This & That Week #13 – March 2015

  • Open house time for artisans in the area as part of Journées européennes des metiers d’art. Friday-Sunday 27-29 March 2015
  • Second-hand bike market this Saturday – Terrasse Jean-Monet (Bel-Air above Fnac) – info
  • Have you been planning to start running but don’t know how? Je cours pur ma forme has started their training sessions, but still have places in all their groups, and they run in many locations!
  • Will you be visiting Expo Milano 2015? We plan to! If you, too, will take the train, check this helpful infoblog
  • Have you tried uber? The Lausanne Guide has a code for a CHF20 credit
  • A new platform to give away and look for stuff: keepinuse (Thanks Marcella)
  • For single mamas with kids 3-8y, Pro Juventute Fribourg is offering a “Cours de vacances Maman et Enfants“, 19-25 July 2015 in Charmey. Cost CHF550.

On the news:

  • This week, a school in Payerne goes “no water” – except in restrooms.  It is an experience week for the youngest pupils (age 4-7) to learn about the difficulty of living without clean water in some parts of the world. These little ones have to march to a nearest fountain to get water every morning! – via 24heures
  • Facilitated naturalisation, may always as easy as it sounds – via SwissInfo
  • Libraries on Sundays? Love. – via 24heures
  • Woohoo! Significantly lower consumption of alcohol and cigarettes among 11-14yo – via 24heures
  • Another good news: Fewer crime offenses in 2014 vs 2013, especially in Lausanne (-18%) – via 24heures

And finally, and VERY importantly, European Summer Time starts this Sunday 29 March 2015 at 2am. The clock goes forward 1 hour, so don’t forget to hit the bed at least an hour earlier on Saturday night! 😉

Annual Change of Timetable for the Trains – 2014



Important note for those of you taking the train, especially the ones going to airports on Sunday and commuting to work on Monday, the annual change of train timetable will happen this Sunday, 14 December 2014. Do check for the schedule of your train, as I remember the many changes they introduced in Dec 2012 created confusion and delays.

There are also new trains being introduced, especially between Bern, Fribourg, Payerne and Lausanne, aimed to improved the connections in the western part of Switzerland. However there will be price increase of 2.3%. One good news is that Supersaver tickets can now be purchased via mobile apps. You can read about them and more here.

There may also be changes in schedule of Transport Lausanne, however I didn’t seem to see any news about it on their website, so perhaps things stay the same for now.

Have a smooth and safe trip!

*Image was screenshot from SBB CFF FFS mobile app

This & That Week #17 – April 2014

Hey there!

Did you have a lovely Easter? Our Easter weekend was spent entirely at home. Honestly I felt unmotivated to go anywhere, so that we stayed at home. But kids still enjoyed the egg hunt in our garden and we were out in the garden whenever weather permitted.

On Tuesday my daughter and I went to see the tulips in Morges. If you haven’t gone there yet, you may want to go soon, as they are in full bloom now, as you can see in the photo below.


And finally, here is the list for you:


Changes on Bus Lines 13 &16 (starting 26 Aug 2013)


There are some changes affecting bus lines 13 & 16 starting 26 August 2013.

The changes in general:

Line 13 : Montbenon – Verdeil

Line 13 commutes between Verdeil – Montbenon (which will be the new terminus). Between St-François – Chauderon – Montelly and Provence nord will be taken by Line 16. Line 13 will be served by minibus.

The bus frequency improvements:

  • Every 20 minutes (vs 30-40 minutes now)
  • At peak hours, every 12 minutes

Line 16 : Provence nord – Grand Vennes

The route between St-François – Provence nord will be served by line 16 which frequency will double (vs now).

The bus frequency improvements:

  • Every 15 minutes during the day (Mon-Fri), 20 minutes in the evening, and 30 minutes in the late evening
  • On Saturday, every 15 minutes during the day — and 20 minutes and 30 minutes in the beginning and end of service, respectively.
  • On Sunday, every 30 minutes

For more info (in French), click here.


*The information above was loosely translated and shortened from the one on this page. I advise you to also check the original information in case my translation was incomplete or inaccurate.

**Image courtesy of TL

This & That Week #24 – June 2013

Oh boy, how I was so busy (and had a lot of fun) the last couple of weeks! Did you enjoyed the brief return of the sun? Yesterday in particular was strange for us. We started the day with rain, then sun, then rain again, and returning home from a birthday party we had to do a detour as there were floods and landslides around my municipality. And while detouring, I saw hail stones in the hilly area around! Four-season in one day!

But, worry not. Despite the strange weather, the rest of spring and the coming summer will still be fun. We’ll have plenty of festivals and other fun events coming up, many are free!

And some things worth mentioning, especially for the Lausannois:

  • First Aid for Child Injury Course by Health First, Lausanne 11 June 2013 (info and registration here)
  • Some of you have raved about the Lausanne Night Market. Hope to be there on the next one.
  • Has anyone tried the new PayPass credit card payment on 125 parking meters in Lausanne? (Link to article in French)
  • The game for the truly Lausannois : Helvetiq Lausanne
  • One of a kind train: Steam-Sausages-Express, seriously.

Finally, due to the landslides that happened yesterday in Moudon/Jorat/La Broye area, in case you commute with train S21 that serves between Lausanne-Payerne, please make sure to check if it runs at all or if there are replacement buses.

Enjoy the rest of spring (in whatever weather it will bring)… xx

Important Changes Concerning TL Bus Lines #7 and #17 Starting Today

There are major changes concerning tl bus line #7 starting today: It will not serve the stops between Bel-Air and Renens-14 Avril anymore. Instead now bus line #17 is the one operating between Renens and St-François, and (good news) there will be more buses serving this line. Bus line #7 now circulates between St-François and Val-Vert via Riponne. Please take a look at the photos below or head to tl website for more information.




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