Lately I have been somehow very lucky with museum-related contests. First I won two tickets to Kulturama, then a Museum Pass through an Instagram contest, and the last one was a special trip to Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby from Club 24heures ( I am a subscriber of the newspaper). Many of you should know by now that we love museums, are fans of trains, and I had put this museum on my summer list, so this trip was perfect!

The train museum is located in Chaulin, but to reach there, one must take the special trains either from Blonay or Chamby. Or take MVR train from platform 7 in Vevey and switch in Blonay. But as in our case it was a special trip arranged by Club 24heures, we took a steam train directly from Vevey.

Look at this iron beast that took us all the way up to Chaulin. It was full of smoke of course but so beautiful!

The trip was very enjoyable that I didn’t remember how long it lasted. My best guess: from Vevey it had taken us around 30 minutes – most likely only half the time from Blonay.

They had three or four different carriages to accommodate all of us (around 160 people including children). We picked different carriages for the two-way trips, this one on above photo was the one we took on our return. All the carriages were very beautifully restored – I felt like being transported a century back, and felt somehow inappropriately dressed!

The view on our way was breathtaking. Lake Léman and the Alps never disappoint, especially on that clear-sky sunny Sunday.

The museum site was hidden among the lush greenery (photo above). If you could see the blue parasols, it’s where the café/restaurant was.

As we went on an arranged trip by Club 24heures, we were then split into 3 groups for the guided tour. It’s important to me to mention that this museum was run by volunteers, which was the reason they only open in the warmer months and only on the weekends and some public holidays. These volunteers are so dedicated and have done amazing work, they surely deserve a huge applause!

The guided tour lasted about an hour. It was interesting as the guide explained a lot of history behind special locomotives and carriages. After sometime most of the younger children got bored but they quickly amused themselves by jumping on board and exploring the many locomotive and carriages in the two exhibition halls.

A few of the locomotive and carriages in the exhibition halls were under restoration. The restorations also rely on volunteers thus could take many years to complete. As you perhaps can see on the photo above, a volunteer was busy working that Sunday in their workshop.

Our guide also showed other things that were important for the trains, such as this water pipe. I’m always so grateful to see many of these original pieces from the past that are so well preserved and still working!

We didn’t try the café-restaurant as the club provided us an apéro. But the restaurant served lunch and snack, so that it should not be a problem for a family to be there at meal time. Regarding language, the guide spoke to us in French — I don’t know if they provided guide in English too.

Final words, YES… this museum is a must to visit. Even if you are not that much into trains, the trip and the view are very enjoyable. Kids will love it too. If you only wanted the train rides without the museum visit, check out their website for their special events. You can even book the trains for private events! Choo choo party, anyone?

Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby
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I thank Club 24heures for the prize.
The post is written and photos are taken by myself.
All opinions are my own.