Where to find Gluten-free (and Lactose-free) Products

Gluten-free foods are not that easy to find in Lausanne. But they are becoming more and more available lately. Thank goodness. Although I am not gluten-intolerant, nor any member of my family, we have a number of friends who are. I hope this post is useful for you and please leave a comment if you have more to add. Several of these places mentioned below also provide lactose-free food.

Cafés, Tea-rooms and Gelateria

rue du Petit-Chêne 20, 1003 Lausanne, 078 705 13 12
The popular cupcake boutique Cuppin’s has glutenfree cupcakes, though the selection is limited. Usually only one or two flavours per day.

Chez Rado
Rue du Bugnon 6, 1005 Lausanne, 021 323 41 88
The info I received was that they always have a few glutenfree items on display, and they also accept orders (for pick up on Thursday afternoon) for specific glutenfree items (Thanks Katy)

GeA Gelateria
Rue Enning 8, 1003 Lausanne, 021 311 64 00
Gelato for everyone: free of lactose, dried fruits, gluten, egg or soya! Produced locally. I have never been here myself (what a shame, I know) but at least two other moms have confirmed the quality!

Dessert Santé in Cully
Rue de la Gare 5, 1096 Cully, 079 256 14 74, 021 799 50 20
A chic café with many choices of delicacies (photo below). All gluten-free! To top it up, their outdoor space overlooks lake Léman.


Boutique Odélices in Lucens
Grand’Rue 12, 1522 Lucens, 021 906 68 88
Mouth-watering delicacies (photo below), as well as different types of bread. Gluten and lactose-free. They have a small tea-room.
FYI, Odélices products can also be bought in many places in Vaud, and a few inside Lausanne! Click here for a full list.


Supermarkets and Special Stores

La Biotique
Av Montchoisi 3, 1006 Lausanne
Available both as physical store as well as online!

I found that even my smallish local Coop has gluten-free products, though very limited (see photo below). Their online shop Coop@home also has them.


The Globus in Lausanne has a full shelf, and if I remember correctly the have many imported ones too.

Frozen par-baked gluten-free breads from Migros had been praised by a local mom. Migros online shop LeShop also delivers them (Thanks Monica)

Aligro and Lidl were said to carry gluten-free pasta too (Thanks Heather for info)


The large pharmacies such as Sunstore stocks gluten-free products. I believe Amavita, too.


This website listed several restaurants that have selections of gluten-free dishes.

And finally, do check this blog post by Nicola, a local mom and blogger, about this topic!

Shopping: American and British Foods (Updated)


My baby loved Farley’s rusks but I couldn’t find it here in Lausanne. My colleague organized a barbecue and swore that there was nothing like Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce to make it a perfect one. And, you? The pregnancy makes you crave for some Cadburys despite all those Swiss chocolate around? No worries, these things are now available in Switzerland.

For American foods:

For British foods:

Do you know other shops (on- or offline)? Please drop a comment!


*Photograph courtesy of qmnonic, used under Creative Common license

This & That Week #4 – January 2014

  • New exhibition at L’Espace des Inventions about chance, probability and statistics. For 10y+ (my kids are well under 10s, but I think we’ll go as my hubby who’s a statistician/mathematician should like it)
  • Le Petit Théâtre will show an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl.” The original story has a tragic ending so that in this show, the end is recreated by the children. For 6y+. More info.
  • We went to see “Véhicule“, the current exhibition at L’Art Brut two weeks ago and absolutely loved it. My 2.5yo vehicle-loving son was super impressed and turned heads as he kept shouting “WOW” 🙂 As part of this exhibition, they will have Rétrobus (from 1964) shuttle between Lausanne-Gare and Beaulieu-Jomini this Sunday 26 Jan. More info here, on the right bar.
  • Are you or someone in the family a “true” carnivore? Check out this online shop Happy Meat for 100% local Swiss meat
  • The Swiss Air Force is celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2014. They will have a big airshow called AIR14 PAYERNE in August-September, and currently recruiting volunteers (individuals, family, company, or group of friends) for that event.

And to remind you of these previous post:


Have a good week!

Free Chocolate in Coop Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Saturday, 22 Oct 2011) is Max Havelaar (Fair Trade) Day at the Coop. For the history of the label, you can go here (in FR/DE/IT only, sorry). To celebrate this collaboration, there will be many mini dark chocolate (bio) distributed for free for the costumers! So in case you’ll go to the Coop supermarket or restaurant tomorrow, don’t forget to get it! My only hope is that they won’t be too mini…. 🙂

And, the LeShop Voucher Giveaway Winners are…

I had so much fun organizing this LeShop voucher Giveaway Contest — although, I have to admit that when Alexandra Marcoin from LeShop told me that they would give CHF300, 200, and 100 vouchers, I almost died with envy that I couldn’t enter the contest myself 🙂

Huge thanks for all 29 of you who had left comments. Many of you are already loyal costumers of LeShop, and had further confirmed their great service. For those of you not yet a costumer, well, if you ever feel that regular grocery shopping takes so much of your time, I can only recommend that you try Leshop.

This morning I was so happy to be able to pick the winners’ comment numbers at random.org, and here are the numbers that came up… *drum roll*…

Nikki (comment #15) wins the CHF300 voucher, Maureen (comment #18) wins the CHF200 voucher, and Carmen (comment #23) wins the CHF100 voucher. Congratulations, moms! I will send you emails with the details on how you will receive the vouchers. Keep shopping at LeShop.ch!

And finally I would like to thank Dominique Locher (Marketing and Sales Director) and Alexandra Marcoin (E-Marketing Manager) from LeShop.ch for their generosity and making this giveaway possible! Viva LeShop!

Why I {heart} LeShop and the LeShop Vouchers Giveaway Contest

Disclaimer: I receive nothing from LeShop.ch for creating this post and the giveaway contest.

I know that online grocery shopping has helped a lot of mothers, and here is my tribute to my personal favorite: LeShop!

As I have mentioned in this post, in the beginning I was skeptical about online grocery shopping, but with the vouchers I figured out I had nothing to lose. I gave it a try. I tried both LeShop and Coop@home, and I have to say that I’m now hooked to LeShop.

Here are my reasons:

1. It’s available in English

While I do understand some French and German, it’s just much easier to look for things using the English terms. And the fact that LeShop has an English site makes me feel appreciated as part of the English-speaking community of CH. Some of us even tried to have Coop@home in English (see this post), but seems that they don’t think we (the English-speaking community) are that much important for them 🙁

2. The vouchers

I guess I have the same weakness as many other women — I’m really into vouchers! My first vouchers came from the mommy and baby bags I received when I was pregnant with my daughters. Since then the vouchers keep flowing in, they kept sending me at least CHF10 ones to my email and through the Migros Cumulus program, that always justified the delivery cost. Even better they sometimes offer to top up or double the vouchers I receive elsewhere, such as the UBS KeyClub. Who can resist these great offers? I know I can’t!

3. The delivery times

I found their delivery times (5-8PM week evenings, 7-11AM Saturday) excellent. I like that I don’t have to be home to receive the groceries. It makes it easier for me to schedule my time, that I know I don’t have to be home and will just find the groceries waiting for me outside our apartment door.

4. The customer support

There were 2 occasions when I received incomplete orders, which was resolved the next day after my call/email to the customer support.

5. This and that

I love that I don’t have to carry the heavy groceries by myself (and especially since I don’t have a car). I love that I can shop in the middle of the night when my daughter is finally asleep. I love that I don’t have to spend half Saturday doing the grocery shopping while dragging a 2-year-old around. Grocery online shopping definitely helps me to manage the juggling between career and family — and spare some precious Me-time!

***The Giveaway Contest is now closed***

And now, for those of you who also heart LeShop or want to try it for the first time, there are 3 vouchers worth CHF300, CHF200 and CHF100 to win!

To enter the giveaway contest, you will have to leave a comment below. Your comment must include the reason(s) why you think LeShop is (or will be) your thing. If you are already a customer, you can also add your personal experience with them or how you think they can improve their service. Only one entry per person, please. The giveaway contest is open for any adult residing in CH. Comments will be accepted until 10 days from now, that is 22 October 2010 at 11:59PM.

The 3 winners will be picked using the random numbers (=comment numbers) at random.org.

***The Giveaway Contest is now closed***

If you want to shop at coop@home in English…

If you do your grocery shopping online at coop@home and would like to do it in English, you can help persuade their Marketing Department to add an English version. See the email sent by Caroline:

Hi everyone,

as you know both Migros and Coop do food home delivery BUT only Migros has the site in English. Many of us also want Coop home delivery but need the English translation to be able to proceed with an order.

I have contacted Coop and they have advised me that if they get enough requests for an additional English translation to their site they will seriously consider adding it.

Please can you help by e mailing them to the address below your support for an English translation and also forward on to as many people as possible


This is what coop@home wrote to her before:

Dear Caroline

Unfortunately, the coop@home Website is not available in English.
If the demand for a site on the English language increases, we will activate it.
Your Request will of course be transmitted to the marketing department.
Support for adding English to the website for home delivery shopping should be sent to coopathome(AT)coop.ch

So, what are you waiting for? Write them an email!

Online Shopping: LeShop and Coop@Home


About a month before I knew that I was pregnant, I met one of the founders of LeShop.ch. He told us that while most women think that online grocery shopping is a great idea, not many really do it. At that time, I agreed and silently thought that I would always prefer buying my groceries by myself at the store.

Oh, boy, how I was so wrong. About 2 months after that meeting, I found a CHF30 LeShop voucher in my “Mama suitcase”. By then the first trimester fatigue had kicked in, and I was soooo happy to be able to do the grocery online, especially with the CHF30 discount. And somehow during the pregnancy I kept getting those kind of vouchers that I was finally hooked to LeShop. It was just so convenient to have all those heavy bottles of sparkling water, soft drinks, beer and juice delivered to our door (especially since we don’t have a car), and to be able to select the items to buy anytime day and night.

I also have tried Coop@Home and found that both LeShop and Coop@Home have a similar system, except for the delivery. With LeShop it’s always between 5-8PM, while with Coop@Home it’s possible to reserve a slot for delivery during the day or evening. LeShop leaves the groceries at the door if there is no one at home, but Coop@Home requires signature for confirmation of delivery. Other than that, LeShop is a slightly more convenient since its website is also available in English.

For delivery rates and other info, please refer to their websites (LeShop, Coop@Home).

Logo courtesy of Leshop and Coop.

The Nestlé box

I haven’t been able to blog much recently, since our baby girl is having a recurrent skin infection. She could not sleep well the last few nights, which of course means even less sleep for me. So, this time I just want to share that I just received a box from Nestlé with product samples, mostly baby food. Very interesting timing, as the box arrives just after my baby pass the 4 months mark, meaning that she could start on solids. I, however, prefer to keep her on breastmilk for longer. I think I will start solids when she’s 5.5 month-old. Back to Nestlé, here is a pic of the box:


Not bad. Even though I plan to self prepare the food for our baby, having some jars of ready food could be helpful on the road. And the sipping cup will definitely be used.

Interestingly, I found this sign on the packanging:


(If you don’t understand French or German at all, it says: “Breastmilk is the ideal nutririon for your baby”). Good to see it, even though I think that it may have became like those warnings on cigarette boxes. Everyone knows that they are true, but some people choose to do otherwise.

FYI: I’m not affiliated in any way to Nestlé. This post is just another log of my day.

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