So this is the update about my computer.

After the coffee spill accident and despite drying for days (on rice), it won’t start.


I don’t think I will go for repair. It’s 4 year-old and I already planned to buy a new one, but next year.

So in the meanwhile I am using my old one to do my online things, but it’s so slow and from time to time the screen goes black just like that. Preparing a blog post with it will only make me pull my hair out. FYI for a post that you read within one minute, it usually took me, on average, an hour to finish. With this old computer, it takes double or triple time. Attaching photos almost certainly will make the browser hang. Even linking to other page had proven difficult. It’s taking too much time and patience, so that I think I will only resume the blog once I can afford a new computer. Many of you may know that this blog doesn’t really make money, so that I have to wait most likely until my hubby gets his 13th salary by the end of the year.

A few facebook followers suggested that I started a crowdfunding for a new computer. I have looked into it, and yes it may work. To resume my online and digital life seamlessly, I need another MacBook Air 11″ – which basic package cost around CHF1100 (I will add more power to it, RAM and faster processor, as I would like to use it for at least the next 5 years. The total cost would be CHF1445, but I will pay the extra myself). Since I have more than 700 followers on facebook, and a couple hundreds following through feeds, if a portion of you would generously donate between chf2-5, it would be enough for me to get the basic MBA.

It feels awkward to me to ask you to donate for a personal item. But I know that the blog has benefited many, all information has been provided for free and I have also donated my time to write and maintain it for the last 5 years and 5 months. Would you donate CHF2-5 for, let’s say, once or twice a week post until the end of the year? That is roughly between 20-40 posts, or 20-40 hours work.

Please let me know if you would back up a crowdfunding, by commenting below, hitting like on facebook, or sending me a PM. If I have many positive response I will set up a GoFundMe* account. If not, it’s OK. I promise I won’t be too upset 😉 I will still share interesting info and links through Lausane Mom facebook page (I believe those of you not on facebook could still check it?) and I will resume writing the blog as soon as I can buy an MBA.

Just let me know if you will. Thanks so much in advance.

*GoFundMe will show the amount of funding received, but they charge US$0.30 per donation and around 8% fee, which is why it doesn’t make sense to donate less that $2 (approx CHF1.8 in today’s rate)