Pop Star Party – with the help from Once Upon A Time Parties

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Once Upon A Time Parties was created by Melissa, the smart lady I’m privileged to collaborate many times with. She was the talented baker who sponsored two cakes for my daughter’s birthday (as can be seen here and here). Last year she announced a new party entertainment company, and I knew it was going to be great.


I am a very DIY person, and I love love LOVE organizing my children’s birthday parties. We always have a theme and started discussing and crafting at least 2 months before the party date (Yes, it’s just in my nature to be super organized for a few things, like parties). It all went well until we started preparing for my daughter’s 8th birthday.

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Children’s Party Suppliers (Decor and Food)

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This is an updated post, originally posted in October 2015

Questions on party supplies, especially helium balloons, frequently surfaced between parents in Lausanne. So I listed here what I know or had heard of, and included my own experience and favorite suppliers. This post was written with kids’ parties in mind, so no wine suppliers, sorry. Hope you’ll find this post useful nonetheless! 😉



Few balloons

For only a few balloons, you can go to Franz Carl Weber in Lausanne. From the info I heard, you can either bring your own balloons or buy from them. I heard that Manor in Lausanne center also had a tank but I haven’t tried it myself.

Up to 30 balloons

The helium tank from Coop Brico+Loisirs (photo below) has been my personal choice. It’s more economical as it’s smaller (2.2 liters for approx 20-30 balloons) and thus cost less (around chf40). The tank is “disposable” and according to the label the gas can be used up to 5 years from the filling date. I actually bought one on sale earlier this year (then it cost around chf27).


I have used half a tank for my daughter’s birthday party this month and could keep the rest for later. Once emptied, the tank can be disposed safely on metal recycling bin at your local déchetterie. Finally, as there are many Coop Brico+Loisirs shops, it’s easy to grab a tank. It’s not big nor heavy, I put it in the basket under our Mclaren stroller for easy transport.

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This & That Week #12 – March 2015

Morning parents!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t blog more often these last few weeks. I’ve been having too much on my plate and feel almost constantly tired. I think it’s a result of stopping my son’s one full day per week attendance at the creche at the end of January. I used to have 2 mornings and one full day child-free, but now I only have two mornings to do things that I can only do without my kids around, like doing taxes, exercise or blogging.

On the good side, I have started a blog draft on (our) first 2 years of public school. It’s going to be a “big” blog – I hope it won’t take too long to write and finish, but original post on such topics always takes a lot of time and energy… and caffeine 😉

In the meanwhile, a lot of interesting things happened lately or will happen shortly:

  • Aperti comes this weekend 21-22 March 2015. Over the course of this weekend, many many artists open their studio doors to bring together the public and the artists.
  • Fête de la forêt on Saturday 21 March at Sauvabelin. Free. Read my blog about Sauvabelin here. (Thanks Kat)
  • Jazz in Motion, an association to promote jazz in Lausanne, is having their first concert on Wednesday 25th March.
  • Open house of the Conservatoire Lausanne Saturday 28 March 2015 (pdf info). (Thanks Kat)
  • Junior Days on 28-29 March 2015 at Beaulieu Lausanne (tip for cheaper tickets: get 20% off with Coop Hello Family card)
  • Amazing, amazing Whitepods – via Hayley Hay

And there are local parent businesses in the area worth mentioning:

  • Little Bird Pilates is Lausanne Mom’s newest sponsor. Based in Gland, LBP offers many classes that are small in size, tailored to participant’s needs, and bilingual. You can read more about the classes, Johdi the instructor, the reviews, etc directly on the facebook page
  • Eleni just rebranded her eyebrows service. Meet Eleni Eyebrows!
  • Melissa just started another new venture: Once Upon a Time Parties. They specialise in real life Princess parties but also cater other interests to such as magic parties, football and zumba! (Psst, Melissa is also the same superlady behind Cake&Bake and Mia Tui Suisse)

Finally, a couple of blogs I need to share about:

  • Munchkin et moi is a new blog by the talented Lausanne mom Nicola Pravato. Sadly they will be leaving Lausanne for California in summer, but do check the blog as it’s full of the loveliest things for little kids.
  • The Kids Project – I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years and I found it full of ideas for kids activities. The blog is not so often updated (perhaps once a month, sometimes less often) but definitely worth an email subscription. It’s only in French, unfortunately.

Now enjoy the sunny days before the predicted rain comes on the weekend!


*Little Bird Pilates and Mia Tui Suisse are current sponsors of Lausanne Mom

Where to Celebrate Children’s Birthday Party



Birthday party venue is one of the most common questions for parents in Lausanne. Many have limited space at home, don’t like to prepare a party nor have time for it. Below I listed some places (in Lausanne and around) where you can go with only your birthday child (and his/her guests) and (almost) everything else is taken care of.

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This & That Week #8 – February 2014

  • Just opened: The Brow Bar at rue Saint-Pierre 4.
  • There will be a new flea-market concept in Geneva, a Gratiferia, where people can come to giveaway their things and to take other things, entirely for free. On Sunday 23 Feb 2014, 2-4:30pm. More info. (Thanks, Kathleen!)
  • Coop is still offering the Carte Journalière Duo, until 23 February, while stocks last. At least one of the ticket users must have Half-Card.  The tickets can be used until 2 March, which I think would be great for day trips during next week school break!
  • At Château de Chillon – Montreux/Veytaux: “An imaginary museum of Playmobil®” Photographs by Richard Unglik. Until 25 May 2014.
  • For those living in or close to Orbe, the library of Orbe now has story telling time for baby to preschooler (0-5y). Every Thursday 9:30-10:30am. Free.
  • Le Parc Pré Vert at Signal de Bougy re-opened for the warmer seasons last Saturday. They offer many workshops for children (registration required) as well as the possibility to host birthday parties.

In the future:

  • The plan for trams and la place de l’Europe in Flon looks greart. They plan to close all traffic (but the trams) there and convert it into a pedestrian area. This plan still need authorization and if granted, the tram would be on service at the end of 2018.
  • The plan for the future Children’s Hospital looks great. It will be moved close to CHUV. Opening end 2019.

End of 2013 Holiday Giveaways: Voucher from Paper & Party Love

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I think you’re going to really love me, as I managed to get awesome offers for Lausanne Mom’s end-of-the-year giveaways 😉 There will be at least one giveaway per week and here’s the first one to win!

– – – – – – – – – –


If you have been following this blog for a while, you should know how I loooooove to decorate my kids’ birthday parties, and thus adore beautiful party items.

See the black & white polka dots paper cup below?


I seriously NEED to throw a black and white polka dot party!

Ok, ok, enough about me and my parties. Let’s talk about YOUR party. Do you want to throw a beautiful party? With the help of Paper & Party Love, it’s gonna be easy. Take a look at the online store, and go awwww like me.


I personally think that The Holiday Collection is not to be missed – Gold Confetti Napkins? Silver Glitter Polka Dot Wine Bag? And those Holiday Pinwheels? After the holidays are over, they would make fab decorations for a teenager’s party!

I’m a huge fan of printable party packs and had used many for our family’s parties. It’s so exciting to see the party printables in Paper & Party Love shop. The collections start from simple printable invitations that you can customize with your little one’s name and age, dinner party printables, up to the full pack of party printables in different themes (which include many items such as invitation, welcome sign, favor tags, cupcake wrappers, etc).

The owner of Paper & Party Love, Carla, also blogs. Check her blog for tips on decorating parties. There is also a facebook page that you can “like” and get notified when new products or special offers come to the shop.

And for the best part, there is a Paper & Party Love gift voucher worth CHF100 that one of you can win. To enter the giveaway contest, leave a comment on this post, with an answer to this question: “What is the most stressful part of organizing a party?”*

Comments are accepted until Sunday, 24 November 2013 at 11:59pm. One winner will be randomly picked by random.org and announced on this blog post.

Good luck!


*If someone asked me that question 3 years ago, I would say “choosing a venue”, as we used to live in a teeny tiny apartment – there was no way we could invite many people. Now that our house is more spacious, it’s not a problem anymore. But as my daughter is getting older, I always need to come up with “fun theme” and then “programs of the party”. That could be stressful, although in a fun way 🙂


**Images courtesy of Paper & Party Love

Winner announcement on 25 Nov 2013:

And the winner is:


comment #2 by Dina! Congratulations!

I thank all of you who participated and Paper & Party Love for the possibility to host this giveaway. It was a lot of fun! xx

Birthday Party on a Budget: My Daughter’s 5th

This post is partly sponsored by Cake & Bake and Confetti Box


A couple of months ago our family celebrated the birthday of our daughter. She turned 5 and this year she could already actively help me with the party preparations.

We all know how expensive things can be in CH, and as we had a tight budget, I minimized our spending by:

  1. Choosing a theme that was easy to work with. Instead of picking a theme that forces me to buy items (such as a Disney license character) we picked up “rainbow” as the main theme.
  2. Asking for sponsorship (that covered cake** and decoration*)
  3. Doing the party at home, and in-between meals (3-6pm) so that we only had to serve cake and snack
  4. DIY-ing as much as possible
  5. Having only 2 things inside the goodie bags – a cereal bar and a small box of Smarties. The kids got little toys and stationery from the pinata.

DIY-ing the decoration turned to be quite fun, and it provided many afternoon activities for my craft-loving girl. But we had to start the preparation very early, already 1.5 months before the party. Otherwise, we would never make it!

We made this welcome sign (inspired by Pinterest) using craft paper set from IKEA. This inexpensive colorful papers (CHF9.95) really went a loooong way as much as this party concerns. Btw, the blue “clouds” on the sign are there to mask my daughter’s name 😉


This garland below was also DIY-ed using the same colorful papers. I cut each paper into 3 pieces (approx. 10cm*21cm) and my daughter used a hole puncher to make some holes and we put a string through it. The balloons were sponsored by Confettibox. I sew the skirt using fabrics I purchased on Etsy (the fabrics were Remix Bright Hearts and Stripes by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman). The rest of the stripe fabrics were also used as table runners.

5bday-lm6_edited-1We also DIY-ed our pinata, again inspired by Pinterest. The goodie bags were sponsored by Confettibox and the “Merci” tags was self-made (inspiration) and self-printed.


We prepared a craft table with colorful papers for the kids to make rainbows (inspiration). Again, I just cut the colorful IKEA papers about 1cm along their width. I used my scallop circle puncher to make white clouds. Then I printed rainbow coloring pages from the internet. This craft and coloring table was a hit – even for the older boys!


We kept the food simple. The menu was cake, pop corn, pesto-mozzarella-tomato sandwich, and some nibbles (veggie dip, olives, and pistachio). We had fruit juice, ice tea and water for drinks.

The gorgeous cake was sponsored by Melissa of Cake & Bake. Just like last year, she made the “Rainbow Hearts” cake exactly like I asked her to, if not better. And it tasted heavenly! This mama was so pleased 🙂 Btw, the cake design was also inspired by Pinterest.


While on a budget, this year I squeezed in some helium balloons, as my daughter is a freak for them. We went with the cheapest option, a small tank from Coop Brico+Loisir (still quite pricey at CHF40), that was enough to blow around 20 helium balloons.

The party was a success and I’d like to think that everyone, big and little, had loads of fun!

And finally, here’s my budget breakdown:

Total number of people (incl. host) = 9 adults and 9 children

  • Sandwiches = CHF18
  • Pop-corn & nibbles = CHF17
  • Drinks = CHF15
  • Colorful paper straws* = CHF10* (I had these from previous parties)
  • Goodie bags* + snacks inside = CHF5* + 20
  • Decoration (IKEA papers & balloons*) = CHF10 + 10*
  • Helium tank = CHF40 (fyi, this tank include 30 colorful balloons that we didn’t use)
  • Cake** = CHF80**
  • Candles = CHF5
  • Pinata + Craft table = CHF0 (we had everything on hand, including the little toys and stationery inside the pinata)
  • Rainbow skirt and table runners = CHF30
  • Invitations and “Merci” tags = CHF0 (self made & printed)

So that makes a total of around CHF270 had I paid everything out of my pocket. But I actually spent only CHF165 thanks to our lovely sponsors.

I guess I was successful with the budget party, yes? Even if I had paid fully, CHF240 (not counting the skirt) for a total of 18 heads shouldn’t be bad, me think?  We all know that children birthday parties can easily reach many hundreds of CH francs – think that one large helium tank would already cost CHF90 (which was why we stuck with the small tank).

What do you think? How much do you typically spend for a little kid birthday party? Or how much would be your highest limit?

*Sponsored by Confettibox.ch

**Sponsored by Cake & Bake

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