St-Nicolas and Santa Claus/Father Christmas are Coming to Town – 2016 (Updated)

Here is the schedule that I could find so far. The second one has been a real favourite – especially for steam train lovers – so reserve the tickets early!

Santa Claus at “Bô Noël” Christmas Market in Lausanne

Under the arcs of the Grand Pont in the afternoon (13-18:00) of Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 24 November – 24 December 2016. There will be a kind of treasure hunting! (info). Update: I passed by the chalet on Saturday 26th and saw the Santa. I found he was just too young to play the part! But he was really friendly and spoke English too 🙂

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Don’t drink and drive! Call Nez Rouge!

The holiday season may mean that you’ll be drinking more alcohol than usual. If you do, don’t take the risk to drive home. Take a taxi, or if you have to go home in your car, call Nez Rouge!

Nez Rouge is an association that offers to drive home persons who are not in the good condition to drive (due to excessive tiredness, alcohol, drugs, etc.). This FREE service is offered during the end-of-the-year holiday season. They will come to the place that you specify and drive you home – in your own car. Sometimes they even do better… I have read that they had also helped drive a man home in his boat! Apparently they made the best effort to find someone with a license to drive a boat and succeeded. I was (and still am) impressed by that story.

In case you need to use this service, here is the schedule:

  • Friday 2nd Dec and Saturday 3rd Dec 2016
  • Friday 9th Dec and Saturday 10th Dec 2016
  • From 16th Dec until 31st Dec 2016

And the centralized phone number: 0800 802 208

For more information and if you are interested to volunteer to be a driver, please refer to their website.


Get Active! – at the Olympic Museum, until 29 Nov 2015


“Get Active!” is a temporary hands-and-feet-on exhibition currently running at the Olympic Museum in Ouchy. This post is based on what Caroline, a friend and a local mom of two, sent me over WhatsApp on Sunday.

The family had been there for a brunch party at the museum’s TOM café, and as this exhibition was just next to the café, their girls literally jumped onto it.


They also did a little bathroom gymnastics…


and went through the laundry lines without touching the string that could *gasp* ring the little bells!


How adorable is this exhibition! I had thought of going but since I read it was mostly for 9y+, we didn’t go during the school holidays (my kids are 6 and 4). Thank goodness it will still run until end of November so that we should be able to go. This mama surely won’t mind that her kids get busy while she sips a cup of delicious renversé while enjoying the view of the Alps and lake Léman from the café.

Finally, some words from Caroline:

“Most of the things are better for 9y+ but little kids can still do them. The bed makes music when you jump, the string course has little bells so you know if you touched one, etc…”

And about the brunch:

“There was a great selection of food. The dishes changed often and the desserts were great! Service was friendly and prompt. Definitely recommend for  a special occasion type brunch or a big splurge. Reservations highly recommended. Go hungry, leave full!”

More info here.


*Huge thanks Caro for the info and lovely pics! xoxo

This & That Week #13 – March 2015

  • Open house time for artisans in the area as part of Journées européennes des metiers d’art. Friday-Sunday 27-29 March 2015
  • Second-hand bike market this Saturday – Terrasse Jean-Monet (Bel-Air above Fnac) – info
  • Have you been planning to start running but don’t know how? Je cours pur ma forme has started their training sessions, but still have places in all their groups, and they run in many locations!
  • Will you be visiting Expo Milano 2015? We plan to! If you, too, will take the train, check this helpful infoblog
  • Have you tried uber? The Lausanne Guide has a code for a CHF20 credit
  • A new platform to give away and look for stuff: keepinuse (Thanks Marcella)
  • For single mamas with kids 3-8y, Pro Juventute Fribourg is offering a “Cours de vacances Maman et Enfants“, 19-25 July 2015 in Charmey. Cost CHF550.

On the news:

  • This week, a school in Payerne goes “no water” – except in restrooms.  It is an experience week for the youngest pupils (age 4-7) to learn about the difficulty of living without clean water in some parts of the world. These little ones have to march to a nearest fountain to get water every morning! – via 24heures
  • Facilitated naturalisation, may always as easy as it sounds – via SwissInfo
  • Libraries on Sundays? Love. – via 24heures
  • Woohoo! Significantly lower consumption of alcohol and cigarettes among 11-14yo – via 24heures
  • Another good news: Fewer crime offenses in 2014 vs 2013, especially in Lausanne (-18%) – via 24heures

And finally, and VERY importantly, European Summer Time starts this Sunday 29 March 2015 at 2am. The clock goes forward 1 hour, so don’t forget to hit the bed at least an hour earlier on Saturday night! 😉

Transport Lausanne: The Taxibus Matin & Nuit

My husband and I don’t own a car and when we lived in Epalinges (until 2011), we relied heavily on TL and CFF to commute. We are happy with their service and still use public transport to commute until today. So here I’m sharing some of the special services from TL that we have tried and tested, and may not known by some of you who don’t use TL that much. This time I’ll tell you about the Taxibus Matin & Nuit.

Taxibus Matin & Nuit is a special service for commuters who have to travel early in the morning (before the buses and métros begin) and late at night (when they have stopped). As the name indicates, it’s a regular taxi that will pick you up at a TL stop (these taxis have Taxibus signs).


Taxibus Matin

The taxibus picks you up at any TL bus stop inside the zones 11 and 12.

Pick up hours are:

  • 03h30
  • 04h00
  • 04h30
  • 04h50
  • 05h10
  • 05h30

Drop off in one of these stops:

  • Chauderon
  • Bel-Air
  • St-François
  • Georgette
  • Lausanne-CFF
  • Croisettes
  • Pully-Gare
  • Lutry-Gare
  • Galicien
  • Renens-Gare sud


Taxibus Nuit

Operating hours:

  • 0h20
  • 0h30
  • 0h40
  • 0h50
  • 1h00
  • 1h30

Pick-up points:

  • Lausanne-Gare (bus stop #1 direction Blécherette)
  • St-François (bus stop church side, in front of kiosk)
  • Bel-Air (stop lines #1, 2, 7 and 8, North side)
  • Chauderon (bus stop North-East side)
  • Georgette (bus stop lines #1, 2, 4, 8, 17 that goes up)
  • Croisettes (on bus area)
  • Pully-Gare (bus stop la place de la gare)
  • Lutry-Gare (bus stop la place de la gare)
  • Galicien (bus stop lines #32, 33 South side)
  • Renens-Gare sud (bus stop lines #31, 32, 33 station side)

Your destination should lie within the network zone 11 and 12.


These Taxibus Matin & Nuit services are offered everyday. To book, call the hotline 0800 805 805 at least 30 minute in advance. Don’t forget to let the operator know how many people will travel with you. You will need regular ticket covering the zones you’ll be travelling (or a Mobilis subscription) plus a CHF4/person, payable to the Taxibus driver. We found this service a very good value when we had to catch very early train to go to the airport. When we still lived in Epalinges, we used to pay around CHF27 to go to the train station (2010 price). With this service, we only had to pay CHF8 for two (fyi, we both had Mobilis subscriptions). We still had to go to the pick-up point, so that it was less convenient than being picked-up at home, but as the bus stop was only 2 minutes on foot, it was never a big deal.

The links to Taxibus Matin & Nuit are here and here.

For more info and other services, check out TL website.

*Logo courtesy of Transport Lausanne

Annual Change of Timetable for the Trains – 2014



Important note for those of you taking the train, especially the ones going to airports on Sunday and commuting to work on Monday, the annual change of train timetable will happen this Sunday, 14 December 2014. Do check for the schedule of your train, as I remember the many changes they introduced in Dec 2012 created confusion and delays.

There are also new trains being introduced, especially between Bern, Fribourg, Payerne and Lausanne, aimed to improved the connections in the western part of Switzerland. However there will be price increase of 2.3%. One good news is that Supersaver tickets can now be purchased via mobile apps. You can read about them and more here.

There may also be changes in schedule of Transport Lausanne, however I didn’t seem to see any news about it on their website, so perhaps things stay the same for now.

Have a smooth and safe trip!

*Image was screenshot from SBB CFF FFS mobile app

Christmas Midnight Run – Saturday, Dec 13, 2014


The annual Lausanne Christmas Midnight Run is coming on Saturday 13 Dec 2014!

As usual there will be many categories (1.5-7.2km), including Pères Noël (yes, short run with Santa costumes!), for the families, and for those who prefer to walk! There is also a junior category for 11-16yo, that will run earlier in the evening. Here is the website to register and find more info about this Christmas Run!

*Image courtesy of

Festival Lausanne Lumières, 21 Nov – 31 Dec 2014


These time each year, when the nights are longer, I could never wait for the start of the Festival Lausanne Lumières.

For this year, there will be artistic illuminations from 10 different artists (from CH, France, Germany and Finland) that will be placed all around Lausanne center, including la place de la Gare, la Palud and rue de St. Laurent. The official website also said that they collaborated with 500 students from Lausanne schools (age 8-15y) – how sweet is that!

And now for the best part… On Friday 21 Nov there will be “Nuit du Festival”, an evening to inaugurate the festival with guided tours that welcome families. It’s free but I’m afraid only in French. Children will receive lanterns and balloons. These tours start from Terasse Jean-Monnet (at the base of the Bél-Air Tower). Departure at 18:30 – 19:00 – 19:30, meeting from 18:00 when hot wine(!) and tea will be provided for free.

Check the official website for more info and cool photos from last year’s event.

I remember my favorite one from the previous years (2012?), the giant desk lamps in Flon. Did you see them, too? If I only I could steal one and put it in our garden…


And another photo of last year’s installations, les Méduses, under the Grand Pont (although they were not yet illuminated when I took the photo)…


the “garden” in front of the train station…


and I think these lights in Flon look even better with St. Nicolas walking under them 🙂


Yay! Lausanne is going to be so much merrier with all those beautiful lights!

This & That Week #24 – June 2014


I accidentally poured half glass of cold sugary coffee on my computer and it’s now (hopefully) on recovery mode (see pic). I had to finish this post on my old MacBook and boy, it was a torture!

But many awesome things are and will be going on this weekend, so here’s the quick list:

And… many shops have started their summer sale! Don’t forget to swing by your favorite stores to grab some deals 🙂

Happy weekend!

This & That Week#19 – May 2014

It’s Mother’s Day week…

but honestly I’ve been feeling unlike my own self lately. Very tired, not being able to focus and make plans. And then my son’s 3rd birthday is coming next week. I know he doesn’t even think about a party but his big sister was like “Aren’t you going to throw a party for him?”

🙁 I feel like the worst mom ever.


Thankfully, my lovely friend Caroline has been ‘spamming’ my facebook with snapshots from the city. Great ones, I must say, and I’ll share them with you today…

  • Quoting Caro’s words: Seriously the cutest trash can initiative ever






Thank you, Caro, for snapping those photos and letting me share them! You so rock! xx

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