Festival Lausanne Lumières, 21 Nov – 31 Dec 2014


These time each year, when the nights are longer, I could never wait for the start of the Festival Lausanne Lumières.

For this year, there will be artistic illuminations from 10 different artists (from CH, France, Germany and Finland) that will be placed all around Lausanne center, including la place de la Gare, la Palud and rue de St. Laurent. The official website also said that they collaborated with 500 students from Lausanne schools (age 8-15y) – how sweet is that!

And now for the best part… On Friday 21 Nov there will be “Nuit du Festival”, an evening to inaugurate the festival with guided tours that welcome families. It’s free but I’m afraid only in French. Children will receive lanterns and balloons. These tours start from Terasse Jean-Monnet (at the base of the Bél-Air Tower). Departure at 18:30 – 19:00 – 19:30, meeting from 18:00 when hot wine(!) and tea will be provided for free.

Check the official website for more info and cool photos from last year’s event.

I remember my favorite one from the previous years (2012?), the giant desk lamps in Flon. Did you see them, too? If I only I could steal one and put it in our garden…


And another photo of last year’s installations, les Méduses, under the Grand Pont (although they were not yet illuminated when I took the photo)…


the “garden” in front of the train station…


and I think these lights in Flon look even better with St. Nicolas walking under them 🙂


Yay! Lausanne is going to be so much merrier with all those beautiful lights!

This & That Week #24 – June 2014


I accidentally poured half glass of cold sugary coffee on my computer and it’s now (hopefully) on recovery mode (see pic). I had to finish this post on my old MacBook and boy, it was a torture!

But many awesome things are and will be going on this weekend, so here’s the quick list:

And… many shops have started their summer sale! Don’t forget to swing by your favorite stores to grab some deals 🙂

Happy weekend!

This & That Week #18 – April-May 2014


hope you’re doing great despite the rain and rain and rain (and no holiday today). My 2 kiddos are currently ill (thankfully getting better), and I am exhausted, so that I will keep the list short – check each link for more info!

And finally, I leave you with an animated gif I made from the photos of the young boys run I took during 20km de Lausanne on Saturday. My husband ran 10km there and we were blessed with such lovely weather that day (although it did rain later in the evening).


I repeat here what I shared on facebook:

Being in the core of 20 KM de Lausanne was a very humbling experience. It was beautiful to see the runners from all ages, colors and shapes, babies on trailers pushed by their running parents, people with muscular dystrophies pushed by other runners (probably family or carers), …

We had cheered many runners during a few 20KM de Lausanne the last few years, but we were always in the city center, so what we saw were only the ones running the 20km, not the shorter distance.

My husband, who ran the 10km, finished a few minutes later than he expected but he’s happy with the result and of course we are so proud of him. I hope the kids and I can also join the leisure run next year!

Congratulations to all runners!

This & That Week #17 – April 2014

Hey there!

Did you have a lovely Easter? Our Easter weekend was spent entirely at home. Honestly I felt unmotivated to go anywhere, so that we stayed at home. But kids still enjoyed the egg hunt in our garden and we were out in the garden whenever weather permitted.

On Tuesday my daughter and I went to see the tulips in Morges. If you haven’t gone there yet, you may want to go soon, as they are in full bloom now, as you can see in the photo below.


And finally, here is the list for you:


This & That Week #12 – March 2014

Hi! Long time no blog here… I got busy with spring prep in the garden, and then kids and I have cold. Still struggling with cough, snot, and fever. Duh! They miss school and day care, and now while they’re busy watching Toy Story 2 on DVD, I squeeze some time to blog as there are many interesting events happening this week!


  • Bazar Quartet et Ensemble Concertare (image above) – very young musicians exploring a program that spans centuries! Tomorrow, Wed 19 March 2014 8pm at Musée historique de Lausanne, Place de la Cathédrale 4. Free entry. More info
  • Swiss Vapeur Parc re-opens for the warmer seasons tomorrow. Yay!
  • Forest festival Arbra cadabra at Sauvabelin, Sat 22 March 2014. Free entry. More info
  • World Water Day at Place de l’Europe (Flon), Sat 22 March 2014.  More info
  • Have you seen “Véhicule“, the current exhibition at L’Art Brut? As part of this exhibition, they will have Rétrobus (from 1964) shuttle between Lausanne-Gare and Beaulieu-Jomini this Sunday 23 March. There is also free event for kids 4-8y (registration required, limited space). More info here, on the right bar.
  • Mark this on your calendar: Swisstech Open Days, 5-6 April 2014 at EPFL, with magic show and art exhibition.
  • 20km de Lausanne is coming soon – 26 April! Have you started your training? Whether for 2, 4, 10, or 20km, you can join free training organized by 21 clubs in Switzerland and neighboring France. For 7y+ (training for 60y+ in Lausanne). Registration and more info here.


Happy Spring!

This & That Week #27 – July 2013

Hi there,

Huge apology that I haven’t posted for sooo long now. I’ve been mostly busy with my kids (what else), but also very busy re-organizing my/our life. Two years after we moved, our house is still a mess and I still couldn’t find things easily. I found it unacceptable. So after evaluating my/our situation, I realized that: (1) I spent too much time online and (2) we own too many stuff.

The last weeks I’ve been decreasing my online time and de-cluttering our house. In fact I set up a goal: “500 items gone in 100 days” – to trash, donation, hand-down, and sell. Hopefully, by mid September, we’ll own 500 fewer items (which we obviously don’t need). So far I managed to rid 200 items, and it already feel so much better at home!


I know that many of you are expats and used to move around the globe. I bet you are experts on de-cluttering. Let me know, have you done hard core de-cluttering? Do you have any tips to spare?

OK, ’nuff about me.

Now that the school holiday has started and summer is here, we have a lot going on in Lausanne and beyond:

Other things worth mentioning:

  • A new website: Enfance.ch to help parents understand the changes on school system in Vaud (in French)
  • For those leaving home for vacation, please take extra care to secure your home. See this post for some info and link to a useful checklist
  • If you’re flying with small children and have time to kill at the airport, go to the dedicated playrooms (in Geneva or Zurich). I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

And finally, there is Züri Fäscht in Zurich – happening this weekend 5-7 July that sounds awesome and with huge fireworks on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Happy summer!


Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project is Coming to Lausanne!

Do you know the RedBall Project? It was in 2008 when I first saw a photograph of Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project, that time in Chicago. That day, I wished that I would be able to see it personally one day. So that when earlier today I received an email from the social media manager of the project, telling me that they are coming to Lausanne, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. THE RED BALL IS GOING TO BE SQUEEZED IN LAUSANNE!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a pic of the ball, taken during its exhibition in Toronto:


Isn’t it amazing?

The RedBall Project has been touring the globe since 2001, and after more than a decade, it will finally be in Switzerland – even better, in Lausanne! Ooooh, I’m too excited!

The Lausanne tour will take place on July 3-9, 2013 as part of the Festival de la Cité Lausanne. It will include seven performance locations around to city, which will be announced on their Facebook page and to email subscribers via www.redballproject.com/lausanne.

They also proudly offer the opportunity to one of their followers to win an all-inclusive trip for two to the next tour city in our “RedBall + You” Instagram Contest. For more details, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/redballproject.

So, ready for some RedBall sightings and squeezing? I know I do!


Read more about The RedBall Project and Kurt Perschke here.

*Photograph by Loozrboy, used under Creative Commons

This & That Week #24 – June 2013

Oh boy, how I was so busy (and had a lot of fun) the last couple of weeks! Did you enjoyed the brief return of the sun? Yesterday in particular was strange for us. We started the day with rain, then sun, then rain again, and returning home from a birthday party we had to do a detour as there were floods and landslides around my municipality. And while detouring, I saw hail stones in the hilly area around! Four-season in one day!

But, worry not. Despite the strange weather, the rest of spring and the coming summer will still be fun. We’ll have plenty of festivals and other fun events coming up, many are free!

And some things worth mentioning, especially for the Lausannois:

  • First Aid for Child Injury Course by Health First, Lausanne 11 June 2013 (info and registration here)
  • Some of you have raved about the Lausanne Night Market. Hope to be there on the next one.
  • Has anyone tried the new PayPass credit card payment on 125 parking meters in Lausanne? (Link to article in French)
  • The game for the truly Lausannois : Helvetiq Lausanne
  • One of a kind train: Steam-Sausages-Express, seriously.

Finally, due to the landslides that happened yesterday in Moudon/Jorat/La Broye area, in case you commute with train S21 that serves between Lausanne-Payerne, please make sure to check if it runs at all or if there are replacement buses.

Enjoy the rest of spring (in whatever weather it will bring)… xx

This & That September 2012 – Week #39

How are you?

After 3 weeks of adaptation, my 16-m.o. finally started to like his new creche. He now goes for 2 full days per week. Although I still have my 4-y.o. at home (she only goes to the Jardin d’enfants in the mornings), I could so enjoy the extra time I now have. My plan now is to catch up on many things that I failed to do the last 2 years, and hopefully will soon go back to partial employment (as unfortunately this blog hadn’t paid me enough to make it a job – perhaps one day!).

My list for this week:

And I would like to warmly welcome Lausanne Mom’s newest supporters: SL&C and Expat Counseling Switzerland:

  • SL&C offers courses and certification of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA). Please contact Lara (celta{AT}supercomm{DOT}ch) for more information.
  • Helen Rudinsky from Expat Counseling Switzerland, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, who works with couples, individual and children. She is an expat herself, was a Third Culture Kid, and has a child with special needs, so that she understands and can help with many problems that arise in the expatriate life. She can also send you a free Couples Relationship Assessment that helps to determine the health of a relationship. Please contact Helen (Helen{AT}ExpatCounselingSwitzerland{DOT}com) for more information

This & That September 2012 – Week #37

Did you enjoy the return of the summer for the last few days? I hope that gave you a wonderful weekend and start of the new week today!


I wish you a great week ahead. I will be a bit busy preparing my daughter’s 4th birthday party this weekend. And yes, as for my son’s birthday, the party will be sponsored by lovely vendors. I think you will want to see the post I will do after! Hopefully coming up next week!

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