Online Maternity Clothing Stores (Updated List)

So here is the online clothing store list, to complete the previous offline store list. As always, if you know other stores that are not listed here, please share in the comment!

In Switzerland



Outside Switzerland but ship to Switzerland

P.S.: For international online shoppers, please remember that you may have to pay VAT on your imported goods (when the value is > around CHF62). See my previous post.


*Photos were courtesy of and screen-shot from Asos Maternity – Summer 2013 collection

Mommy Meet-ups in Lausanne

One of the hottest FAQs in many mommy networks is about the meet-ups for mothers and playgroups for the younger children (toddlers and preschoolers). In this post I’d like to mention again the Starbucks Mum and Mum-to-be Group that meet every other Tuesday at Starbucks on Rue St. Laurent (not the one on St. François). This group was initiated by Raksha and has been going on for almost 2 years. (See this post for related info). This group is excellent for pregnant mothers and mothers with young babies. It still also works for toddlers, but I know that some mothers with very active tots find that Starbucks’ lay-out is far from ideal, as there are many corners that could be dangerous for those little people.

Then another mother, Elizabeth, found a great place that everyone loved, only to find later that the management was not happy and the group was no longer welcomed. 🙁

At the Coop City Restaurant Children Corner

Later, Marie-Laure suggested to meet-up at the Coop City Restaurant at St. François (av. du Théâtre 4). This small group has been meeting now for a few months on (almost) every Monday afternoons from 3-5PM, consisting mostly (but not exclusively) of mothers with 20-something month-old toddlers. I now also list the meet-up in Lausanne Mom Facebook page (under Event), so in case you’re also in Facebook and interested to come, just RSVP there. I will also put the next meet-up detail on this website’s Event page. Note that it is not compulsory to RSVP, you can just pop in there. Btw, now that it’s getting warmer, we may meet-up outdoor, so check either the Facebook page or the Event page for possible change of venue.

Do you know of any other mother groups? Or do you plan to create one and want to spread the word? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

New Yoga Classes for Moms-to-be

Good news for the moms-to-be. Two(!) English-speaking yoga instructors are offering their classes in Lausanne. I’m almost green with envy now that they weren’t there when I was pregnant!

First, are the classes by Alexandra Macdonald (read my previous blog about her). Alexandra, who just gave birth to baby Eitan a couple of weeks ago, will be back leading her classes on Sundays 14 March, 4 April & 9 May, 10am-1pm at the Atelier de Yoga Jean Lechim in Lausanne. If you prefer to do it in Geneva, the dates are Sundays 21 March, 11 April, 2 May, 10-1pm at Atelier de Yoga Sandra Piretti. Tarif 80 Frs/class. For more info contact Alexandra via yoga(AT) or 079 760 60 84

The second, are the classes offered by Anita McCann. Anita just moved from the UK with her twin boys aged 5. She has been a yoga teacher for many years and specialise in Pregnancy Yoga which she did in London. She is also a qualified teacher from the Birthlight Institute (which also has a base in Zurich), focusing on the needs of women, babies and young children pre and postnatal. She has just started a weekly Yoga for Pregnancy class at Yogaworks in Lausanne (It is her own personal class, btw). For more information, visit Anita’s website.

*Photograph courtesy of Alexandra Macdonald

Pregnant in Lausanne? Congratulations! Now, what to do?

stripFind your local mom groups

The Lausanne Mum and Mum-to-be Coffee and Chat Group meets every two weeks on Tuesday at Starbucks St. Laurent. This group was founded by Raksha, and has helped many moms (including myself of course) to meet other moms, talk about problems or just to have adult conversation. Occasionally there are special programs, like book exchange or Q&A with a midwife. Check the Events page for the date of next meeting.

Sign up to online “local” mom groups

There are many Yahoo! Groups that could be useful for moms in Switzerland. I’m in “Lausanne-Kids“, “Moms-in-Vaud” and “Expat-Moms in Switzerland” and found these groups to be fantastic. The moms (and dads!) are very helpful and there are often offers for great second-hands!

And, if you can bear another social networking site, join!

Read Lausanne Mom Blog regularly, Like it on Facebook and sign up for email updates or RSS feed

While I know that this blog doesn’t always have the answer, I always aim to have posts that are complete and useful. There are many information related to pregnancy that I had put on the site and I try to update them regularly, as well as posting new info. You can easily browse the related category (Pregnancy & Baby) or type the keyword (like: midwife, maternity rights) in the search tool. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email me at info(AT)

If you’re on Facebook, just “Like” Lausanne Mom Facebook page and you’ll get the updates on your wall! And if you want to get an update by email, leave your email address on the subscribe box (on the right side of the main page).

Buy second-hands

For our daughter, we bought all of her newborn stuffs new, and now I know that we could have saved a lot of money by buying second-hands. Check this post about online sites where you can buy second-hands. I now buy second-hands regularly, mostly from the moms that advertise in the Yahoo! Groups I mentioned above. If you sign up early you may be able to get most of the things you will need during the pregnancy and after the birth. And finally I recently joined another one, called “SwissSwapandShop” and currently eagerly waiting for some used children books for our 1 year-old.

Hope these tips help! Happy Pregnancy!

Salon Baby Planet, Oct 2-4

The annual Salon Baby Planet is coming! It will take place in Beaulieu on Oct 2-4 (10am-6pm). Hubby and I went there last year and we came home with a full IKEA bag and a big box of diapers :). Besides the baby products, there were also many stands with tons of information that may be of your interest, such as La Leche League or the Doula Suisse. The entry cost CHF10/person, but there are CHF3 discount coupons that you can get at many pharmacies or day-care centers in advance, so that you’ll only pay CHF7. Click here for more info.

I will miss this event this year as I’ll be away for a conference. But I think this could be a fun place to go with other moms, if someone wants to organize — just an idea.

Have fun shopping, girls!

NEW! Lausanne Guide for Mums and Mums-to-be

Sara, together with a midwife, just published a guide for Mums and Mums-to-be. I quoted her email below:

Dear all,

I have produced some information targeting mums and mums to be in the Lausanne area, which I am hoping will be of use. I produced it on behalf of the American International Women’s Club, working closely with a lovely midwife from the CHUV. It includes information on having a baby in Lausanne, choices to make, paediatricians etc; as well as classes, activities and things to do with your little ones. We are hoping to update the document regularly so please send me any additional information that you feel should be included in future versions. You can access it by using the URL below. Please note that the format has altered slightly in places due to the club having a different version of word to me! The pdf of the document is towards the bottom of this webpage.
Thanks Sara, for a job well done!

CityMom (Social Networking Site)


This may be old news to some of my readers, but anyhow I thought it would still be a good post, in case some mothers have not heard about it.

I joined a couple of weeks ago. After Friendster, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, several mailing lists, and three blogs, I really thought that I would not need any other networking site. And yet, I found CityMom interesting and useful.

It is still small but I can see that it is growing. The number of members, as well as the groups, have steadily grown. They also started organizing some events. In fact, I have also participated in one of their events, the Baby Bootcamp (see my baby blog for more story).

If you are interested to join this mommy network, please sign up here.

*Logo courtesy of

Maternity clothing stores (in and around Lausanne)


Here are some that I know, in no particular order. Please leave a comment if you know others. (I’ll try to list and publish the online ones soon). Update: You can find the online store list here.

Arthur et Lola
Galerie Saint-François B, 1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 320 08 94

boulevard de Grancy 19, 1006 Lausanne
Tel. 021 601 92 00

rue Enning 8, 1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 320 05 40

rue du Pont 5, 1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 312 87 29

MMM Crissier
chemin de Closalet 7, 1023 Crissier
Tel. 021 637 26 66

rue Centrale 12, 1003 Lausanne
Tel. 021 343 21 42

*Photograph courtesy of mackz, used under Creative Common License

Magazine: Mother & Baby (UK)

Picture 1

I’m a new mom — I have a 10 month-old, and still want another baby in the future. Obviously, Mother & Baby is the kind of magazines that I enjoy reading lately. I first knew about this magazine when my husband bought one in Heathrow during a transit. I liked it a lot and found out that it was possible to subscribe and have it posted to Switzerland.

By now I’ve been reading the magazines for half a year. Having been pregnant, I know many of the topics covered by heart but I still like reading them. There are many new information about the latest studies that I found very helpful. And their reviews on books, toys, baby gears are excellent.

The current offers for a subscription in Europe is £46/year (12 issues). You can subscribe here.

*Image courtesy of Mother & Baby

New classes at the Espace Prévention


Espace Prevention Lausanne is offering new classes for autumn and winter 2009-2010. They have interesting fitness programs for moms and moms-to-be such as Pilates for Pregnant Women, Gym Mère-Bébé and Gym Parents-Enfants. You can download their full program here and register here. I took the Gym Mère-Bébé class last year and really liked it (see my previous post).

Espace Prévention
Pré du Marché 23
1004 Lausanne
Tel: 021 644 04 24
Fax: 021 644 04 26

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