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This pots is the third one in the Spring Cleaning series – dedicated to used bikes. There are a number of ways you can donate or sell your used bikes in Lausanne area.

Donate your bike to Velafrica

If you had used bikes, in whatever conditions, you can donate them to Velafrica. I wholeheartedly recommend this organization. The projects reasoned well with reusing, recycling, repurposing, and they also engage unemployed people and people with disabilities in their workshops.


In March 2014 we sent a bike to them and the whole process was super simple. We registered at their website and waited until they sent us a bike tag* by post (photo above). My hubby then dropped the bike with the tag at the train station nearest to us that had a luggage (bagages) service (you can check the service offered by each train station here). Bikes can also be brought directly to the shop of Gump- & Drahtesel in Bern-Liebefeld or to one of their partners throughout Switzerland (more info here).

Velafrica accepts any kind of bikes, in any condition. If the bike was in too bad shape, they would use the parts of the bikes as spare parts and even repurpose them into something else (decoration items, etc). They also welcome money donation (which is used to cover transporting the bikes to Africa) as well as volunteer work.

*the shipping tag came with a yummy mango bar! What a treat!

Donate your bike to EVAM

EVAM is an organization that takes care of migrants and asylum seekers. They accepts many types of donations, including bikes. They can also pick it up. More info here.

Donate your bike to a charity shop

While many may prefer to donate directly to those who need the bikes, donating to a charity shop means they can generate money for their projects. For examples Galetas shops support CSP’s projects on providing affordable help and consultancies for law, financial, youth or couple problems, etc. Salvation Army (Armée du Salut), Terre des hommes, Croix-Bleue, and many more depend on donations to keep their shops alive, and in turn, their projects.

Sell your bike in a used bike market

PRO Vélo Région Lausanne organizes many used bike markets in Lausanne and around throughout the year, especially in spring. More info here.

Sell your bike online or locally

More about the options here.


Comment below if you knew other means to donate or sell used bikes! (Btw, it’s better to comment on this post directly vs on a facebook link.)