided to stop smoking, with the aid from… facebook – via 20min
  • Starry starry nights… The sky observation nights for the amateur public have re-started: in Morges and in Vevey, and of course in Lausanne. Free entry on those special nights.
  • Sweets and chocolate to “disappear” from cashier lines at the supermarkets… Will they? – via 24heures
  • The Magic Lantern, cinema club for children aged 6-12, is accepting registration for their new season. They have many locations. FYI in Lausanne screenings on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Partial interruption on train lines between Morges–Lausanne–Renens VD–Vevey on Sunday 6 Sept 2015 between 6:00-17:00 – info

Have a lovely weekend! x

*Image courtesy of Cipret-Valais

Street Artist Festival in Vevey, 21- 23 Aug 2015

This is one of our most favorite events of the year: the Street Artist Festival in Vevey! A must go!


We have put this one in our agenda again! We just love, love, love, street artists. There is always something magical about them. It will be held in the old town of the beautiful Vevey, and better, the weather is forecast fantastic with sun the whole day! Below is a pic that I took from the same festival a few years ago.

For more info about the performers and programs, click this link. The event is free.

*Poster image courtesy of http://www.artistesderue.ch/

Blue Butterfly – Science Theater Project

I’m probably very late with this post, as this play I’m going to talk about will premiere in only a few days. But I figured I should still post about it, as this is something that feels close to my heart.

And… there is a ticket giveaway!

The Catalyst, a theater group at the EPFL/UNIL, received a competitive grant last year from the Swiss National Science Foundation to create and perform a new play based on scientific research. This new play, called BLUE BUTTERFLY, will soon start in Geneva (29 April – 2 May) and then in Lausanne (8-10 May)


From the press release:

BLUE BUTTERFLY is the story of a young family grappling with demanding careers, an abnormal child, and fundamental forces of nature. Natalie and Simon are struggling scientists who have turned to TEDx talks and TV to thrust their research into the spotlight, while their brilliant but dangerous seven-year-old daughter gravitates towards her grandmother’s mystical beliefs. Their research into cancer, parasitism, and maternal-fetal immunology echoes the complex dynamics of a family blind to their own dysfunction. When life spirals into crisis, we must ask ourselves: what do we want to believe?

My husband is and I was* research scientists. Cancer? Parasitism? Yup, been there done that. I totally understand how demanding it can be, juggling bench work, research manuscripts, grant proposals, and family – why else would I quit?* But having an abnormal child, a dangerous daughter who has mystical beliefs? MYSTICAL BELIEFS! For scientist parents? Whoa! Betrayal at its best!

It gets better, as the actors are scientists themselves. My peers! I had probably met some of them in conferences (or when I come to pick up hubby at UNIL Génopode). I’m used to see scientists speaking on a stage, but in a play of this scale, this sounds awesome. And with the grant they received, they were able to hire theater professionals to up their game. Brilliant.

Just watch this teaser video on YouTube.

“I’ve never seen a piece like it”

Ailin Conant, Theater Director.

Interested to go? You should book your ticket ASAP as the performances in Lausanne are almost sold out. The ones in Geneva still have tickets as room capacity is larger. If you want to try your luck, you can win a pair of tickets (for the one in Lausanne on 10 May or one the shows in Geneva). As usual, you have to leave a comment, and let us know: “If you could be a scientist, what field of science would you choose? Or if you are a scientist, in what field do you work?” Don’t forget to let us know which venue you prefer (Lausanne or Geneva). Comments are accepted until Sunday 26 April 2015 at 11:59pm. Winner will be be picked randomly by random.org on Monday 27 April 2015. Winner will be announced on this page and contacted by email.


29 April – 2 May at the Théâtre Pitoëff, Genève
8 – 10 May at La Grange de Dorigny, Lausanne
The piece is performed in English (with surtitles in French)
Recommended for ages 13+

For show information and to book tickets visit bluebutterflyplay.ch

For coverage and interviews by medias, click here

Event page on facebook



*I have a PhD in Molecular Cellular Biology and had worked with aging, cancer, and stem cell research. I decided to leave after baby #2 in November 2011.

This & That Week #17 – April 2015

Hi there! How was your Easter holiday?

We went to Disneyland in Paris and had a fab time. Sunny days and tons of fun. What a holiday should be! I think I will write a post about it, it seems like a good topic to cover even when it’s not directly about Lausanne or Switzerland. Do you agree?


For now I will leave you with some links:

Coming next month but worth mentioning now:

  • Food Truck Festival de Lausanne – 28 May in Riponne. Will you be there with 2000+ others?
  • And some other events coming in May already on Event page, including Dance Festival, Les Puces du Design in Morges for those loving vintage items, Unicréa, and Carnaval de Lausanne.

And in case you are spring cleaning, these posts may help you:


P.S. I’ve been trying to finish writing my post about our two first years of public school but it turns out a lot more difficult than I expected. I generally don’t like long post yet it’s quite a big theme to cover. So please be patient if you have been waiting for this. 

Tulip Festival in Morges – 2015

The Tulip Festival in Morges starts tomorrow, 28 March and will last until 17 May 2015. The festival is located at Parc de l’Indépendance, directly on the lake side. It’s approximately 800m from the train station Morges. Or, when the weather is good, why not take the boat there.

As a note, in the last few years I had heard from friends who went when the festival just started, that they found many tulips had not yet bloomed. If you could only come once, it’s better to come a bit later, perhaps from mid April so that you can enjoy more blooms.

Entrance to the park is free and there will be special programs including brunch, flower art, pottery market, music and theatre, and many more. And when the weather is good, it’s also a classic place to spend Mother’s Day (10 May this year in la Suisse). At the end of the festival, you can also buy the plucked tulip bulbs (on 20th May.)

Here’s a pic of hubby and daughter enjoying the park in 2011:

And the same daughter but 3 years older in 2014:


Can’t wait to be there again!

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