Now that the cold weather is here, I hope you have started the holiday spirit!

Julia, a fellow crafter I met at an afternoon Stitch ‘n’ Bitch session a few months ago, wrote me an email about a charity project for the homeless. Read after the jump.

Detail of top of sock

“I am writing because I am hoping you could help me spread the word through your blog or contacts on a project that I am proposing to crafty people in Lausanne to help the local homeless expected at a shelter here in Lausanne on Christmas eve. I am proposing that people that can knit, crochet, or sew each make a scarf, gloves/mittens, or socks for about 34 homeless people expected at the local shelter this winter. Acrylic and/or plant-blend items are welcomed. Also, generic colors would be great so the item can go to either men or women. Any style is fine.”

“The coordinator also said blankets would be of use, which might be a project for those that can sew as second-hand fabric is reasonably cheap and available at second-hand shops.”

“Deadline for the items would be December 1st to avoid the holiday rush. They can drop them off at the Wednesday Stitch ‘n’ Bitch evening meetings, or I can make arrangements to meet them and collect the items. I realize people are busy, but if they can spare some time to help the local homeless, they can reach me at jfillustrations (AT) hotmail (DOT) com (my public email address) or at 078 695 6636.”

“So far, we have a few people signed up to help, so I am hoping this will be a success and we can bring these people a bit of holiday cheer and warmth.”

I asked her if it would be possible to donate used things, and here’s what she said:

“That’s a good question/suggestion. They will be given to them as gifts to also bring them a bit of holiday cheer because of the time of year that they will be receiving the items (Christmas eve). I do support second-hand, so I guess if the items are ‘like new’ or ‘gently used’ it would be OK for scarves, gloves/mittens, and blankets – something like last year’s unwanted or wrong sized gift, maybe?”

So crafty people, what are you waiting for? Let’s use those talents to make some unfortunate souls happy!

*Photograph courtesy of happyskrappy, used under Creative Commons Attribution