If you’re feeling like doing something crafty but don’t know how to start, here’s a way! I received the information from Haruka (who’s currently the organizer of the Starbucks M&M2B coffee meetings) that she and two other mothers were starting craft workshops, called “Atelier 3 petits points“. In the beginning they will offer painting and decoupage, as well as sewing workshops. The best part is, participants can bring their babies to class!

Courses will start on November 7th and all workshops will have an English speaking instructor. The sewing workshop can be instructed in German and Czech, in addition to French/English. There will be open house on 26-28 Oct (10am-4pm), and sign-ups on these dates get a special discount (more info here).

Atelier 3 petits points
Avenue d’Echallens 13
1004 Lausanne
Just across from the children’s library (Bibliothèque jeunesse à l’avenue d’Echallens)
Email: contact (AT) atelier3petitspoints.ch

Image was screenshot from http://atelier3petitspoints.ch/
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