Our spring activites in Lac Léman area always include the Tulip Festival at Parc de l’Indépendance in Morges. We’ve been coming back there almost every year. But on May last year, for the first time, we also went inside Château de Morges — a beautiful medieval castle sitting just at one end of the park, directly by the lake.

The castle is now also a museum. Since 1925, it is dedicated to the history of military. In the first rooms we saw many mini figures arranged in large glass boxes to show different war scenes, including many important wars in history. These were all beautifully made by hand almost a century ago.

We especially appreciated that the museum provided step platforms in the rooms, so that our little ones could enjoy these dioramas easily, and saved the parents from having to lift them up!

In the next rooms, we admired many military uniforms and weapons. We saw all kinds, from the medieval armors, the uniforms worn through the wars in Europe, the cold war…

to the most current uniforms and weapons. That included a military-version of Swiss Army Knives!

And of course the uniforms of the Pontifical Swiss Guards in Vatican City!

On the top floor the gallery was dedicated to the work of Vaud police force “Gendarmerie vaudoise”, where with collections dated back to 1803, the birth year of the Canton.

The museums were well kept and we had an enjoyable time following the stories throughout the exhibition. Unlike many more modern museums in Switzerland, there was nothing interactive and the set up was very much a traditional museum. But our children liked it — though we also had to explain a lot to them. We spent about an hour inside. I won’t say that this museum is a must-go, but if you were already in the area and like history, do consider a visit!


Château Morges et Ses Musées
Opens March – December, closed on Mondays (please check website for precise info)
Prices : chf 0-10