This & That Week #38 – September 2015


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Hi, how are you?

I’m still recovering from my daughter’s 7th birthday party. I still can’t believe how much preparation was needed for a 2-hour party! Thankfully it paid off, eleven screaming-and-sugar-loaded kids had a lot of fun. My husband and I, too, rather surprisingly. And of course, especially the birthday girl!

Don’t forget that this weekend is a long one… we’ll have Lundi du Jeûne fédéral on Monday! And there are tons of things going on! Comptoir Suisse and Creativa will be there in Beaulieu Lausanne (see event page for more info). If you prefer to shop, in Geneva, Fribourg and neighboring France will be business as usual.

Now, please find below some interesting links I would love to share with you:

  • The Black Dot campaign, also on the press
  • Do you Know the Glow?
  • “Belle comme vous êtes” (Beautiful as you are) – a photography exhibition of women after breast cancer surgery taken by Lausanne photographer Wiktoria Bosc (a photo from the exhibition above). Until 1 December 2015. – via
  • Have you wondered what different professions await your children in the future? This new guide list more than 380 different professions and to be distributed for free to all students of 10S VG.
  • Do you have problem with your kids that you don’t know what to do with? Remember that Pro Juventute also helps parents, give them a call at 058 261 61 61 or consult them online here
  • Love quinoa? Hopefully soon we’ll have them from local farm too! – via 24heures

Finally, have you planned activities for your children during the upcoming October school holiday? Some suggestions were posted a while ago here.

Have a fun long weekend! xx

RoadIDs = Safety+Peace of Mind

Now that the warmer seasons are upon us, many outdoor activities commence. My hubby started jogging and also plans to take part on 20km de Lausanne (the 10km one). He jogs a few times per week, however up until last summer he never carried any identification. He had only had our house key with him, tied to his shoelace. He was out for only about 30 min each time, but I was always worried sick that something may happen to him and it would take forever until I hear about it.

And then, I learned about RoadID (via Unclutterer).

I was sold immediately to their products and thankfully my husband, too. He chose the Shoe Pouch ID (US$19.99) as it could also carry the house key in addition to the Laser Engraved ID Tag. The shoe pouch is very well made, and thanks to velcro, super easy to attach to the shoe. You can see it on the pic below (please excuse the muddy spots as it was used a lot last year and hadn’t been, uhm, cleaned for this pic).


My daughter had also been one of my biggest worries. We know that kids get lost all. The. Time. So I also ordered a Wrist ID Slim (U$17.99) for my daughter (pic below, she chose the red band). It was such a relief to be able to write our numbers, her peanut allergy, and her spoken languages on it. I have taught her that if she ever got lost, she should look for other mothers (= women with kids) and ask for their help to call us.


I think these products are amazing as it’s not just about carrying an ID, but also the possibility to write the most important numbers, allergies, and any other info you wish to include. It’s really an investment in safety and peace of mind. I will soon purchase at least 2 more RoadIDs for my son and for myself.

Interested? Take a look at their whole range of products. I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your need.


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