Running Events for Children and Families

My husband and son like running. They have been doing many races in the area in the last few years. My son has ran races since he was almost 4, first accompanied by his dad or me, but he could run by himself since he was 5. I love promoting running races as I believe running is the easiest and cheapest sport a healthy person can do.

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Moléson Ski Resort (near Gruyère)

As we are nearing the school holiday, I bring this post back. I saw that the beginner ski classes still have places for those starting this weekend!

This is a guest post, kindly written by Sanna. Originally published on 12 Feb 2015.


Photo courtesy of Office du Tourisme de la Gruyere

Skiing with kids of different ages and abilities can be tricky…but last weekend we revisited Moléson (near Gruyère) and made a great discovery. The resort has always been good for beginners….2 rope tows and 1 button lift at the bottom of the pistes, with ski school if needed. You can also buy a ‘pack’ of 16 trips on the button lift for chf 16* (the rope tow is free).

But now, the addition of the Pierre a Catillon restaurant makes it perfect for a days skiing with the family….They have an indoor play area, good coffee, nice staff and an excellent menu (choice of 4 kids dishes for chf 10* and burgers for Dad).

The more experienced skiers in your group can take the monorail up for some nice red and blue runs and for the hardcore skiers, there is a cable car that takes you right to the top of a gnarly black run.

For stargazers, there is also an observatory at the top, and you can even stay the night.

There’s a 4km sledge run (sledges cost chf 10* to hire) and there’s a mountain hut that serves food on the way down.

I highly recommend this resort if skiing with little ones.

Thanks Sanna for sharing this valuable info! x

*Prices may have changed since 2015


Help Hotline: 143 – La Main Tendue

I brought back this post today, as with the holiday festivities on their peaks, depression is known to rise in some people. Please seek help if you were feeling lonely, depressed and vulnerable. There are ways to feel better, but you will most likely need help. I know, as I’ve been there too. Consider talking about it. This hotline is a good place to start, although there are many others support groups available in the region. Email me at info (AT)

Today, 10th September, is World Suicide Prevention Day.

As someone who had had depression before, today is an important awareness day for me. During those dark days when I was depressed, I began to understand what could trigger someone to choose to die. Depression definitely can be one of the reasons.

According to The Local:

“In Switzerland, which has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, an average of 15 people die each month by jumping in front of a locomotive.

Suicide remains one of the principal causes of mortality among young people aged 15 to 44 in Switzerland.

For those aged 10 to 19, it is the second biggest cause of death.

Between 1,300 and 1,400 suicides are recorded annually in the country”

As a regular user of the Swiss Trains, I know this. I’ve been in a few trains that had to stopped due to a “personal accident” on its line. It’s heartbreaking – and even more because now I can somehow relate to the “darkness” that the victim was under. Thus I determined to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

Mental health issue is an illness. With the right treatments, it can be cured. Suicide can be prevented. It is very important to recognise the symptoms and warning signs, on yourself or those around you. Act quickly. My depression was mild, I recognise it quickly and even then it took me more than a year to start feeling OK and 2 years to be happy again. The longer you wait, the worse it may become. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Thankfully there is now a hotline for exactly this: 143 – La Main Tendue

You can call them anonymously, or send an email, to talk about what you feel or to ask them what you can do for someone else. You can make the call anytime (24h/7d), while for email they will respond within 48h. I think this hotline can be very helpful for many of us foreigners. Being so far away from our family, in a foreign country you don’t speak the language, feeling isolated because you have to care for the children all day – those things can make life very difficult. And it’s really more common than you think. You just don’t know it as people don’t talk about their mental health openly.

Please reach out and save a life.


Five Reasons Why Our 5 Year-Old Ran Many Races This Year


– At the 1020Run in Renens

It perhaps seems strange that this post came in autumn, at the end of the running season. But I believe now is the time I could finally write about this topic, after our son (and daughter) participated in enough races to have a general view about our experience. And… there are still a few races coming in the area, so in case you want to know why we’ve been registering our son to so many races, read on…

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The Pink Challenge at the Lausanne Marathon – 2016

Lausanne Marathon is coming at the end of the month, and I am sure many of you runners already know and most likely will run there. However my post here is more directed to those who may want to join the fun even without running, and for a really good cause: To raise awareness of breast cancer!pinkWe know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and within the Lausanne Marathon’s many shorter races, there is the “Pink Challenge”, calling all who can walk for 15 minutes. Adult, teens, kids and babies, even in strollers, are welcome. All who participate officially (fee chf20) will receive perks such as official t-shirt, finisher medal, and small souvenir. The date is Saturday 29 October 2016, start at 2.30pm in Parc de Milan.

Daughter and I will be there (Son will run the 600m earlier that afternoon and husband will run 10K the next day so that they won’t join the girls as it would be too expensive for us). If you are interested to march there too, don’t forget to register asap, as the early registration closes on 10 October 2016. Prices go up (chf30) for registration between 10th and 17th (the closing date).

Hope to see you marching there!

Thermal Baths in Centre Thermal Yverdon-les-Bains

One of our most favorite activities in winter months is thermal bathing. Thankfully in Switzerland, there are a number of thermal baths that accept children, one of them is Centre Thermal in Yverdon-les-Bain.


My 2 kids (7 and 4) and I went there on a Monday late morning during the February school holiday. We bought our 3-hour bath entry passes and train tickets via RailAway (20% off train/bus transport and bath tickets).

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This & That Week #36 – September 2015

It’s the end of second week of school and in our house we have finally started to get used to the new routines. Yay! Hope things are going well with you, too!

So here are some things I found and would love to share with you…


  • Can’t love this cause more: 900 Valaisans have decided to stop smoking, with the aid from… facebook – via 20min
  • Starry starry nights… The sky observation nights for the amateur public have re-started: in Morges and in Vevey, and of course in Lausanne. Free entry on those special nights.
  • Sweets and chocolate to “disappear” from cashier lines at the supermarkets… Will they? – via 24heures
  • The Magic Lantern, cinema club for children aged 6-12, is accepting registration for their new season. They have many locations. FYI in Lausanne screenings on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Partial interruption on train lines between Morges–Lausanne–Renens VD–Vevey on Sunday 6 Sept 2015 between 6:00-17:00 – info

Have a lovely weekend! x

*Image courtesy of Cipret-Valais

This & That Week #17 – April 2015

Hi there! How was your Easter holiday?

We went to Disneyland in Paris and had a fab time. Sunny days and tons of fun. What a holiday should be! I think I will write a post about it, it seems like a good topic to cover even when it’s not directly about Lausanne or Switzerland. Do you agree?


For now I will leave you with some links:

Coming next month but worth mentioning now:

  • Food Truck Festival de Lausanne – 28 May in Riponne. Will you be there with 2000+ others?
  • And some other events coming in May already on Event page, including Dance Festival, Les Puces du Design in Morges for those loving vintage items, Unicréa, and Carnaval de Lausanne.

And in case you are spring cleaning, these posts may help you:


P.S. I’ve been trying to finish writing my post about our two first years of public school but it turns out a lot more difficult than I expected. I generally don’t like long post yet it’s quite a big theme to cover. So please be patient if you have been waiting for this. 

This & That Week #12 – March 2015

Morning parents!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t blog more often these last few weeks. I’ve been having too much on my plate and feel almost constantly tired. I think it’s a result of stopping my son’s one full day per week attendance at the creche at the end of January. I used to have 2 mornings and one full day child-free, but now I only have two mornings to do things that I can only do without my kids around, like doing taxes, exercise or blogging.

On the good side, I have started a blog draft on (our) first 2 years of public school. It’s going to be a “big” blog – I hope it won’t take too long to write and finish, but original post on such topics always takes a lot of time and energy… and caffeine 😉

In the meanwhile, a lot of interesting things happened lately or will happen shortly:

  • Aperti comes this weekend 21-22 March 2015. Over the course of this weekend, many many artists open their studio doors to bring together the public and the artists.
  • Fête de la forêt on Saturday 21 March at Sauvabelin. Free. Read my blog about Sauvabelin here. (Thanks Kat)
  • Jazz in Motion, an association to promote jazz in Lausanne, is having their first concert on Wednesday 25th March.
  • Open house of the Conservatoire Lausanne Saturday 28 March 2015 (pdf info). (Thanks Kat)
  • Junior Days on 28-29 March 2015 at Beaulieu Lausanne (tip for cheaper tickets: get 20% off with Coop Hello Family card)
  • Amazing, amazing Whitepods – via Hayley Hay

And there are local parent businesses in the area worth mentioning:

  • Little Bird Pilates is Lausanne Mom’s newest sponsor. Based in Gland, LBP offers many classes that are small in size, tailored to participant’s needs, and bilingual. You can read more about the classes, Johdi the instructor, the reviews, etc directly on the facebook page
  • Eleni just rebranded her eyebrows service. Meet Eleni Eyebrows!
  • Melissa just started another new venture: Once Upon a Time Parties. They specialise in real life Princess parties but also cater other interests to such as magic parties, football and zumba! (Psst, Melissa is also the same superlady behind Cake&Bake and Mia Tui Suisse)

Finally, a couple of blogs I need to share about:

  • Munchkin et moi is a new blog by the talented Lausanne mom Nicola Pravato. Sadly they will be leaving Lausanne for California in summer, but do check the blog as it’s full of the loveliest things for little kids.
  • The Kids Project – I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years and I found it full of ideas for kids activities. The blog is not so often updated (perhaps once a month, sometimes less often) but definitely worth an email subscription. It’s only in French, unfortunately.

Now enjoy the sunny days before the predicted rain comes on the weekend!


*Little Bird Pilates and Mia Tui Suisse are current sponsors of Lausanne Mom

Bernaqua and Westside Mall in Bern

It’s freezing cold out there, and the bise is here in the area. Staying warm indoor is definitely a good idea!

One of our favorite escape on super cold winter days is to go for a bath at Bernaqua. As the name indicates, it is located in Bern, and more specifically inside the commercial center Westside.


Bernaqua is really amazing. It’s very family friendly, and they never disappointed us.

At the entrance queue can be quite long, but in my experience it took us only minutes until it was our turn. We were handed magnetic bracelets to be used to open and lock the lockers and to buy food and drinks at the cafeteria. There is a corner to park strollers and then there are family-sized lockers, large enough to stash all our stuff in.

There are a total of 18 different types of pools (temperature: 30-36°C), from one with salty water, another with movie projection, ones with all kinds of bubbling effects, to one with cold (18°) water. There is of course an area dedicated for the younger children, complete with a pirate ship and, perhaps most importantly, its own mini people restroom 🙂 And for the big kids, they can slide and slide!

The cafeteria has a good selection, at least for the 4 o’clock snack time that we could never skip. As mentioned, you have to pass the magnetic bracelet to buy the food and you pay when you finally leave.

We have been there four times and always took the 3-hour tickets. When both my kids were still under 6y, I only had to pay CHF35 for the three of us. A bargain! 🙂 To be honest 3 hours is a bit short, as it took me around 10 minutes to prep the 2 kids and myself until we were ready to plunge, and around 40 minutes to shower, dress, and hair-dry the three of us when we finished bathing. It was a bit quicker when their father was there too, however 3 times out of 4 I was the only adult. But no worries, overstay charge is low: chf5 for every 30 minutes. Or just buy the day tickets for even longer stay. More info about tickets and rates here.

As any thermal bath in Switzerland, Bernaqua also has other attractions, including spa-wellness and fitness areas. If you came with another adult, you could take turn watching the kids while the other get a massage 🙂

But don’t despair, even if you were the only adult, you still could get your massage 😉 As mentioned above, the pool complex is located inside a mall, the Westside Mall, and there is a great drop-in facility for kids called Kinderland. You may leave your kids up to 4h for only chf3/h, and I believe they take babies too (but call/email to make sure). My kids love this place. The Westside Mall by itself is awesome, with many good stores (I personally love the Globus there) and a food hall (my kids favs are the kids pizza from Spiga and the frozen yoghurt from YooMoo). When we go to Bernaqua and/or Westside we can really spend the whole day there – safe from the coldness of winter 😉

Berrnaqua and Westside Mall are easily reached either by car or train (Station name: Bern Brünnen Westside, directly in front of the commercial center). From Lausanne-Gare you only need one change at the Bern Central Station. The total journey by train is less than 1.5h (and if you choose the IC train, your kids can play in the family coach). When we go there for a day trip, we usually use the RailAway offer. There is almost always a discount (currently 10%) for the train as well as the pool entry tickets.

And finally, how about spending a weekend there? Check the offers from the Holiday Inn hotel there – I know some families who had enjoyed and highly recommended it.

Have a fab time!

*This post is not sponsored. I don’t get anything for writing this post. All opinions are my own.

**Image was screenshot from Bernaqua website

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