My Favorite Online Toy Shops in Switzerland

These below are toy shops that I like and have personally shopped or would like to shop on. They are all based in Switzerland. Except the second-hand options, many offers gift wrapping service, so that you may want to tell the family abroad that they can shop for presents in these shops and ship them to you. This way you don’t have to worry about high shipping cost and Swiss import duties and VAT.

Disclaimer: Some of the below mentioned shops are or had been Lausanne Mom sponsors. All opinions are my own.


I chanced upon MyLittleRoom while googling for stockists of Kidsonroof’s Casa Cabana. As the name implies, MyLittleRoom specialized in furniture for little ones. But they have a good range of toys too, and this was their promise:

“We take playing seriously… Plush toys, creative games, ecological cardboard toys or wooden cars. We have selected only the best for you: design toys that are fun but also good for the planet.”



Petit Toi is a personal favourite as the physical shop is based in Lausanne! I adore their collection. Most brands come from local and European producers, and they emphasise on ethical production. (Read my blog post about the physical shop here.)


I couldn’t be happier when Little Moosho added toys to their business (they started with clothes as you can read on my blog post here). Their toys, most geared towards younger children, are beyond adorable. Many are vintage-inspired and heirloom-worthy.

Little Mooshoo recently opened a physical boutique in Morges, on Rue Louis-de-Savoie 15.


Dilookids has a bit of everything – clothing, decor and party items, stationery, and toys. They are ALL adorable, and the toys include some of my favorite brands (Kidsonroof, Djeco, and now Nobodinoz).


I learned about Jubilane since I was a new mom and ordered a few things from them. Since then the shop has been increasing in size, including the toy range. They have really great selection, also toys from US brands that I believe are not easily found in CH such as Melissa & Doug and Green Toys. FYI, Jubilane also has a physical shop, located in Châtel-St-Denis.


Allforkids was suggested to me by a follower of this blog. I haven’t bought anything there but I like what I found in the shop so that it made to this list. They are especially good for the English-speaking families, as many of their toys and books are in English.


While Manor has physical stores, I have several times ordered their toys online, especially if they were meant to be a surprise for the kids. I usually had the orders delivered to their store in Lausanne and hubby picked them up on his way home from work. It has also been one of my favorite stores to check for sales after Christmas.


Yes, the Swiss Postshop also sells toys. In fact, they have many kinds of toys – from wooden, plush to electronic ones. They also have craft items and science kits. Shipping is fast and free – just as it should be 🙂


Slightly different to the others, BEA is an online shop you should also know. You can buy items there, often cheaper than normal price, in addition to your BEA or Mondo points. These points can be collected through your shopping elsewhere (For example, I’ve been collecting lots of points from my regular grocery shopping at But don’t worry if you haven’t had any points, as the first time you register, you’ll immediately get 500 points to start shopping with.

I have bought several items from here, and have been happy with them. Last year I also got my son a wooden Swiss Panorama Train from this shop (see this post, number 10). He was ecstatic! They have a large array of items, from dolls to craft items to wooden toys to trampolines.

In additon, I had shopped on Toys’R’Us, Walzzkidz and Kidoh. I believe they are among the largest online toy shops in Switzerland.  They only have German as the language on their website though. They have international brands as well as many German ones.


As a default, when I have a specific toy in mind, I go to these sources first to buy as second-hands.

Anibis and Ricardo are always my first go-to sites. Anibis has more sellers from French-speaking areas and Ricardo from German-speaking areas. The offers could either be posted or you may have to pick up, it depends on the seller (or the description of the bid on Ricardo). In some cases, you can even ask the seller to deliver the larger items with extra fee, if you can’t pick up personally. I did that many times – I paid between CHF0-15 extra for the delivery.

The Yahoo! and facebook Groups have lots of parents selling and looking for items. It’s very important to act fast – you need to PM the seller quickly if you are interested with anything. It’s also possible to ask the groups to see if anyone would like to sell or giveaway things you are looking for. For example, last year I asked for Peppa Pig DVDs and I had very good response. So good in fact that one of them was kindly gifted and sent to us 😉


P.S.: Don’t forget to see my selection of toy shops in Lausanne!

*Images were screenshot and thus copyright of the mentioned sites.







Swiss Gift Guide – For Young Children

If you, like me, are always looking for gift ideas to bring from Switzerland for family and friends living elsewhere, here’s a post for you. Especially now that Christmas is coming! I think they should delight many young children (and hopefully liked by their parents too.)

I chose items that can be easily carried on the plane or posted (for the Swiss Army Knife remember to put it in your checked baggage) and have different price ranges to fit all budget.


#1 : My First Victorinox

Because a Swiss Army Kit is guaranteed one of the first things people have in mind when thinking Switzerland. This particular model is designed and made for children, has 9 basic tools, and comes in three colors. They are widely available in souvenir or specialty shops (chf25), and can be engraved.

#2: Caran d’Ache colour pencils

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, your budding artist will love these high quality pencils. Some have watercolor options too. They come in many different sets, some cost less than chf10!

#3: Lindt Teddy

I don’t think I need to explain why every Christmas stocking needs this classic golden Teddy?!

#4: Sigg Bottle

By now Sigg bottles can be purchased in many many countries in the world, but all are still produced in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. We love these bottles for their quality and own three. And there are so many designs to choose from, from butterflies to fire trucks to Olaf. Price starts from chf23.90 for a 0.3L bottle.

#5: Geomag Magnetic Construction Set

To be honest, this is the only one on the list that I haven’t personally played with. But my daughter’s class has one and she raves about it. And the reviews I found on internet seem to agree with her. Price starts from chf13.50. Available in many toy stores.

#6: Woodentop with a Swiss Cross

It’s cute, small, wooden and cost only a few francs. The perfect stocking stuffer! We bought ours in Marelle.

#7: Swiss Post miniature car

I think this smart Swiss Post car just say it all about Switzerland. It’s cute and compact, and super efficient. This miniature car (1:33, made by Maisto and distributed by Meili Trading) can be found in many Coop and Migros supermarkets and priced around chf7.90. If you prefer a van or bus, here are ones by: Siku

#8: Flik-flak watch

Both my kids have Flik-flak watches, because living in Switzerland I just couldn’t get them non-Swiss watches! And since it’s part of Swatch, it’s cheaper vs non-Swatch when we have to change batteries. But honestly the feature that I love best is that the watch face doesn’t only show the hours but, located on the outer circle, also the minutes and seconds. Prices start from chf45.

#9: Wooden cow

A few things scream more Swiss than a cow. This wooden cow deserves to complete any playhouse or navity scene. Price around chf8.90

#10: Wooden Swiss Trains

My 4-yo son is a wooden train hoarder, and I know there are a lot of kids like him! There are a number of wooden Swiss Trains, the most notable and collectible one may be the one by Brio in 2009, but is now out of production (and Brio is not a Swiss company anyhow – ha!). So I now found a couple of other Swiss Trains, including the ICN and the Panorama Express. However, so far I could only find them on BEA website, meaning that you have to register and have sufficient BEA points to order (Pssst, I have many BEA points, let me know if I can help you!)

P.S.1: For more options, why not visit some of my favorite toy shops in Lausanne?

P.S.2: I would love to learn of other things you think should make the list. I will try to post one for adult too, so do let me know your ideas!

This post is not sponsored nor affiliated. All opinions are my own.

Petit Toi – Decoration and Furniture Boutique for Kids

Disclaimer: Petit Toi is one of current advertisers on Lausanne Mom. However photos in this post are taken by myself (with permission) and all opinions are my own.


If you have been following this blog long enough, you may know that I’m an interior design enthusiast. Last year I even showed you my son’s bedroom* when I finished decorating it. My Pinterest boards are full of house photos (including spaces for little people) and I get super excited whenever my favorite decor magazines 20 Private Wohnträume and Milk Decoration arrive in the post.

Naturally when Alejandra, the owner of Petit Toi, contacted me a few months ago about her upcoming store, I couldn’t wait to get there. Petit Toi finally opened its doors in late February. However due to illnesses in the house, I only managed to swing by on Friday.


How glad I was to finally step inside – This store is a gem! So many lovely items, from custom made furniture to wall decal, desk lighting to pom-poms, from many many different brands. You can see that the selection was made very carefully.


I have seen the paper origami lamp shades (pic above, left) before and thought it would look perfect on my daughter’s bedroom once she gets her own room. Glad to know where to find it in Lausanne!


And this crib and dresser combination? With a Miffy lamp on top? Love!


Not the color you have in mind? No worries, most (if not all) furniture in Petit Toi can be customized. As you can see in the photo above, there are many available colors so that you can order your own combination.


The bunk bed in the photo above is fully custom made by a Spanish brand Asoral. To be honest, I’m not the type who like to order all furniture from the same company. But I agree that it would work perfectly for many, especially those with small or shared rooms. Alejandra offers free consulting for this brand and she showed me the options. I’m especially impressed by the many different sizes that would fit any size of room, either with high or low ceilings. And the huge hidden storage options are awesome!

Still in the photo above, on the right, you can see the “writing and activity books” from Minus. It was the first time I saw them, and I’m smitten! They are made to be filled by parents and/or grandparents with the children and come in different themes. I love this kind of activity books as they mediate communication between generations. On their website I saw that they now also have a few in English, so perhaps Alejandra can help you to get these ones.



I really didn’t know whether I should be glad or sad that I didn’t need any kid furniture anymore. I think I would spend serious Swiss Francs in this store if I was creating a nursery or bedroom for the first time. And yep, no doubt I didn’t come home empty handed. See the poster in the photo above (on the right)? I had been looking for a French alphabet poster for a while now, so yeah, that one is now “home” 😉


Then there were many many other adorable items, like these knitted dolls above…


to wallpapers and posters (there were some that glow in the dark – how awesome)…


to drink bottles, honeycomb balls, garlands, and clothes from the Swiss brand l’asticot.


Alejandra (photo above) is originally from Colombia. She is married to a Swiss and they have a beautiful little daughter. We spent almost two hours chatting, about many things – being mommies, our children, how being away from family feels, and of course about the store concept. Alejandra is trained as designer, so that after many years working in watch and electronic industries, she finally came back to what she loves most: design. In this case design for little people. And how I’m glad! It is a breath of fresh air to see what she offers in the store. In Lausanne!

All items were carefully selected, are beautiful and made by local manufacturers from Switzerland and neighboring countries (France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland among others). So that anyone who buys these items can be sure that the furniture and toys met the strict European safety standard and Fairtrade certification. They are also eco-friendly and ethical.

All these of course come with a price tag, especially the furniture. But considering all the quality stated above, the beautiful design and the fact that they use solid wood, I found the price to be fair. After all we know we’re not buying IKEA or Conforama here. The smaller items (decorations and toys) are very affordable. For example, the poster I brought home was priced at CHF19. So yup, this store is also a go-to for gifts.

And finally, Alejandra also offers decoration service and advise, birth registry, and in the near future will also do events for children as well as creating an online shop. Yay! So many awesomeness!


Petit Toi
+41 (0) 76 407 04 79
Rue Mathurin Cordier 12
1005 Lausanne

Monday: By appointment only
Tuesday to Friday: 10h to 18h
Saturday: 10h to 17h

End of 2013 Holiday Giveaways: Gift Certificate from Jubilane


Yesterday I posted a list of online toy shops that I like. Jubilane was one of them. But Jubilane offers many more than just toys. There are things for baby, young children, parents and parents-to-be: from pregnancy items to nursery decor to diapers to freezable lunch bag. They also offer a gift wrapping service, so that if you had family back home who would like to send presents to your children, why not tell them that they can order on Jubilane and send it to you. I’m sure shipping would be cheaper and you avoid having to pay a hefty VAT + custom fee.

Jubilane also has a physical shop, located in St-Legier in case you prefer to see the items in person (see the address at the end of the post).




For this end of the year festivities, Jubile will giveaway one gift certificate worth CHF100 to one lucky reader. To enter the contest, check Jubilane website and pick your favorite toy or game*. Then leave a comment on this post and let us know which one. Comments are accepted until Sunday, 1 December 2013 at 11:59pm. Winner will be picked randomly by, announced here on this post and will also get a PM from me.

Good luck!


Jubilane Boutique
Route des Deux Villages 72
1806 St-Légier, Switzerland
tel. + 41 (0)21 943 2400
Please consult the opening hours here.


*Yup, I know it’s not an easy task to only select one. I like too many to list 😉 but if I must choose one now, I’d pick Green Toys’ Ferry Boat with Cars. The only problem then would be getting my tot out of the bath!

**Images courtesy of Jubilane

Winner announcement on 3 December 2013:

And the lucky reader is:


comment #5 by Monica! Congratulations! You will hear from me regarding the gift certificate.

Thank you all for participation and Jubilane for the possibility to host this giveaway! xx

The New Fnac Kids in Lausanne

Fnac has always had a children section but they recently launched their “fnac Kids” department and boy it looks great. The section they dedicated for the children in their Lausanne store (on the lowest floor) is now so spacious and full of great books and toys. And a big plus point for them – there was no pink and blue area in their toy section. Yay for any toy for all children!



They also have this reading/playing/watching area with little tables and chairs, and pillows on the floor. Very comfy!


Even better, there is also a Club Fnac Kids for 4-11 year-olds. Becoming a member (it’s free, btw) allows the children to enjoy special offers, join fnac’s weekly ateliers, and receive a present on their birthday.

So obviously fnac will now be another book/toy store we’ll be coming often – especially now that I have registered my daughter to join some of the ateliers 🙂


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with fnac nor received anything from them for doing this post. I’m just a happy customer 🙂

This & That Week #7 – February 2013

Only a few more days until the February school holiday! Are you ready? 🙂

  • The International Day of Childhood Cancer Awareness is this Friday, 15 Feb 2013 and there will be events and a walk through Lausanne (Flon-CHUV). More info here. (The info came from Nicole, a local mama who blogs about her life in CH and her fights against her child’s cancer. Visit her blog here).
  • Lausanne Chamber Orchestra will have their special “discovery” concert on Wed, 27 Feb 2013 starting at 5PM. These concerts are tailored to young viewers. They offer a pedagogical approach to classical music, as well as masterpieces of the repertoire (this time they will play Mozart’s). The concerts last about 50 minutes. For more info and how to get tickets (CHF10 & 15) click here.
  • Activities during the school holiday for 10-14Y, part of the “Moi & les autres” projects. More info here.
  • Also part of “Moi & les autres” projects, a photo competition for 7-12Y, 13-16Y, and from 16Y!
  • New course dates from Health First: First Aid for Child Injuries (Tuesday 11 June 2013, 6:30-10PM, info here) and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Babies and Children (Tuesday 23rd April, 6:30-10PM, info here)
  • In case you haven’t heard this: Autour de bébé and King Jouet now open in Bessières (Rue de Saint-Martin 3). And a representative of Babyzou* just let me know that they now also open on Mondays.

Have a great snowy week ahead!

*Babyzou is a long-time and current sponsor of Lausanne Mom.

Winner of Adorable Storage Bin from Hopscotch and a Discount Code for You

Sponsored post

How was your weekend? My husband and I were invited to an awesome adult-only-party, and it honestly felt surreal to have NO kids around us 🙂 We just got so used of little kids’ birthday parties for the last few years!

Well, anyway, it’s time to announce the lucky one to get an adorable storage bin from

it’s comment #17! Congratulations, Karen! I will contact you personally by email regarding how to get your prize.

For those who did not win, worry not! Victoria, the lovely lady behind Hopscotch wants to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway and to all followers of the LausanneMom blog by offering a special 15% discount off for all products. The code to enter at checkout is EteHop2012 and this discount is valid for the month of August.

In addition, they will be starting a sale on selected items sometime soon and a simple « like » on their facebook page will ensure readers will be the first to know when it starts!

Thanks everyone for your participation and Hopscotch for making this giveaway possible.

Have a great super sunny week ahead!

Adorable Storage Bin Giveaway from

Yesterday the facebook page of Lausanne Mom got the 350th “Like” and to celebrate, as I had been promising, here’s the 1st giveaway!

The sponsor this time is Hopscotch, a new online boutique for young children and the homes they live in. Hopscotch is owned by Victoria, a mom living in Leysin. The collection is adorable, you SHOULD check them out! My personal favorites are the “Creative & Imaginative Toys” (Would anyone buy me the Paint-Your-Own-Solar-Power-Plane, puhleeezzze?)

For this giveaway, one winner will get one animal canvas storage bin from 3 Sprouts, worth CHF50. The bin is 44cm in height and 43cm in diameter, made of a heavy cotton canvas and tough enough for storing toys, books or laundry. It folds easily away when not in use. Sounds perfect, right?

To enter, leave a comment and let us know which animal applique is your favorite! See the entire collection here. You can also choose the box if you prefer it vs the bin. Comments are accepted until Friday 20th July 11:59pm. As usual, the winner will be picked by This contest is open to all Swiss residents.

Good luck!

*Images courtesy of

dilookids Shopping Event

FYI. Sounds great, as the online shop is amazing. In real it should be even lovelier. I am thinking of going to this event. I hope my kids will cooperate.

dilookids pop up shop event with special guests The Heidi Bakery and Atila4Child !
Kids’ clothing, toys, decoration, accessories, jewelery and yummy treats on:

Thursday, 31st of May from 10:00 to 18:00
Friday, 1st of June from 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday, 2nd of June from 10:00 to 13:00

at the Centre Articom
Route de Divonne 48, 1260 Nyon
Tel. +41 22 362 82 00

*dilookids is a sponsor of

My Son’s 1st Birthday Party (A Gratitute Post to The Sponsors)

This is a sponsored post

My son turned 1 year-old on Sunday! Which coincided with Mother’s Day! Time to party, don’t you think? But as I have been job-less since last November and have been spending a good chunk of hubby’s salary to do our garden, I decided to look for party sponsors. Thank goodness that being a blogger, I’m surrounded by an excellent network of party suppliers, and all of them are mommies themselves 🙂

For the theme of the party, I chose “Sock Monkey”, as I hand-made a sock monkey as a present for my son. The first thing I did was to look for custom invites and party kit, which I finally purchased from Designing for Peanuts (the Etsy shop).

For decoration, I used the red and light blue from the welcome sign above. I contacted Estelle from Confetti Box, whom has been one of the most loyal and longest supporters of Lausanne Mom.

Estelle was super generous and sent many adorable deco items — balloons, buntings, paper lanterns, drinking straws, pinata, and goodies that I put inside the pinata. The pinata was awesome as it was possible to break it by beating as well as by pulling the threads under it. But we chose to let the kids beat it and it was a blast!

What is a party without cupcakes? Dina and Yasmin of Poppin’s jumped in. They made 2 different kinds of cupcakes, a custom banana-based (monkey – banana, got it?) with vanilla butter cream and their infamous black velvet. The cakes turned out incredibly lovely. I tortured the kids by displaying the cupcakes since the beginning of the party and not allowing them to eat them before everybody finished lunch and my son blew the candle 🙂

For the goodie bags, I filled each with a pocket-size activity book, an inexpensive bubble, a cookie and a healthy snack. The activity books were bought from The bubbles were bought from Coop (only CHF0.80 each!) and I wrapped them with the bottle wrapper that came with the printable party kit. For the cookies, I already knew whom to turn to. To tell you the truth, I had been looking for an excuse to order cookies from a good friend, Nikki of Toute Sweet. She did not disappoint, of course! She took the sock monkey image from the party kit and baked the most adorable and tasty cookies.  As a bonus point the cookies also made a good conversation topic during the party. 🙂

The choice for a healthy snack was also easy. I am so happy that Katherine of Goodness Gracious agreed to sponsor, as her bio-organic fruit pouches are as healthy as they are tasty. I knew that with these pouches, none of the moms would complain that I gave the kids too much sugar during the party 🙂 FYI, GG pouches can be bought at Manor Food and specialty food stores.

As it was also Mother’s Day, I prepared goodie bags for the moms. Inside there were traditional body scrub and bath salt (that I brought from my recent trip to Indonesia), a cookie also made by Nikki of Toute Sweet, and lovely bookmark and tag sponsored by Liz of Forget-Me-Not. The Happy Mother’s Day tag was printed from this free printable file.

And, one of the birthday presents. I had been eye-ing this red plane (also below) to be used as a decoration in my son’s room. Susanne from dilookids was so kind to grant my wish! I’m so thrilled, and my son seems to like it, too, although he’s not supposed to play with it (yet). If you are looking for the perfect gift, or something special to decorate your children’s room, I can truly recommend the offers on dilookids!

We really had a great time and the boys really enjoyed themselves and keep talking about it! 🙂

Gwen, one of the mom guests –

I heartily thank all the sponsors and vendors for their kind help creating a memorable 1st birthday party for my son. I look forward for more collaborations with all of you mom entrepreneurs! And for the readers, please do check all the links as I’m sure you would like to know them!


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