The Swiss Vapeur Parc will re-open for this year on 19 March 2016, so that I brought this post (originally published Aug 2012) back for those who haven’t been there. Both my kids looooove this park and I’m sure we’ll spend at least a day there this summer. Choo-choo!

I had been meaning to do this post for the last 2 months. Life’s surely busy with 2 kiddos around.

We (hubby, 3.5-y.o. daughter, 1-y.o son, and I) went to Swiss Vapeur Parc on a Saturday, in end of May 2012 (also the Saturday of the Pentecôte weekend). We “had” to go there as I bought a voucher from and it was to expire by end of the month.

We took the train (station: Bouveret, approx. 200m or 5 min walk to the park). From Lausanne it took 1 hour 12 minutes, including a change of train in St-Maurice. Very easy and relaxing, and the view from the train (the mountains and valleys of Valais) was breathtaking. FYI, during spring and summer, you can also take the CGN boat from Villeneuve.

We arrived at noon and expected a crowd. There were many people, but it was far from packed. There was an area to leave strollers, and we did so. Our 1-y.o. moved into the Ergo carrier. Stroller doesn’t really work there, as there were bridges, although you can keep it with you.

The queue to board those mini trains was not bad. The “stations” located more in front of the park were the most crowded, but even there we only had to wait for the next train. Some “stations” only had a few “passengers” waiting. There were many trains with different styles, really cute. The train rides were longer than I expected. The mini trains really went everywhere around the park, yet we saw something different each time. And to enjoy the view of mountains surrounding us, with the blue sky we had that day, was awesome.

As for food, no need to worry. There were many eating areas with little huts that sold food. We went to the one selling crêpes. There were also little shops selling toys and souvenir.

We had lots of fun, this park is really for all ages. We will definitely come back! The only problem that we had was that there was no train back to Lausanne (via St-Maurice) at 15:58 on Saturdays! Can you believe it? We thought we checked the schedule and remembered that there was a train every hour. But apparently there was a tiny print on that yellow board saying that the train for that particular hour didn’t run on Saturday. So we hang out there at the train station for an hour, which was not bad with such beautiful scenery 🙂

Have you been there? What was your experience? Do tell in the comment!

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