Hello readers, I’m back!

I enjoyed my “break” from the blog, but I can’t be happier that I am now back here blogging. Wooohoooo!

While I would like to keep this first back-to-blog post as simple as possible, I’d still like to tell a bit of a story and the reason I’m back here sooner and easier than I expected.

Right after my post about crowd funding a computer, I received an email from a reader and local mom named Laura. She forwarded the blog post to the Head of Communication in Logitech, the company she worked at. They offered to send me Mac-compatible keyboard and mouse if useful. I then realised that Logitech had an iPhone-compatible keyboard – which could be used to blog using my iPhone. So a few days after, a keyboard (and a mouse that Laura insisted I would need) arrived at my door.

Unfortunately they arrived only a few days before the school holiday started. The keyboard worked wonderfully on my iPhone, but I had to buy some new apps (mainly for photo editing) and get used to working  in such a small screen! I didn’t have the time to set up this system and decided to freeze the blog until I got the hang of it, which I thought would take around 1-2 weeks into the school year.

So off we went to a 3-week holiday in Asia and had a lovely time. When I came back I received a huge surprise in the mailbox. The Vaud Tax Office decided that they would reimburse more for tax paid in 2010! Our tax of 2010 was a special case as it was the year we purchased our house. Although our house was still being built, the new home owner status led us to the obligation to declare our tax. As advised, we first declared in simplified way, and received a couple of hundreds francs back.  But then the Tax Office asked for a full declaration, which we submitted late in 2012. I had forgotten about it since, so that when they stated in the letter that they would reimburse more, I couldn’t believe it.

The amount of money we received was not enough for a new MacBook Air that I planned to buy. However after calculating and thinking about it more thoroughly, I realised it was enough to buy me a desktop computer. Mac Mini was picked. Since I already had the Mac-compatible Logitech keyboard and mouse sent by Laura, all I needed were the Mac Mini and a monitor.


Last week I set them up and now everything is working perfectly. I had minor problem as the Mac Mini bluetooth didn’t recognise the keyboard and mouse during start up. But a USB mouse easily bypassed this and a minute later everything was on track. I’m also trying a different photo editing software named Pixelmator, as Adobe Photoshop had just became too expensive for what I normally need. So far it’s been great. All said, I’m ready to blog again!


It’s important for me to declare that Logitech sent me the keyboard and mouse with no condition. The mentions on this post were not part of a deal. It was really a local mom (Thank you, Laura!) and a local (though international) company (Thank you, Logitech!) reaching out to this mom, whose blog hopefully will continue to be helpful for many other parents in the area.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your continuos support. You who sent me wonderful emails and comments, words of encouragement, links to latest offers on Mac computers – You so rock and I feel so lucky to share this space with you.