Boutique Signorelli — with a Voucher Giveaway!

I was recently approached by Tracy Signorelli. She is Australian, a mother of two, and lives with her husband and children in the city of Luzern. She recently opened an online shop for baby and kids clothing called Boutique Signorelli.

This is how she described it in her own words: “I love dressing my children nicely and have always spent a lot of time finding brands and styles that are different to suit them and their individual personalities. I have sourced some wonderful and individual clothing brands for my boutique and will slowly add more to my site as I get established”

And yes, as the result, the collection is adorable. My personal picks would be these ones: for my 3.5-y.o. daughter, a Frilly Frenchi’s Underwear Set in pink (CHF27.50, left), and for my 11-m.o. son, an organic baby bodysuit “I’m super” (CHF13, right).

Don’t you agree that they are super cute and the price tags are very reasonable? To make the shopping experience better, there is also free shipping for all orders over CHF50!

And now the best part, Tracy was so kind that she agreed to give one reader a voucher worth CHF50. To enter the giveaway contest, let us know which product is your favorite from the boutique (it doesn’t have to be the one you’ll spend the voucher on if you won it). Comments are accepted until next Tuesday 3 April at 11:59pm. One comment per person, only eligible for readers who reside in Switzerland.

Good luck!

 *Images courtesy of Boutique Signorelli

Mommy Entrepreneur/Artist: Krishala of Acacias Gallery

Krishala of Acacias Gallery has had a passion for art over the years, which grew when she became a mother to a little boy, who was born in Carouge, Switzerland. Finding herself with time to create in the evenings whilst her newborn was asleep, she developed her skills and experimented with many styles and began also playing with different mediums, finding her preferences is oils although she also uses inks and acrylics. She now resides in Montreux and is looking forward to three gallery exhibitions this year in the regions of Vaud and Geneva.

One of Krishala's many art works

How did you originally get into the business of making things?
Creating has always been so much a part of my life, so ingrained, that I honestly have no idea when it began. For as long as I can remember I have been inventing and designing and creating. I’ve gone through phases where I try to pretend that I don’t need to craft, but in the end I always go back to the inevitable truth that making things makes me happy. I’ve always made things. I’ve always been creative. I was always the girl drawing people in class rather than taking notes. The internet site Etsy was really the beginning of my personal quest to make my art seen, and since becoming a part of that community I have learnt so much and discovered a lot about marketing and the business side of art.

How did you start this business?
I quit my job in February of 2008 when I was 3 months pregnant with my little guy. I slowly started to realize that I wanted to be a stay at home mum and not live to work. During my pregnancy I painted with a fever! And my family and friends were big fans of my creations and encouraged me to continue to develop my style. Within two days of signing up to Etsy I sold a $200.00 painting (in my previous shop Krishsw19) and was able to pay my utilities for the month. With that one single sale I realized it was possible to at least ‘fund’ my passion! Following that, I created work for Artfire and Dawanda also, which are similiar to Etsy and just as awesome for opportunities for emerging artists.

What are the most effective ways you have promoted and marketed your Etsy businesses? What’s your best marketing tip?
I can’t stress enough how important it is for business owners to figure out their target audience and promote their businesses directly to them. My number one tip is visibility. Always ensure you are in the public eye so you are never far from their mind. I am a big believer in relisting, renewing, and ensuring the shop is constantly updated and fresh.

I know that as an Etsy shopper I stalk quite a few shops, and some of them only update say, every week or so. I make sure that there’s always something brand new at least every other day, if not daily. I update my customers in my shop announcement every single day about what’s going on. I even put a time on the update. Sometimes I’ll update a few times in a day. I’ve been told by a few customers they really appreciate knowing what’s up — it keeps them coming back daily because there’s always something going on in my shop. It’s not just about enticing new buyers — it’s about keeping loyal patrons coming back for more!

What have you found to be an unsuccessful promotion?
Sticking strictly to Etsy and advertising within “the box.” For me, it’s all about bringing people directly to my shop, and as I mentioned previously, I need to budget my time and energy accordingly into those avenues that will produce the most viable traffic to my shop. This requires stepping away from Etsy and finding new pools of patrons who might not necessarily know about Etsy. This provides a benefit not only to myself, but the community as a whole — as I bring traffic directly to my shop that has been essentially handpicked, they have the opportunity to then browse the website and find all of the other amazing sellers in the community. A fine artist selling work within a certain price point is generally above an “impulse purchase,” I have to work hard at bringing my target audience directly to me.

What do you enjoy most about painting?
I love that if I want to work at 2am then so be it! I love that I can do something creative, something I lose track of time doing, and that I can make things other people want to buy. One less positive note is that art is definitely harder to sell online than other more affordable products, so it’s always in the back of my mind that my next sale could be my last for a while. But often I manage to have the mindset that ultimately I am painting for myself, as a way to express my creativity and that in a way is a much better focus to have than painting to sell or conforming to what I think other people will like.

As a single mother, maintaining that balance between family and personal time is most definitely a challenge. I really need to learn to ask for help when I need it and take a break when it gets to be too much. I am truly thankful to my Aunt Anne, who has helped me immensely in that regard, and is constant with her incredible support and kindness, to which I am eternally grateful.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself? What advice would you give someone else?
You are in charge of your own destiny. Don’t rely on anyone else for your success. Don’t blame anyone else for your failure. Believe in your work, but be realistic. There are millions of people trying the same thing as you — to make their small business work — and you’re in an ocean of individuals as unique as you. You have to think outside the box and be clever to get noticed. Rarely is there a “fast track” to success. You need to be patient and persistent. Know it’s going to take a lot of time, hard work, and personal sacrifice for it to become what you want it to be. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort, otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself.

What goals do you wish to accomplish in the coming year for your art?
I’d really like to expand my inventory and produce new works, ideally daily. I also want to learn more about the history of art, and theory, to really immerse myself in the art world and keep up to date with current up coming artists both locally and globally.

Lastly, I am incredibly grateful to Etsy for the opportunity to feel passionate about what I do for a living.

Thanks, Krishala, for sharing your story! Check out Krishala’s shop and work at:

Mommy Entrepreneur: Sarah of Simplicity Admin Solutions

It’s time for another Mommy Entrepreneur: Sarah Santacroce of Simplicity Admin Solutions

Sarah was born in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. She is married to an Italo-Canadian, recently moved back from California and now living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. With all these, Sarah considers herself a true citizen of the planet.

The idea of running a home-based Administrative and Internet/Social Marketing Business all started in California, where Sarah’s husband had a temporary job transfer. For three years she was a stay-at-home mom and once the kids were off to school, she looked for a new challenge, and decided to start her own virtual business. She quickly realized that she had to learn how to market her own business and got interested in the new marketing channels such as Social Media & Internet Marketing. After lots of research and some classes, she is now offering her knowledge to other small- to mid-sized businesses who struggle to find their place on the web (If you are interested, check out her blog post about Facebook pages for small businesses). Sarah also offers administrative support for small businesses who cannot afford an in-house assistant.

Sarah works from a home office and just like every other mom with kids in the public school system, juggles with lunch breaks, homework and extra-curricular activities. But she loves what she does, and the flexibility that comes with it.

I thank Sarah for sharing her story, and if you are interested to know more about her and what she does, check her company website, LinkedIn profile, or “like” her Facebook page.

Mommy Entrepreneur: Liz of Forget-Me-Not Cards

After my previous post, yet another successful, entrepreneur mother to post about!

Forget-Me-Not Cards, Switzerland was founded in 2005 by British woman, Liz Andrews, who having found herself a new stay at home Mum, wanted something to fill the time as her toddlers became more independent.  An eternal lover and giver of greetings cards, she found the cards in the Swiss shops to have little variety, extremely expensive and not actually very appealing – as well as the availability of English cards being rather hard to find.  This gave her the idea of importing cards from the UK – and the life of her card business began with a couple of baskets of cards being sold within playgroup circles.  During the past four years, it’s expanded to taking over a room within her house at Chamby-sur-Montreux (two rooms during the busy Christmas period!) and The Card Room at Chamby is open all hours by prior appointment (see contact details at the end of the post).

There are thousands of cards on display for all occasions from regular greetings cards to bespoke hand-crafted varieties covering from new baby congratulations to engagement, marriage, new home, get well, condolence and all family birthdays as well as ages from 1 to 100.  Additionally small gifts are on sale too, e.g. bookmarks, candles, phone charms, magnets, notelets, etc.  Cards start at just Fr 1 – most are priced at Fr 3, whilst the hand-crafted styles are from Fr 4 to Fr 5.50 – generally about half the price of those sold in department stores and card shops.  Liz also provides a mobile delivery service to your home, office or school (between Lausanne & Aigle).  Just let her know which type of cards you’re in need of, and she can bring the appropriate selection to you to choose from.

Liz has recently expanded her business to include Phoenix Cards and has become an independent Phoenix trader.  Cards, giftwrap, postcards, stationery and accessories can be ordered from a catalogue which you can browse from home and orders placed via Liz.  There are over 800 contemporary designs to choose from, all blank inside and therefore suitable for all occasions.

Cards can be ordered online at

Regular coffee mornings and cheese & wine evenings are held at Liz’s home with other artisans selling items such as British Food items, hand-crafted beaded jewellery, English children’s books, educational wooden toys, home-made conserves, etc.  To be included on the mailing list for these events, feel free to email Liz to have your name added.

Additionally, Forget-Me-Not can come to host a card party for you and your friends at your place. As a hostess, you can benefit from a 25% reduction on all your purchases if you arrange to have a minimum of 6 friends come along to socialise, browse, and buy at your home.

For more information, please contact:

Liz Andrews
Forget-Me-Not Cards

Route de Chaulin 74B, 1832 Chamby
(3 mins by car from Montreux autoroute exit)
Email: ForgetMeNotCards(AT)
Tel:  021 964 5091 / 079 376 3079

Mommy Entrepreneur: Carmen of BYouCoaching

As always, I got excited whenever I learned about a successful expat Lausanne mom, especially when the business is very family-oriented.

Carmen and her gorgeous children

Carmen Sanchez-Cuenca comes from Spain and enjoys a multicultural family. She’s married to a Belgian and her three children were born in Mexico (where they lived for 8 years until they moved to Lausanne in 2003). Trained and worked as an international journalist, upon arriving in Switzerland, Carmen decided to change her profession and started studying child psychology. She later moved to Coaching, which she thought was more suited to her practical and optimistic personality. She founded BYouCoaching, offering many different kinds of workshops for parents or children in English, French or Spanish. For example, she coaches moms who would like to balance family and professional life, or want to go back to work after a break to take care of their children (or after moving abroad) and need support. The themes of the workshops range from Emotional intelligence, Solving conflicts in the family, Communication, Getting the children to cooperate and Coherent discipline to Coaching your own children.

Carmen is also trained for STEP workshops, a very well known parenting approach in the USA. While she also organizes conferences with big audiences for parents associations, she still prefers smaller groups of 6 to 10 people. The workshops can take place in her office or another place, for example during a private afternoon coffee.

For more information of her service, please contact Carmen at:

Carnen Sanchez-Cuenca

ICF Certified Family and Career Coach
Tel. 0788303931

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