Spring is upon us, and thus comes the spring cleaning. I will make a series of Spring Cleaning post to help you rid of some items that you don’t need anymore but can be re-used elsewhere. I will begin now with shopping/carrying bags – whether it’s plastic, cloth or paper.

The first possibility is to bring them to your local library. Yup, they gladly accept bags, just see the photo below (shot at BMJ a couple of weeks ago).


The second possibility is to bring them to second-hand shops. They always need bags of different sizes. I had brought some to my local Galetas shop, and I think the Salvation Army in Lausanne will take them, too. Here you can find a list of more shops. As always, it’s good to ask first if they really needed ones.

Do you have other idea where to bring bags to be re-used? Please leave a comment below!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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