Updated: Sadly, this facility is no more.

Hubby, daughter and I went to the café of Globus on Saturday and I bumped into this:

A breastfeeding area! Which was so clean and chic! Wow!

I never had problem breastfeeding in public places in Lausanne, but this would be a HUGE bonus when baby#2 finally pops out. Such tranquility during breastfeeding! I don’t know how long it has been there, but it shouldn’t be too long (in fact, I think it’s really new as the pillows still had the price tags on them). But while we were at the café, there were 2 mothers who used the facility, so I guess many have known about its presence.

So, of course I have to say, “Well done Globus!” for being even family-friendlier. Now, if only there were no stairs leading to the restroom (i.e. the baby changing area)…

*This breastfeeding zone (Espace Allaitement) is located on 4th floor, between the café and Holmes Place.