This & That Week #12 – March 2015

Morning parents!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t blog more often these last few weeks. I’ve been having too much on my plate and feel almost constantly tired. I think it’s a result of stopping my son’s one full day per week attendance at the creche at the end of January. I used to have 2 mornings and one full day child-free, but now I only have two mornings to do things that I can only do without my kids around, like doing taxes, exercise or blogging.

On the good side, I have started a blog draft on (our) first 2 years of public school. It’s going to be a “big” blog – I hope it won’t take too long to write and finish, but original post on such topics always takes a lot of time and energy… and caffeine 😉

In the meanwhile, a lot of interesting things happened lately or will happen shortly:

  • Aperti comes this weekend 21-22 March 2015. Over the course of this weekend, many many artists open their studio doors to bring together the public and the artists.
  • Fête de la forêt on Saturday 21 March at Sauvabelin. Free. Read my blog about Sauvabelin here. (Thanks Kat)
  • Jazz in Motion, an association to promote jazz in Lausanne, is having their first concert on Wednesday 25th March.
  • Open house of the Conservatoire Lausanne Saturday 28 March 2015 (pdf info). (Thanks Kat)
  • Junior Days on 28-29 March 2015 at Beaulieu Lausanne (tip for cheaper tickets: get 20% off with Coop Hello Family card)
  • Amazing, amazing Whitepods – via Hayley Hay

And there are local parent businesses in the area worth mentioning:

  • Little Bird Pilates is Lausanne Mom’s newest sponsor. Based in Gland, LBP offers many classes that are small in size, tailored to participant’s needs, and bilingual. You can read more about the classes, Johdi the instructor, the reviews, etc directly on the facebook page
  • Eleni just rebranded her eyebrows service. Meet Eleni Eyebrows!
  • Melissa just started another new venture: Once Upon a Time Parties. They specialise in real life Princess parties but also cater other interests to such as magic parties, football and zumba! (Psst, Melissa is also the same superlady behind Cake&Bake and Mia Tui Suisse)

Finally, a couple of blogs I need to share about:

  • Munchkin et moi is a new blog by the talented Lausanne mom Nicola Pravato. Sadly they will be leaving Lausanne for California in summer, but do check the blog as it’s full of the loveliest things for little kids.
  • The Kids Project – I’ve been following this blog for a couple of years and I found it full of ideas for kids activities. The blog is not so often updated (perhaps once a month, sometimes less often) but definitely worth an email subscription. It’s only in French, unfortunately.

Now enjoy the sunny days before the predicted rain comes on the weekend!


*Little Bird Pilates and Mia Tui Suisse are current sponsors of Lausanne Mom

My Make-up Lesson by Eleni Makeup and Eyebrows

Note added in 2016: Eleni doesn’t offer make-up lesson anymore as she is now concentrating on brow shaping. Her contact details can be seen at the end of the post.

Several weeks before my 37th birthday (last November), I started thinking that I should review my life and make a list of what I would love to do before I turn 40. Especially now that our son has passed the baby phase, many things with my kids are getting easier, and that we’re sure we don’t want another baby, I feel the need to take more care of myself. Among the things on the list was to do a make-up lesson. I haven’t updated my range of cosmetics and make up skills for years, perhaps a decade. And ever since my second child was born, 90% of the time I don’t even wear make-up (I barely have the time to brush my teeth or put on moisturizer!). Although I’m getting used to my bare skin, I really wished to improve my look, especially when I go out on special occasions. After all, my skin and I are not getting any younger, my eye bags are more visible thanks to sleep deprivation, and the crow’s feet are here to stay.

Just then, Eleni contacted me and told me about her make-up and eyebrow shaping service. I asked her if she would do a make-up lesson for me and she said yes. We finally met yesterday at her home. She asked me what kind of make-up I would like to learn, and I told her that I needed to learn to do a “hot-date” make-up — a look that I could rock to events like hot dates with hubby, cocktails evenings, formal concerts, and weddings.

And this is how I looked at the end of our session:



If you are not impressed, you should see the photos below.

This how I look without make-up:

nomakeupBelow is how I look with my everyday make-up that I did myself (takes 5-10 minutes). You see that there is not much difference to the one without make-up. When I needed a “hot date” look, I would “improve it” by adding a brighter eye shadow color, another coat of mascara, and a bit more blush on. ownmakeup

But it certainly very far from how I looked after Eleni worked her magic:


I show you a side by side comparison:


It really felt like my fairy godmother came and turned me into a princess 🙂 And the best thing? I’m pretty confident that I can do this again, alone by myself, as Eleni did a really great job teaching me.

What I really like from the lesson:

  • Eleni was able to give me the exact look that I had in my head. I told her that I wanted a hot date look, and that I tend to go with the color green as I always feel that green compliments my skin tone best. The emerald-smoky look that she did for my eye was perfection (for me at least). It was like she could really pick that from my brain.
  • Eleni really took her time to explain everything — the cosmetics she used, the tone, the color, what they do to my skin, the brushes, how to apply, how to blend. She shared amazing amount of information and tricks (and obviously, patience).
  • Eleni is not tied to a particular brand. This way I was sure that she picked the best products she thought would work for me. Even better, she didn’t use only the expensive brands — she also had drug store cosmetics like the classic Maybelline mascara. For my look, she used products from bareMineral, Giorgio Armani, Clinique, Chanel, The Body Shop, Nyx, NARS, MAC, and Laura Mercier.
  • Thanks to her now I know that an orange-y blush would work very well on me. Honestly, I would never pick that color myself, but I agree that it looked amazing.
  • I went home feeling confident that I could do the same look all by myself.

And in case you are wondering how well the make-up stay, I took a photo around four hours after I left. Within those four hours, I had taken two buses and a train to go back home, picked up my son at the day care, played with my 2 kids, and had dinner. I obviously lost most of the lip color after eating, but the rest stayed and looked as good as it was just applied. Yay!


Okay, I hope I have convinced you just how talented (and sweet and caring) Eleni is. Now, I think I should tell a little bit about her background that I learned through our conversation yesterday.

Eleni is from Melbourne (she’s Greek-Australian). She came to Lausanne with her husband who got a job here. She has been doing make-up and eyebrow shaping for more than 20 years. Her true passion is eyebrow shaping, but she does all kind of make-up artistry, including bridal. And if you want a lesson like I did, she’d be happy to do one, too.

I know you’d like to know her rates. For weddings based in Lausanne, the rates are: bride 180CHF, bridesmaid 140CHF and trials 60CHF. Rates can also be worked out on an ad hoc basis for clients requiring makeup for non-bridal events & for any jobs outside of the Lausanne area. For eyebrow shaping between 20 to 50CHF (this depends on how much work and time is required). Eleni uses a mixture of hot wax sourced from Australia (can be used on sensitive skin) and high grade tweezers.

Based on this experience, I  don’t think can’t recommend her highly enough. On a side note, Eleni is expecting her first baby, due in July. So in case you want to book her, contact her quickly 🙂

I hope this post is useful for you and I thank Eleni very, very much.


eleni eyebrows
Epalinges & Lausanne

079 881 57 06
Instagram: @elenieyebrowsPrilly/Lausanne

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