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The birds and bees are re-appearing in our garden, our sandbox re-opened 2 weeks ago and I have also started cleaning our garden. Yes, it feels like spring is approaching fast.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while should know that my kids and I {heart} books. We have been loving these books below a lot. As they are perfect for spring and summer, I listed them here, in case you’d love them too. Just to declare, I didn’t do any research on spring and summer-themed books, I only listed what we (2, 5 and 38-yo) found and loved. I looked for English version of the French ones listed here but I couldn’t find any. I personally think they are not difficult to understand (and the stories are short in case you need to type the sentences onto a translator).

This is perfect for those who like to plant from seeds and to teach the children about plant cycle. Mybees: A Seed In Need: A first look at the plant cycle: First Look at the Life Cycle of a Flower (Little Bees)

We take trains a lot and while passing by farm fields, we could see the story of this book in real! Tous derrière le tracteur

We have a potager at home. This could also help to make little kids appreciate their veggies. We found this book at BMJ. Le secret du potager

My son loves cows – well, it’s hard to resist when one lives in Switzerland, eh? This book explains what cows do all day. We also found this book at BMJ. Bonjour, les vaches !


*If you clicked on the link, it would take you to the Amazon product page. If you bought the books through that link, I would get a tiny percentage of your spending, which would be awesome as that means we could buy more books!