Update on 19 January 2015:

I received enough funds! The post is here. Thank you so much! You rock! I have now removed the donation link below.

xx, meta.

Dear readers,

I hope you had a lovely weekend – we surely did.

I’m writing this blog as I have a favour to ask you. I have a hefty bill to pay for this blog (see image below), a total of chf525.43, due next month. Will you help me pay for it?

This may come as surprise for you, as many of you may think I make a lot of money from this blog. It is not the case. In the first couple of years of blogging I paid these bills with my own salary as I was still employed. The years after I quit that job, I made enough money from advertisements that I had no problem paying those bills. But last year had been particularly difficult for me in terms of ad placements and replacing my broken computer that I have no fund to pay this now. I really wish not to use my husband’s salary as we are always under tight budget and if I really must pay I would have to sacrifice our holiday fund 🙁


So now, I wonder if you, my readers, would be so kind to help me fund it? If each of you could give between chf5-10, we need less than 100 readers to reach the amount of chf540.67*. I set up a donation via PayPal to make it easier for you. If you had a PayPal account you know how this works. If you didn’t have one, you can still use the button and pay with your credit cards there.

So here’s the link again: Donations for LausanneMom.com

Once target amount is reached, I will inform you and remove the button as soon as possible. I will also report the total amount of donations received and spent.

Thank you for any amount of donation and for keeping this blog running,

*PayPal charges 2.9% fee so that chf525.43 + 2.9% = chf540.67