The Tulip Festival in Morges starts tomorrow, 28 March and will last until 17 May 2015. The festival is located at Parc de l’Indépendance, directly on the lake side. It’s approximately 800m from the train station Morges. Or, when the weather is good, why not take the boat there.

As a note, in the last few years I had heard from friends who went when the festival just started, that they found many tulips had not yet bloomed. If you could only come once, it’s better to come a bit later, perhaps from mid April so that you can enjoy more blooms.

Entrance to the park is free and there will be special programs including brunch, flower art, pottery market, music and theatre, and many more. And when the weather is good, it’s also a classic place to spend Mother’s Day (10 May this year in la Suisse). At the end of the festival, you can also buy the plucked tulip bulbs (on 20th May.)

Here’s a pic of hubby and daughter enjoying the park in 2011:

And the same daughter but 3 years older in 2014:


Can’t wait to be there again!