Bébé à la Bibliotheque – Baby Story Time

In case you didn’t know, the libraries in Lausanne regularly have baby story times.  These events are held many times per year at 3 different libraries – at BMJ, Montriond and Entre-Bois. It is for free, no registration nor reservation needed and older siblings are welcome!


I think this is one of the best places in Lausanne to introduce babies to the wonderful world of books and stories, and to the language French if you don’t already speak it at home.

In addition, the libraries also offer events in many other languages than French: Albanian, Arab, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese, Somalian, Tamil, Tigrinya, and Turkish. I have the flyer with me, I will try to scan it and put it on the blog.

You can check the schedule of the events at the libraries here.


*Image was photographed from a flyer, courtesy of Les bibliothèques de la Ville de Lausanne

The New Fnac Kids in Lausanne

Fnac has always had a children section but they recently launched their “fnac Kids” department and boy it looks great. The section they dedicated for the children in their Lausanne store (on the lowest floor) is now so spacious and full of great books and toys. And a big plus point for them – there was no pink and blue area in their toy section. Yay for any toy for all children!



They also have this reading/playing/watching area with little tables and chairs, and pillows on the floor. Very comfy!


Even better, there is also a Club Fnac Kids for 4-11 year-olds. Becoming a member (it’s free, btw) allows the children to enjoy special offers, join fnac’s weekly ateliers, and receive a present on their birthday.

So obviously fnac will now be another book/toy store we’ll be coming often – especially now that I have registered my daughter to join some of the ateliers 🙂


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with fnac nor received anything from them for doing this post. I’m just a happy customer 🙂

Story and Rhyme Time at Books Books Books

Info from Meriel

Story and rhyme time is coming back to play at Books Books Books, the English bookstore in Lausanne. Bring your children aged 0-4 years old to the bookshop for songs, stories and poems. The group will meet every Wednesday at 10.30 from tomorrow, 23rd March until 6th April. Admission is free and Story Time lasts for about 45 minutes.

Books Books Books
The English Bookstore
Rue de Mercerie 12, 1003 Lausanne

Hope to see you there!

Book: For parents with young children in Vaud


The Canton of Vaud recently published free pocket address books (carnet d’adresses) for parents with young children (0-6 y.o.).  The book provides contact details of professionals who can help new parents (or parents-to-be) within the area, such as gynecologists, midwives, counselors, social workers, early childhood nurses (Infirmière Petite Enfance) and pediatricians. There also addresses of nice-to-know places like theatres, ludothéques and fringothéque. It even has a glossary of important terms in 7 different languages! I really like this book, the size is just perfect for my bag so that I can always carry it around.

This guide book is available for all 4 regions of the Canton of Vaud. It is distributed by the professionals as above. I got my copy from the nurse at the Centre médico-social (CMS) Epalinges during one of my visits there to weigh the baby. You can also obtain it from the Espace Prévention in Lausanne (see address below).

Espace Prévention
Pré du Marché 23
1004 Lausanne
Tel: 021 644 04 24
Fax: 021 644 04 26

Book: The Know-It-All Passport


I hardly believed that I found out about this guide only after I lived in Lausanne for 3 years. I was looking for information about finding baby-sitters in Lausanne when one of the pages I browsed brought me to their website.

Two weeks ago I finally got my copy at Payot. The guide is very thick and quite heavy, and it costs CHF38. Browsing through, I get the feeling of going through a telephone book that has undergone a careful selection to accommodate the need of English-speaking families in Lausanne. Of course, unlike the telephone book, there are more useful information than just addresses and telephone numbers. However, browsing through their day-care center section, I found that many centers are not listed there. So, even with this book, I think sometimes I will still have to go to directories.ch. Click here for the table of contents.

The guide is published every two years and is constantly updated through the website. To buy one, you can order online, or just go to Payot in Lausanne (they have it in their English book section).

Book Clubs at Books Books Books


If you’re a book lover, this could be of your interest. Books Books Books, an English bookstore in Lausanne, has book clubs for adults and pre-teens, as well as a parent-child story time. See the schedule at their website. Happy reading!

The bookstore detail:

Rue de Mercerie 12
1003 Lausanne
Tel: 021 311 25 84

Books: The Anti-Princess Reading List

I bumped into this today:

from http://www.mommytrackd.com

Can’t thank enough the site. While I’m not really anti-princess-y, I really wish that our little girl know that there are more to go for than just a prince.

The list is here (from http://www.mommytrackd.com).

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