This winter has been dry, then super cold, and now wet! But at least we had snow and can expect more to come! I know that as with everything, some people like winter and some don’t. I happen to be the one who love it, and I think the key is by having quality winter outfit for everyone in the family, so that everyone stays warm and dry. No one will like winter when they feel cold and wet!

When you are ready for some winter fun, here are some ideas to do with the little ones:

  • A list of official ice skating rinks in Lausanne (click on left-hand side bar for more info on individual rinks). There also small rinks in Flon, and at Hôtel Beau-Rivage (until 26 February 2017)
  • Even more ice skating rinks as well as frozen lakes in the area here.
  • How about sledding? Coop has great offers for Supercard holders. But remember to check the snow report before going!
  • When there is snow, ski beginners or sled lovers can now enjoy “the magic carpet” at Chalet-à-Gobet to go up the hill. For those new in Lausanne, Chalet-à-Gobet is just above Lausanne. Easily reached by métro m2 to Croisettes then a few stops by bus.
  • Going to the Alps with the kids? Many free offers for kids. More info and offers.
  • Ski day deals offered by Migros here.
  • Skioo offers 1 skipass for many resorts.
  • Even more awesome ideas on winter activities all around Switzerland on this portal, including toboggan runs, snow shoeing, winter walks and ice diving!

For kids who like to race:

It’s important to note that avalanche is always a risk in the mountains. There are campaigns (including an online platform and new smart phone app called White Risk) aimed to help mountain trekkers prepare their activities and avoid dangerous areas.

Stay safe, warm and active this winter!