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Oh My Cake ! has only opened in Lausanne for a bit more than 3 months. Yet it’s quite busy and I could see why: It is one that we had been waiting for all these years to finally fill the void – the lack of large range of baking supplies in Lausanne!

To be honest, I don’t really bake. If I did I used mix from the box and decorated only when I really needed to (i.e. my children’s birthdays). Yet I was super excited when Clélia the mompreneur behind this shop contacted me in December. Last week I finally visited the shop and it fulfilled my expectations. Later that day I posted a photo on facebook, and the response it received from Lausanne Mom’s facebook followers confirmed that there was a sort of euphoria among the baking parents in Lausanne area.

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This & That Week #22 – May 2015

Sorry for not posting much lately. The last 2 off-days happened to be Thursday and Monday – the days my son goes to his Jardin d’enfants so there went my blogging mornings!

There are a few things I’d like to mention here:

  • Again, many awesome events this week and weekend including the Food Truck Festival, the popular UNIL mysteries, Museum Night at the Swiss Riviera, nature festival, running race in Lutry, and more – here!
  • La Fête des Voisins in Lausanne is on Friday 29th. If you want to know your neighbors better this is a good chance!
  • Picard starts in Suisse Romand… in Prilly! – via 24heures
  • Experience “Jardins des Iris” under the stars, 4 and 11 June 2015. Bring a flashlight or lantern! (By reservation. Adult only event) – More info


Hope to be back tomorrow with a new post! x

This & That Week #14 – March 2015

Hi there, how are you?

I hope you have been dry, warm, and healthy despite all the rain, storm, wind and hail(!) these last few days! I had been kept busy with some illnesses in the house but they were seasonal ones, so really nothing to worry about. You know, SAHM business like usual 🙂

Today is the last day of school and I hope by now you have made a good plan to occupy the kids. If it wasn’t the case, do take a look at this and this for ideas! As for ourselves, yes we have 2 weeks of awesome plans ahead of us, so please excuse me if there was no new post for the next 2 weeks.

On top of these, here are some more things I can’t wait to share with you!

For mini train lovers:

  • P’tit train de Vidy started earlier this month. Hours are Wed & Sat from 14:00, Sun 10-12:00 and from 14:00. During vacation they open everyday (except Fri) from 14:00 and on Sunday from 10:00. More info
  • Pully Mini Train starts tomorrow at 10:00. Hours are Sat 14-18:00, Sun and public holidays 10-12:00 and 14-18:00. More info

For the foodies:

  • Would you like to find specialties from different regions in CH in your mailbox? Get an “abo” from Helvetibox
  • It’s still rather cold now, but “they” promise sun starting Monday. Time for some open-air food! And Riponne is one the places to be! Worth to mention are La Granette that opens today, the food truck folies burger on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the terrace of The Great Escape.

Then, if you, like me, are trying to shed post-baby fat or just want to keep fit, I have a fantastic news. An indoor cycling studio called VELOBAR is coming to Lausanne soon! It’s a daddy business and this dad knows how difficult it can be for moms (and dads) to find time to workout. They are currently looking for feedback to create a fitness offering for parents. Take their 3 minute Supermoms Survey and they might even buy you a coffee and cupcake! You can also be one of the first riders to try their Pop-Up Pop-Up Spinning Studio by registering here.

Finally, still in line with keeping fit, there is a new web portal for sport, nutrition, and wellness in the area called One Step More. It’s free for regular users (while a small charge for professional listings).

Have a happy Easter! x

*VELOBAR is a Lausanne Mom’s sponsor

Where to find Gluten-free (and Lactose-free) Products

Gluten-free foods are not that easy to find in Lausanne. But they are becoming more and more available lately. Thank goodness. Although I am not gluten-intolerant, nor any member of my family, we have a number of friends who are. I hope this post is useful for you and please leave a comment if you have more to add. Several of these places mentioned below also provide lactose-free food.

Cafés, Tea-rooms and Gelateria

rue du Petit-Chêne 20, 1003 Lausanne, 078 705 13 12
The popular cupcake boutique Cuppin’s has glutenfree cupcakes, though the selection is limited. Usually only one or two flavours per day.

Chez Rado
Rue du Bugnon 6, 1005 Lausanne, 021 323 41 88
The info I received was that they always have a few glutenfree items on display, and they also accept orders (for pick up on Thursday afternoon) for specific glutenfree items (Thanks Katy)

GeA Gelateria
Rue Enning 8, 1003 Lausanne, 021 311 64 00
Gelato for everyone: free of lactose, dried fruits, gluten, egg or soya! Produced locally. I have never been here myself (what a shame, I know) but at least two other moms have confirmed the quality!

Dessert Santé in Cully
Rue de la Gare 5, 1096 Cully, 079 256 14 74, 021 799 50 20
A chic café with many choices of delicacies (photo below). All gluten-free! To top it up, their outdoor space overlooks lake Léman.


Boutique Odélices in Lucens
Grand’Rue 12, 1522 Lucens, 021 906 68 88
Mouth-watering delicacies (photo below), as well as different types of bread. Gluten and lactose-free. They have a small tea-room.
FYI, Odélices products can also be bought in many places in Vaud, and a few inside Lausanne! Click here for a full list.


Supermarkets and Special Stores

La Biotique
Av Montchoisi 3, 1006 Lausanne
Available both as physical store as well as online!

I found that even my smallish local Coop has gluten-free products, though very limited (see photo below). Their online shop Coop@home also has them.


The Globus in Lausanne has a full shelf, and if I remember correctly the have many imported ones too.

Frozen par-baked gluten-free breads from Migros had been praised by a local mom. Migros online shop LeShop also delivers them (Thanks Monica)

Aligro and Lidl were said to carry gluten-free pasta too (Thanks Heather for info)


The large pharmacies such as Sunstore stocks gluten-free products. I believe Amavita, too.


This website listed several restaurants that have selections of gluten-free dishes.

And finally, do check this blog post by Nicola, a local mom and blogger, about this topic!

This & That Week #4 – January 2015

Wow, how is it already the 4th week into the new year??? Anyone already ditching their resolution(s)? 😉 No worries, I’m not judging, just asking 😉

I wanted to post this yesterday but got too busy shoveling the snow on our entryway (don’t want the postman to fall on our stairs!) then had a headache (there went my morning). Later in the afternoon meeting my daughter’s teacher’s for her 2nd year assessment (hooray she’s thriving at school!)

So I keep this list short:

  • Little Pastry Chef at Hotel d’Angleterre – Sunday 25 January 2015. You get the chocolate and tea while  they teach your kids to make you dessert. Life’s sweet – literally.
  • Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, by HEMU 28 January 2015 at BCV Convert Hall
  • SnowUp Interjurassien. 1 February 2015. A family event around and in the snow. And you can take your time as it’s not a competition!
  • Dance courses offered by Prix de Lausanne(!) 3 February 2015. Classical and contemporary dances for school students in the region. Age 15-18y. Free but limited space. Register until 29 January.
  • TEDx Lausanne will come on 9 February 2015 at Amphimax UNIL. Unfortunately I found tickets really pricey (chf100 for regular public). Can an organizer invite me please? 🙂
  • Doing your own tax? VaudTax2014 is available for download. Excited, eh? Me neither.

Finally, don’t forget that the ever popular Hot-Air Balloon Festival starts this weekend. And there are more events already listed on the Event page.

Have a lovely snowy rest of the week!


This & That Week #45 – Nov 2014

Earlier this week I finished another big sorting and cleaning of our stuffs before they were picked up by a local second-hand shop. It feels soooo great to finally rid the bulky baby items such as high chair and potties, as well as bobby-car and many princess knick-knacks! This mama can breath now!

Now that we passed Halloween, we’re on fast track to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will update many of last year’s posts in the next weeks so stay tuned!


In the meanwhile, there are fantastic things coming up. Read on!

  • Le Petit Prince at Opéra Lausanne!
  • Mickey and Mini Mouse are currently on tour in Switzerland. And they will be at the Prilly Centre TOMORROW – Friday 7 Nov 2014 from 13.00–19.30. They will take photos with your kids (and you too if you wish) and sign autographs.
  • Wish to re-watch Frozen (yes, for the 4,638th time) but in the cinema AND sing along to all the songs at the top of your lungs? “La Reine des Neiges : Version Karaoke” will play at Cinétoile Malley on Sunday 9 Nov at 10:30am and 1pm. The movie and songs will be in French. I think I only know “Let it go” and “Love is an open door” in their French version, but as in any karaoke, the lyrics should be there on the screen!
  • Migros Family Village in Morges, 22-23 & 29 Nov 2014.
  • It’s Chocolate Week in the area! Hurry, you still have a few days to get the special offers.
  • Design competion for kids on IKEA. They are looking for new designs for soft toys and welcome all sorts of imaginations. Last day to submit: 30 Nov 2014.
  • For big kids (8-20y) with huge visions: Bugnplay – a media and robot competition. Registration deadline 31 Jan 2015
  • And those of you with older kids may want to put this annual exhibition on your agenda: Salon des Métier et de la Formation Lausanne, 25-30 Nov 2014 at Beaulieu
  • I just learned about this shop: FreeForm Supermarket. They supply organics products as well as ones for people with allergies and intolerance to certain ingredients.
  • Love this: No Empty Chairs for Christmas. Register before 28 Nov 2014.

Finally, I’d like to ask you if your business or someone you know would be interested to do a Christmas  giveaway on this blog. I believe I can accommodate 2 giveaways between the last week of Nov and the first 2 weeks of Dec, preferably for goods/foods with a minimal value of CHF80. Just PM me, leave a comment on this post so that I get back to you or via Facebook.

Biz !

This & That Week #4 – January 2014

  • New exhibition at L’Espace des Inventions about chance, probability and statistics. For 10y+ (my kids are well under 10s, but I think we’ll go as my hubby who’s a statistician/mathematician should like it)
  • Le Petit Théâtre will show an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl.” The original story has a tragic ending so that in this show, the end is recreated by the children. For 6y+. More info.
  • We went to see “Véhicule“, the current exhibition at L’Art Brut two weeks ago and absolutely loved it. My 2.5yo vehicle-loving son was super impressed and turned heads as he kept shouting “WOW” 🙂 As part of this exhibition, they will have Rétrobus (from 1964) shuttle between Lausanne-Gare and Beaulieu-Jomini this Sunday 26 Jan. More info here, on the right bar.
  • Are you or someone in the family a “true” carnivore? Check out this online shop Happy Meat for 100% local Swiss meat
  • The Swiss Air Force is celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2014. They will have a big airshow called AIR14 PAYERNE in August-September, and currently recruiting volunteers (individuals, family, company, or group of friends) for that event.

And to remind you of these previous post:


Have a good week!

This & That Week #45 – Nov 2013

For the sport lovers:

For the food lovers:

For safety:

  • First Aid for Child Injuries Course in Lausanne, 19 Nov 2013. More info and registration here.

For fun:

  • Starbucks Mums & Mums-to-be meetup in November: in Starbucks St Laurent on Tuesdays the 12th, and 26th November from 10:30am to 1pm. The group usually sat round at the back to the left.
    (Not a Lausanne Mom event, but I used to attend and loved it too!)
  • A Charity Craft Sale will take place on Thursday 14th November 6.30pm to 9.15pm at All Saints Church Hall, Ave de la Prairie 40, Vevey.  Proceeds raised will be given to MEDAIR Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation Organisation.
  • Did you give birth at the CHUV? I found these lists of first names of babies born there and it was fun to know that another girl born in CHUV within the same year share my daughter’s name and 4 other boys shared my son’s.

And finally, an independent mommy business worth mentioning:

  • Sheila Chacko Marsiglia offers “Sacred circle yoga – Vinyasa yoga and meditation for women”. On Thursday mornings from 9:30-11:00 in Pully. CHF30/class. Sheila’s yoga teacher trainings include Bikram Yoga in 2002 and Dharma Yoga in 2006. More info : sheilachacko (AT) gmail.com or 078 881 4071

This & That Week #37 – Sept 2013

I believe that many of you who followed me on facebook know that I was having a mommy burnt out, thus the lack of post lately. Today I am happy to tell you that I am doing so much better. I was able to pinpoint the problems and worked on them. I even achieved my goal to hard-core de-clutter (see this post) and had taken out 500 items from the house and more than 100 more items will follow in the next weeks! Our (now) more organized house really help me keep my sanity 🙂 I will still be on recovery mode for sometime, but I’m slowly coming back to this blog and you, so worry not! You’ll see more of me soon!

In the meantime, here are some very interesting things going on this and next week:

  • Not to be missed: 2013 Workshops on Raising Multilingual Children by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa in St. Sulpice on 19 Sept 2013. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. I went to this workshop a few years ago and what I learned there has been really, REALLY helpful to me. More info here.
  • Lausanne Mums & Mums-to-be next scheduled coffee mornings: in Starbucks, St Laurent, Tuesday 17 September from 10:30am to 1pm. They usually sat round at the back to the left. The Lutry Beach meet-ups will be on Tuesday 24 September, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, weather permitting. (This group is not organized by me, but I used to attend it when my kiddos were still babies)
  • The huge annual fair Comptoir Suisse will start this week (13-22 Sept) in Beaulieu. And on Sunday, 15 Sept (traditionnelle journée des Jeunesses campagnardes) there will be many events that cater the children.
  • Kate of Edible Art will have a beginner cupcake class, starting on Monday, 16 September 2013 8-9:30pm. The class runs for 3 weeks – 3 Mondays in a row. The cost CHF50/lesson (ideally you need to attend all 3 lesson as you build on what you learn each lesson). Contact Kate at 079 844 52 18 or lausannecupcake (AT) gmail.com to sign up or more info.
  • Open house of The International Cottage, a private school in Vevey. Wednesday September 25,  2-4pm. More info here

Take care!


Cupcake Classes for Kids – coming in August

FYI, cupcake classes coming in August by Edible Art (previously known as Kids Party Cupcakes)


Contact Kate at lausannecupcake (AT) gmail (DOT) com to reserve a spot

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