Spring Cleaning: Donating and Selling Used Bikes

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This pots is the third one in the Spring Cleaning series – dedicated to used bikes. There are a number of ways you can donate or sell your used bikes in Lausanne area.

Donate your bike to Velafrica

If you had used bikes, in whatever conditions, you can donate them to Velafrica. I wholeheartedly recommend this organization. The projects reasoned well with reusing, recycling, repurposing, and they also engage unemployed people and people with disabilities in their workshops.


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Spring Cleaning: Donating Textile, Shoes and Baby Items

This is an updated post and was the second part of the Spring Cleaning series: Textile, clothes and shoes! Below you can find some ways to donate. As a general rule, all donated items must be clean, in good condition, without tear nor hole. Shoes must be packed in pairs.


Local textile donation month

A few associations such as Texaid and Textura distribute plastic bags for textile donation in your area (photo above). You’ll find the bags in your mailbox a few times per year. Put your old clothes and other textile items (curtains, table cloths etc), tied the bag securely and leave it for pick up.

New this year: The Swiss Post will pick up the clothes donation within a month. This is how the collection works:

  • You’ll receive collection bag to households via PromoPost in the month prior to the collection
  • During the entire collection month, you can leave the bag next to the mailbox from Monday to Friday.
  • Leave the collection bags out only in dry weather, or make sure that they are protected against the elements – wet bags cannot be taken.
  • The mail carrier takes the collection bag with him/her. The bag is then taken by the Post Office to one of the Swiss Mail Centers.
  • Texaid collects the used textiles and transports them to Schattdorf for appropriate recycling.

When donating shoes please put them in separate smaller bag before pooling them inside the donation bag. If you need more than 1 bag, you can use other bags, but leave them directly next to the official bag.

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Spring Cleaning: Shopping Bags

Yesterday I saw that some of my tulip stalks have started to appear. Obviously spring is coming, and thus comes the spring cleaning! I have written a series of Spring Cleaning post to help you rid items that you don’t need anymore but can be re-used elsewhere. I will update and be re-publishing them this week. I will begin now with shopping/carrying bags – whether it’s plastic, cloth or paper.

The first possibility is to bring them to your local library. Yup, they gladly accept bags, just see the photo below (shot at BMJ 2 years ago).


The second possibility is to bring them to second-hand shops. They always need bags of different sizes. I had brought some to my local Galetas shop, and I think the Salvation Army in Lausanne will take them, too. Here you can find a list of more shops. As always, it’s good to ask first if they really needed ones.

Do you have other idea where to bring bags to be re-used? Please leave a comment below!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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