Last week kids and I spent our “Relâches” school holiday to visit a dear friend in Belgium. We flew from Geneva airport and of course I used the opportunity to check out the renovated Children’s Area.


The Children’s Area is located at the Mezzanine level in transit/departure area. Roughly after the bag check and in between shopping area and the A gates. Really easy to find when you follow the “rocking horse” signs.

Below is a photo of the location (pink arrow). By the time this photo was taken it was directly above La Prairie shop.


There is stroller parking just outside the room. Kids are expected to take off their shoes but keep their socks. Adults must wear the provided blue plastic covers regardless whether they keep their shoes on or not. There are shoe racks outside the room as well as racks for cabin bags inside.

There was a lady who managed the facility but you (or another adult) must be there with your kids at all time.

After the renovation they did a couple of years ago, the play area feels brighter. It has a better flow for traffic now that they put the playpen for babies on the side. Many different types of toys are now available, from the climbing-jumping-sliding ones, to coloring, cooking set, and books.



The facility also offered a closed room for changing diapers, complete with wet wipes and a mini toilet.


There is also a kitchenette with microwave, normal chair and a high chair.


As this children’s area was located after the final security check, we could stay there until the last minutes before boarding time. However as we flew EasyJet and board from D gates, we started going much earlier.

So, next time you fly with the little ones and still have time to kill at the airports, don’t pass this facility. It’s great!

Opening hours: every day from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.
Phone: +41 22 717 71 92

P.S.1: Btw, on the way to the D gate, we passed by a much smaller open play area, which we didn’t use. I’m not sure if they have more of these, but obviously it’s great and may be more useful when you only have a short time at the airport.

P.S.2.: In case you’re flying from Zurich, don’t forget that they also have nursery and playroom in Zurich airport!


*Photo on the very top of the post was kindly provided by Johanna