Baby Feeding Rooms in Lausanne


In general, the Swiss are very tolerant with public breastfeeding. If you can train yourself to do it in a public place, you can just pull a chair in any café and get down to business. I nursed my daughter for 19 months and my son for 2 years and 7 months – so with a total of 4 years and 2 months I believe I can vouch for breastfeeding friendliness in Switzerland. They would even smile and wish bon appétit to my babies. I had nursed everywhere, including inside metro m2 when it was stuck in between stations for 45 minutes and baby got hungry.

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This & That Week #18 – April-May 2014


hope you’re doing great despite the rain and rain and rain (and no holiday today). My 2 kiddos are currently ill (thankfully getting better), and I am exhausted, so that I will keep the list short – check each link for more info!

And finally, I leave you with an animated gif I made from the photos of the young boys run I took during 20km de Lausanne on Saturday. My husband ran 10km there and we were blessed with such lovely weather that day (although it did rain later in the evening).


I repeat here what I shared on facebook:

Being in the core of 20 KM de Lausanne was a very humbling experience. It was beautiful to see the runners from all ages, colors and shapes, babies on trailers pushed by their running parents, people with muscular dystrophies pushed by other runners (probably family or carers), …

We had cheered many runners during a few 20KM de Lausanne the last few years, but we were always in the city center, so what we saw were only the ones running the 20km, not the shorter distance.

My husband, who ran the 10km, finished a few minutes later than he expected but he’s happy with the result and of course we are so proud of him. I hope the kids and I can also join the leisure run next year!

Congratulations to all runners!

This & That Week #16 – April 2013

Hi there! I hope you had a great Easter break and enjoyed the loads of spring sun on the weekend. We sure did. It was funny to see how my children re-discovered the garden. This weekend they spent many hours in the sand box while I cleaned the windows and did some gardening. Everybody happy!

Here’s my list for this week:

  • If you’re looking for or looking to donate breast milk, try Human Milk for Human Babies – Switzerland. Note that the milk is not for sale, compensation (if any) only for milk packaging and shipping cost.
  • Guided Museum Visit in English at the Hermitage. Thursday, 18 April 2013. CHF25/person, registration required.
  • Spring = exploring the garden! Free family walk “Les jardins extraordinaires” (in French) on Saturday, 20 April 2013. Click here for more info.
  • Paléo Festival has a new website. This year’s big event will take place on 23-28 July 2013. Tickets will be available starting Wednesday, 24 April 2013 at noon (and they usually sell out quickly).
  • Jennifer, a local mom, has just started a new club for food lovers (on facebook). They are planning many food-related  events, so join them if you are also a foodie!

And I have many regarding fitness and health:

  • Fit Mama starts today at 10am in Sauvabelin-Lausanne and runs every Mon & Wed. More info here.
  • Free exercise from your city: Urban Training. In Flon. Starts 20 April 2013 9am-noon. Register here
  • imove fitness will have free testing days for their Stroller Gym (in Morges) and Bikini Fit and Body Performance (in Lausanne-Vidy). If you decide to go on with their program, mention Lausanne Mom for a 10% discount!
  • The American International Women’s Club (AIWC) is organising a Conference on Women’s health on the theme of Heart Diseases on April 25, 13.30 – 15.30. Free admission, open to non-members who register. To register (deadline 18 April 2013), go to the website and click on Event Registration.

 Have a healthy spring!

Mothering & Breastfeeding: LLL Lausanne Meeting, 28 June 2012

Breastfeeding or planning to do it for your baby?

Michelle, an LLL leader based in Nyon, had initiated a breastfeeding support group, in English, in Lausanne. This group has had a few meetings in the last months and the next one will come on Thursday. I plan to come myself (I’m still nursing my 13-mo toddler), so perhaps I’ll see you there!

LLL Lausanne English Group
Breastfeeding & Mothering Support Group

Next LLL Series Meeting:

DATE:     Thursday, 28 June 2012
HOST:     Inna, Avenue de Lavaux 76, Pully
Time:      10:15-12:00 (doors open 10:00)

Michelle, LLL Leader
mwe_lll [at]
Facebook Page:

Participants are asked to contribute something healthy to eat.

This & That May 2012 – Week#19

  • On personal side, I recently made this sock monkey for my son’s 1st birthday present. I still have 3 pairs of socks from the sock set (with different patterns), so that I’m thinking of making more sock monkeys. Anyone interested to get one (or three)? Drop me an email for more info: info(AT)lausannemom(DOT)com.

Breastfeeding Room in Globus

Updated: Sadly, this facility is no more.

Hubby, daughter and I went to the café of Globus on Saturday and I bumped into this:

A breastfeeding area! Which was so clean and chic! Wow!

I never had problem breastfeeding in public places in Lausanne, but this would be a HUGE bonus when baby#2 finally pops out. Such tranquility during breastfeeding! I don’t know how long it has been there, but it shouldn’t be too long (in fact, I think it’s really new as the pillows still had the price tags on them). But while we were at the café, there were 2 mothers who used the facility, so I guess many have known about its presence.

So, of course I have to say, “Well done Globus!” for being even family-friendlier. Now, if only there were no stairs leading to the restroom (i.e. the baby changing area)…

*This breastfeeding zone (Espace Allaitement) is located on 4th floor, between the café and Holmes Place.

Working Mom: Expressing milk at work


I finally returned to work 2 weeks ago. As I still breastfeed my baby and would like to continue until she’s 1 y.o., I have to express my breast milk at work. Unfortunately, the hospital where I work does not have a special room designated for nursing mother, even though it is compulsory by law. I asked the human resource officer and she told me that I was the first person to ask for such a room. She promised to forward my request to the person in charge for this.

So now I’m waiting for the good news. In the meanwhile, I express the milk in a meeting room that is rarely used. Once, though, I had to express in the toilet as that room was used. And I hated it. I just hate to prepare my baby’s food in the toilet. It feels so unhygienic and also as the result of my un-easy-ness, I got less milk in twice as much time as when I pump in the meeting room. Oh, I hope the hospital takes the request seriously and I can express my milk in a comfortable surrounding.

I would really love to hear from the other working mothers in Lausanne or other cities in Switzerland. Does your place of work provide such facility? Have you ever asked for one? Was it granted? I know from Claudia, who works at Philip Morris in Lausanne that they have such room there. Well, they even have their own nursery, so a room should not be a problem for such a big company, I guess. How about those of you working for smaller companies? Please share your experience, if any.

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